Titanium Updates and Deals

​A few things in today's post...

Firstly, I'​ll give a little run-down of stuff that's in stock right now ...because I'm getting asked this a lot recently (which, unfortunately, is a result of selling out and not being able to keep up).

Products In Stock

​We have one product right now that is (shamefully) late ... and that is the McDangle "Mini" Titanium Carabiner. We are manufacturing it right now - but is taking a little longer than anticipated (nearly there though).

​In stock:

​More On The "Construction Set"

​I'm still not sure what to call it - but...

I've done a little more testing with the aluminum construction set I showed you a few days ago.

​This afternoon my son made a "Picnic Table & Bench":

​My attempt at something functional is this cup/drinks holder that attaches to your desk:

Without any additional parts or such I was able to construct the cup-holder so that it clamped onto the desk (and, not only that, it was clamped on super-strong ...which is cool!).

​So, yeah, this construction set is really proving to be awesome fun ...and functional too!

​Project ZERO Update

​This full-on Friction Folder Knife is fully underway (albeit with a late start)...

​We're starting to really get into the "little details" putting together this ultimate, minimalist knife.

This is a cross-section of the pivot of the knife (you can see the pivot, bearings, scales, etc.):

​And I think that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Michael says:

    What happened to the fidget spinners you used to make?

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