Titanium Lego and Knives

A whole bunch of interesting stuff for you today (since it's been so long since the last blog post)...

​I kinda screwed-up and "oversold" a few TiBricks™ I didn't have in stock ...and so now I have to make those. But that's good news for you because...

Since I now have to make more I may as well open them up to you (since I've had a lot of requests for them since I stopped selling them last year).

​You can grab your TiBrick™ by clicking here right now.

TiVault™ Available (24 Hours Only)

​We are soon going to be starting production of the TiVault™ Secure Titanium Storage Cache:

​This one-of-a-kind and never-before-seen storage cache has been incredibly popular (sold over twice as many as I thought I would - which I really appreciate!).

​​CLICK HERE to grab your right now (ONLY FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS).

Making Knives With CNC

​Over the last few weeks I've been focusing on knives.

The key word here is I (as in me). The reason I say this is because we have a couple of products on pre-order ...and a couple of products that are late in shipping.

​The rest of the cnc team (well, okay, ​​there are only two of them - Yngvar and Quentin) continue to catch-up with this other work.

​I use the machines in the evening and weekends to develop the knives (yes, plural, more than one) ...and actually start the production of them.

Actaully, on that note, I managed to run this knife scale overnight ...which was kind of exciting to be honest. I hit "cycle start" at around 10pm ...switched off the lights ...and left the workshop.

Came in to a nicely machined scale:​

​The next stage for the scale above is to snap the tags of that are holding it into the frame.

I'll then sand the tags down on the knife grinding machine ...and then sand both sides of the scales.

What I've been experimenting with is making a different left-side scale every time. Here are some of what I've done (some are screw-ups that I have to throw out ...and some are good and will be offered for sale soon):

Here's both the left and right scale:

​And here's what the knife is currently looking like (the blade is a work-in-progress obviously :-D)...

The "Floating Detent" Mechanism

​I accidentally invented a new opening/closing mechanism.

It might have been done before ...I don't know. I've certainly never seen or heard of it.

​Now, before I continue, a quick confession:

I've been holding out on you. I was working away in the background towards the end of last year on another website.

​I'm thinking I might keep the knives I'm working on somewhat separate to MagnusX.com. So what I've done is create a business just for knives (this seems like a good solution because, truthfully, the majority of previous customers are not interested in knives ...and so continuing to talk about knives here is probably putting them off).

​The website for knives is Cadanga.com (click here to go there now).

If you head over there there is nothing for you to buy yet. But there is quite a lot of photos of the CNC making of knives as well as some behind-the-scenes of the machines I'm using.

It is, of course, a work in progress - but I do continue to upload knife-related stuff.

​Back to the "Floating Detent"...

The reason I mention the Cadanga.com website is because I've just written a NEW blog post on the "Floating Detent" opening mechanism (if you're into knives I think you'll find it fairly interesting).

​Knife Availability

​Although I've shown you some knives above - they are still at the prototyping and testing stage.

I'm not sure when they will be available - still have more testing to do (not much - just a little).

However, I do have a made-to-order knife that will be shipping on February 12th called the Magnatron™:

I have a ton of information (including a video at the top of the page) on this knife. To find out more click here right now.

And I think that's all I have for you today.

  • Lucas says:

    Hey Mate, any news or update on the bolt action pen?


  • Nathan (yes, me) says:

    Big fan of the patterns on the scales!

  • Breezy says:

    Also curious for updates on bolt action pen.. I know you said March but thats like two weeks away and the last time I see any posts about the pen are when you sold it in November..

  • A disappointed KS backer says:

    I’m more curious when he’s going to work on the Candy Cans he promised to his kickstarter backers (and for which he essentially took orders) eons ago.

    So far bunch of new promises (in form of wanna-be-products), and stalled delivery to existing customers. Not cool.

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