Titanium PryBars, Knife …and Bolt-Action Pen?

​A bunch of stuff for you today...

First up, found some titanium prybars! So let's talk about those.

Titanium Prybars

​These pry-bars were made a long time ago and I thought I had sold them all. Turns out there were some in a drawer in the store-room.

The "bad" about these is that they have the old business name on them (i.e. "Cogent") ...and not the new business name (i.e. "Magnus"). But not a big deal ...especially if you like bargains. 😀

​We've not made prybars in a long time ...and I'm not sure if we're going to make any more - so I'd like to shift these.

Click here to grab yours for just $49 right now.

Titanium Bolt-Action Pen?

​Yes, it's happening...

​We've started working on a titanium bolt action pen.

The concept is for it to be the same minimalist -- and somewhat slim -- design as the titanium "click" pen we make.

We're starting with the trickiest parts first ...which, from my estimate, is the "button" that attaches to the main bolt mechanism.

​The final prototype part has just come off the cnc machine a few hours ago. It's tricky to get a decent photo of it because it's so small.

The photos below give you some idea of what it's like though (oh, and that piece of wire going through the center is a paperclip! :-P)

NOTE: ​The machining was done on our non-production machine ...so the finish is rougher than it will be during production. Plus, this is RAW off the cnc machine (not tumbled yet).

​Here's what it will look like with the 2-56 titanium machine screw in it (this is what will hold it onto the bolt inside the pen body):

​Oh, one more thing...

​Unlike a lot of other designs/prototypes where I ask for feedback - this bolt-action pen is getting made (regardless of feedback). Yeah, I know, this sounds arrogant.

​But hear me out:

I own titanium bolt-action pens. I don't own every one on the market - but I'm familiar with them all. ​Most of these pens are pretty damn chunky ...some are so chunky that it's actually like trying to write with a bolt-action rifle!

​As you can probably tell ...I am not a fan of chunky. Slim and minimalist is what I like. But I do like bolt-action pens.

​I like bolt-action pens for ​three reasons...

#1 - Very simple and almost nothing to "go wrong" with the mechanism

#2 - The industrial look of the pen

#3 - Damn fun to fidget with (helps the brain when thinking about stuff)

​So I decided I finally want my own one ...exactly how I want it. 🙂

​I'm hoping to be able to use essentially the same body as the other pens I've made in the past - and so this is basically the bolt-action version of these.

​That Knife (...from the last blog post)

​In the last blog post I showed you a Friction Folder knife prototype we were working on.

​I asked for feedback and, oh boy, did I get feedback. It was tremendous to receive so many comments.

There was, however, a very strong theme across the comments (almost every comment in fact) - see if you can spot it:

​So yeah, YOU told me what you want ...and I have to listen to you. 🙂

​We've stopped development of that friction folder knife based purely on your comments. I really appreciate the feedback - thank you!

Truthfully, I'm not sure if we're going to continue with that knife (and make it a full-on frame-lock) ...or re-design a NEW framelock knife.

​We've definitely not "wasted" the development of this knife. We learned a lot with the cnc machining of the blade - we will use what we learned there for the next knife.

A framelock knife is not a quick-and-easy product. We can do it - but it's going to take a little time to develop it.

And I think that's about it for today.

  • Jack Sowell says:

    Looking forward to seeing your interpretation of a bolt action pen. I have a very nice one, but would be interested in a slimmer pen.

  • Tyler says:

    Wish there was going to be a slightly longer and larger option for these pens. I have one the perfect size but its not nearly as well made as Magnus stuff (the brand I have crappy threading and needs orings)

  • Andrew says:

    Really like the one piece pocket clip design on your other pens. Not a fan of the visible screws on the bolty pocket clip, aesthetics-wise.

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