Titanium Secure Cache

A quick update for you…

In my last email to you I talked about a secure titanium cache (click here if you missed it… because there was a boat-load of comments on this particular post!).

I asked you if you wanted such a device. There were many of you who were open and honest and told me you’d have no use for it. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your honesty.

There was, however, a number of people who were hell-bent on me making it.

In fact, there were enough people (and they were dedicated enough) that I could go ahead with this project. YOU made this happen… woohoo!

Here’s the good news:

I’ve been working on dimensions, final design and the security mechanism.

I don’t have too much to show you at this point – but here’s a little “sneak peak” behind the scenes at some of the work-in-progress of the design:






Yes, I know, it’s not at the prototype stage yet – but it will be VERY soon.

Right, I gotta run and manage the rest of this project.

Comments welcome (this is YOUR project :-D)

  • John says:


    I really like the elegant shape and it looks ergodynamic…I am always a fan of jimping, crosshatch or scalloped design on the sides of a tool to improve feel and grip of the tool…
    I am glad project will happen!

    Very great progress…Excellent!


  • Ed says:

    Hi Magnus,

    For my vote I’d hope that the overall length could be something greater than 85mm so as to take the largest UK banknotes currently in circulation. Beyond that, anything wider than a cigar case would be fantastic. Thanks so much for seeking consultation!

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