Titanium “Trinity” CandyCan And Utility-Blade Knife Prototyping

​A couple of cool things for you today - so let's get straight into it!

First up...

​NEW Titanium CandyCan™

​Building on the huge success and popularity of the original two CandyCans™...

I've just designed and made and handful of these - the CandyCan™ "Trinity" Version:

​The design is a little more "aggressive" than the original rectangular-shaped CandyCans™.

Here's the thing...

I knew, before I even started the design, I wanted to have a shape close to the piston in the Wankel engine​.

The design got pretty close to the Wankel piston but I made it a little more angular.

I received quite a bit of feedback about the initial design not being deep enough. So what I did is make it deeper on the outside and machined away more on the inside of the lid and base.

​The internal depth is now just over 11mm (0.44") - which I think is a nice balance between functional depth and also feeling very slim in the hand. The external height is 14.3mm (0.56").

Personally (and this is purely my own preference)...

This is my favourite CandyCan™ version so far (the CandyCan™ XL was a little deep for me ...but that depth is what others wanted - so who am I to argue! :-D).

There are a couple of little details different with this new CandyCan™ "Trinity":

NOTE: These photos are of the raw, untumbled CandyCan™ because it had just come off the milling machine! These will be tumbled and surface finished before shipping.

#1 - The outside "step" for holding onto has a radius instead of a 90-degree corner like on the other CandyCans™:

​I did this for aesthetics. It does not affect the function/grip when opening the CandyCan™ - and I think it looks good on this version.

#2 - On the inside edges of the base I also put a radius instead of a 90-degree corner:

Part of the reason for doing this was to give it a "smoother" look inside ...but I believe it will also improve the function (i.e. if you have, say, pills in the CandyCan™ ...then it should be easier to get them out because they should slide up the side - if that makes sense).

​If you like this new CandyCan™ "Trinity"...

I currently have a handful of them sitting ready to ship right now (and I'm making some more on the CNC machine literally as I type this).

​Here's the deal:

If you see them on the website for sale (and not "SOLD OUT"), then they are available and will be shipping either right away (or the next working day).

>> Click here to ​order your NEW CandyCan™ "Trinity" Version<<

Okay, next up...

​Utility Knife (Prototype Update)

​In my last blog post I ​revealed a prototype utility blade knife.

​Now, here's the thing...

Usually when I design something I spend most of the time playing around with the design, geometry, function, etc. in my head ...before I go to sketches or 3D CAD.

​So often there is not too much testing and tweaking of the physical prototypes before I can start producing them properly.

​BUT dear lord! This little knife has been a challenge and a half to say the least!

​Here's the front currently looks - it's a bit of a Frankenstein's-Monster (I say this because I've been experimenting with different ​"slider" designs ...and so this slider below is a mash-up of two difference designs):

And here's currently how the rear of it looks:

​However, there are still some issues with the function (mainly the locking mechanism) and so the design of the rear shown above is going to change ...possibly quite a lot.

​You know, it's funny...

Quite often I think, "how come someone else hasn't come up with this simple design?"

​But, ​after an obscene amount of hours, I start to think, "Man, no wonder nobody has done this - it's bloody hard!"

​I am going to continue with this though - I believe it is worth it and the end result will be spectacularly functional and minimalist (my two favourite things! :-D).

​New Machine (Possibly)

​Although not directly related to titanium-products-with-impossibly-high-standards...

​We may possibly be getting a new cnc milling machine soon.

​One reason for mentioning this is, truthfully, I'm kind of excited and just wanted to share it with you! 🙂 (...but, equally, apprehensive as well :-/)

The other reason for mentioning it is that, if we do get this new machine, then we should be able to get products made and shipped faster.

The cnc machine I currently use will be able to do a LOT more prototyping ...which means we should be able to come out with a lot more ​NEW designs for you.

I'll leave it at that and possibly update you on the potential new machine next week. 🙂

  • Bert says:

    Hi Magnus, thanks for the post. Really looking forward to the utility knife. The Candy Can is also my favorite design because its so thin.

    With regards to the new batch of pens and pencils. When will they get shipped? Its already the end of May.

    Looking forward to Key Holder updates as well.

  • Nikita says:

    Utility knife looks cool

  • Charles M Holmes says:

    Utility knife looks good!

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