Titanium + Coffee

Yes, the clue is in the title on this one…

Do you know what this is?

(I’ll let you take a look and then I’ll tell you at the bottom of the page)






Ever been to Starbucks?

You know the thing they use when they press down the coffee grinds… well… it’s called a tamper.

And, yes, as crazy as it may seem…

I’m planning to make one of these. Woohoo!

You don’t believe me, do you?

Well, believe it or not… I’ve just ordered a three-foot long, SOLID round bar of 2 1/2″ diameter titanium.

This is just a first design though. Lots more prototyping to go.

This project is gonna be awesome!


Most likely I’ll have to offer this in the $400+ range. But, man, you will literally have the best coffee tamper in the world (I’m serious, I’ve done the research, there’s nothing like it!)


P.S. I’m thinking of buying my own full-on, straight-from-a-cafe espresso machine… hence the reason I want the “World’s Greatest Coffee Tamper!” ūüėÄ

  • Joe w says:

    I would never use one as I don’t have an espresso machine haha but I used to use one when I worked in a coffee shop many years ago. We had a brushed steel one if I recall correctly.

    Keep us updated on the project, I would like to see the final result. Maybe offer it to local coffee shops?!?

  • Kirill says:

    $400? No, thank you. The tamper is supposed to be heavy enough. So the stainless steel is much better and much cheaper material for it.

  • zen says:

    Just my thoughts – experiences might differ greatly:
    I have used a multitude of tampers, and the ones made from plain metal are always the ones I like the least. Aesthetically I prefer less dominant dark wood handles, as they grip nice and look more natural than the rubber ones. Some people also like changing the handles from time to time.
    It would also be interesting if the bottom is flat or convex, as this might be important to some.
    The way I handle these guys I’d be certain that the top will be unpleasant for gripping as well as tamping – because of the overall shape and acute edge.
    So far the handling I liked best was with a shape like this (ours is the same with rubber handle): http://prokofe.ru/files/public/1349628167_2154_FT64504_lmztamperrvs.jpg

    As for the weight: I like both heavy and light ones, as long as they’re bottom heavy. The price seems two times to high.

    Btw: you might want to have a look at the la marzocco gs/3 – the most incredible machine for home users ever (but still as tough and perfect as a gb/5). If you value workmanship and quality, nothing beats these guys =]

    • Tom Anderson says:

      The La Marzocco GS/3 is truly an excellent espresso machine… but ¬£4,500 is just a wee bit over most folks price point for the home.

  • George G. says:

    No thanks. I’m not a coffee drinker so zero interest here.

  • British says:

    No use for it here either, since coffee is not my cup of tea (ah !)…

  • Herbert says:

    No coffee drinker as well, and don’t need a blunt weapon right now ūüėČ

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Nice design Magnus, just not for me as I only use a Bodum coffee press at home. Best of luck with this though!

  • klyph says:

    I’m relatively sure no matter what that 4 bills is way to much. Also narrow market. Glad you got such a big bar of stock though you can make allot with that material. Think most bad as Bo on the planet!!!!! If your looking for blunt weapons… or uber can lol

  • klyph says:

    My above suggestions you could probably sell in the 4 bill plus price range

  • Lonn says:

    Prior to launching the prototyping I suggest you do some more research. There are several different size porta-filters. What size base are you going to make? Flat or convex? Solid tamper or pressure-regulating? Also, the price point is probably not feasible. $400 is approaching a decent machine grinder. Now if you can make a titanium hand grinder that fits inside the back of an Aeropress I think you’d have a winner.

  • Ed says:

    Hey, I’d be interested in a titanium hand Burr grinder!

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