Mostly Caught Up, SlideClicks In Stock, Sliders, etc...

It's been a while!

Let's get some updates on late projects out the way first ...and then talk about some other things.

The only late projects we have left now (excluding the knives) are the Fountain Pen and the Skulls.

The fountain pens are now fully finished machining (well, that's actually not 100% true, we have six more pocket-clips to go!). We're going to start sanding and tumbling them over the next few days ...and then shipping shortly after that.

The Titanium Skulls are finally about to be machined (after a few false starts as we re-did the CNC fixturing four times). We should get the first one off the CNC by the end of the week ...and then they should be coming off thick-and-fast after we confirm they're machining like we expect..

Other than the above - we are now fully caught-up on products/projects (it's been a challenging few years of this lateness ...and, again, my apologies to everyone who had to experience this. I am sorry. :-|).

SlideClicks (In Stock)

We have finally made some more SlideClick Utility Blade Knives after being out of stock for 6 months or so. Unfortunately I've not had time to make many of them there are only a dozen or so on the site just now.

CLICK HERE to check out the SlideClick - Titanium Utility Blade Knife.

Sliders *IN STOCK*

There are some Titanium Toad sliders and Titanium Ripple sliders in stock right now.

This is a new-ish type of product ...but they've been very popular (which has helped us catch up on the late projects).

CLICK HERE to go to the main Fidget Slider page to check them out.

Titanium Pens

We've been out of stock of Titanium Pens for quite some time.

We're hoping to have some pens available in the next few weeks. The original bolt-action pen (the Bolty) is not going to be made again ...but, on the plus side, we've designed a NEW Titanium Bolt-aciton pen.

This new pen is only being prototyped now it's probably going to be a week until I have anything to show you. 🙂

And I think that's all I have for you today.

P.S. One last thing... we've started working with Zirconium. Here's a short video of what the Zirconium chips from CNC machine can do with a little heat:

  • Linwood says:

    Any updates on the knives? Fliptility in particular?

  • Jim Herring says:

    I would still like to get an update on the Project ZERO knives.

  • Mark says:

    Magnus…I _need_ a HangKey. When will you make a few more of those?

  • Chimera says:

    Glue those zirconium shavings to a stick and you could make your own sparklers.

  • Rudy Dekker says:

    Are you planning to make more titanium wallet card holders? I see no update?

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