Butt-Ugly Titanium Tweezers Prototype

This is a prototype. I repeat… this is a prototype.

I find it really ugly.

And it’s got a whole bunch of design and aesthetic flaws that need fixed.

But, hopefully, you get the concept and what I was trying to do.

I wanted to have a super-small set of tweezers that would be possible to just “un-clip” from your key-chain.

This design kinda works – but only as a proof-of-concept.

Oh, and one more thing

This prototype is nothing like the titanium tweezers I’m launching on Kickstarter in the next couple of weeks – completely different.




  • Anson says:

    you shouldn’t have shown me these… Ive always wanted edc tweezers! Closest i seen in market is a set of folding (non titanium) ones

    • Yea, I’m still working on proper EDC-style tweezers. The Kickstarter campaign I’m launching soon has something that might work for you …but they’re perhaps not full EDC (hard to explain with out giving the game away 😀 )

  • Ron Ford says:

    That is a very unusual design.I like them a lot.

  • Sherman says:

    Very nice unique design! Maybe add a safety lock so the levers aren’t accidentally depressed and the tweezers fall off…or is that nigh impossible? Either way, I want one.

    • Yeah, that’s part of the reason I’ve not continued with them – they were proving really tricky so I left them for a while to work on other projects. Feel like attacking them again! Thanks Sherman.

  • Brad says:

    I say do those on KS, could be 100k project. Great job!

  • Tambob says:

    Tweezers for splinters etc need to be finer. These look a bit too chunky tbh. I think maybe tapering them towards the ends would be a good idea.

  • British says:

    I’d be fine with non clip-able tweezers.

    I could buy clipped *and* non-clipped ones, though, if the price is up my alley…

  • CP says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess, as I don’t find them ugly and the way you “store” them is nice too.
    As these would be EDC, like Sherman I’m wondering about a way to make sure they don’t fall off of the double-hookup clip you’ve built.

    @Brad: amen brother.
    @Magnus: make this model a stretch goal on the upcoming Kickstarter?

  • F-J says:

    Die Pinzette finde ich ja mal sehr gelungen ..Cool ..gefällt mir …Die Pocketweez hatte ich die ja schon mal geschickt, ist ja leider nicht aus Titan 😉

    • My Deutsch is almost non existent – but I used Google Translator the help me…

      So, for the others… F-J said he likes the tweezers and that he also had similar pair – but they were not titanium.

      Thanks for your comment F-J. 🙂

  • Danny says:

    I like that design.Looks so cool.

  • Jerry Welch says:

    Please put a hole in the end so that it can be put on a key chain.

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I want a set of these! I will be backing your next kickstarter.. But still want a set of these.

  • Kyle Hinkebein says:

    That’s awesome,, I’ll buy!!!

  • Michael says:

    Do they fit in the holder facing the opposite way? The notches make it look like that, and that would be awesome. These are really clever.

  • William says:

    Very interestincg idea just a bit of tweeking and and I’ll buy one.

  • Joe w says:

    Transformer tweezers?!?!? Transtweezers, tweezers in disguise hahahaha.

    But I like these a lot and not really that ugly, I don’t really like the curve and tip on the tweezers but a little change here and there and it should work.

    • Yeah, there are so many changes that need to be done it’s crazy – but after all this excellent feedback I think I’ll have a solid attempt this weekend to re-think it and get some changes made.

  • Thank you so much EVERYONE for your awesome feedback.

    I really do appreciate it and it’s motivated me hugely to continue designing these!

    Will see what I can come up with this weekend. Thank you again.

  • Tom Anderson says:

    And… if you could work in a bottle opener!

    • British says:

      Uh… no.

      Every single pocket/EDC tool and their cousins have some kind of opener carved in these days.

      Just get one of those along the tweezers and you’ll be fine.

      There’s no need to have openers on every tool under the sun, the KISS concept exists for a reason, more so for “basic” items like this.

  • Ari says:

    I think these look cool – I’d take a pair.

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