More Titanium Salt and Pepper Shenanigans…

Do you remember a few weeks ago…

I made a post with some 3D salt and pepper pot designs?

Well, to tell you the truth:

I’m still finalizing some more designs – and thought I’d show you another one.

I think it’s probably my personal favourite to be honest.

Thought it would be cool to show you these now – and then, in a few weeks time, show you the actual beasts… ūüôā





  • Ben says:

    I think it’s awesome that they interlock and the top one looks killer is the bottom piece going to stay open like in the picture or will it have a shaker too as well

  • Stan Teate says:

    Hope you follow up on this one. Is something I’d back.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Interesting design. I say go for it!

  • Tom Anderson says:

    Magnus, Are you proposing salt and pepper shakers… or grinders. I’d be very interested in grinders, but would have limited interest in shakers. And… if you are going for grinders take special care in designing the grinding mechanisms. 90% of the grinders on the market are pieces of garbage. I’ve only found a few that are worth having around. Namely the Unicorn Magnum, Vic Firth, and Peugeot.

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