Titanium Updates (PLUS "Behind The Scenes" Video)

Righty-oh, a few things to cover today...

First up, updates (on late projects):

Current (Late) Projects

I'll be honest here...

Over the last three weeks we have made SIGNIFICANT progress on getting caught up with late projects.

The TiVaults are now 85% machined. 25% of them have been shipped ...and the remaining 75% WILL be shipped over this coming week (starting Thursday) and into a few days next week. They will then be 100% shipped.

The PillPots will be starting after that (these will now we the latest project we're catching up on as the TiVaults will then be finished).

We're machining the CandyCans right now and so they should be shipping soon (they are late - but not as late as the above projects).

The ClickShift pen is late - and this main reason for this is that we're improving the mechanism because, as I mentioned in a previous update, it's achieving less than 10,000 "clicks" before it's starting to get become less smooth - which I'm not that happy with to be honest. (EDIT: Since writing this paragraph yesterday and finishing this blog post today ...we've just blown right through 10,000 clicks ...woohoo!! Will update on this soon.)

The knives I will do an Update on soon (apart from Project ZERO Knife as those customers received a private update the other day).

Again, I really (REALLY!) appreciate your patience if you've been waiting for any of the above products. We really are almost these in catching up (and, hopefully, I actually learn the lesson(s) from this mistake of getting behind!).

One More *Limited Edition* SlideClick...

Recently I started experimenting with anodizing titanium (and actually did a short, limited edition run of Titanium SlideClicks with anodizing)

I did another *Limited Edition* version with a pattern I did just purely for my own amusement. The "squiggle" pattern is a direct contrast to the rest of the knife and it's straight edges...

I call the above pattern the "Squiggle" pattern. As I write this there are eight available and you can check them out by clicking here (towards the bottom of the page).

Utility Blade Storage (5 x Blades)

We released this NEW titanium product a few days ago (and it's been selling VERY well).

It's called the SlideCache™ (click here to check it out) and it stores 5 x standard utility blades in a super-compact size.

"Behind The Scenes" CNC Machining Of The SlideClick™ Utility Blade (Part 1)

I've been wanting to do this for nearly a year...

But we've been so far behind on projects I could never justify it.

However, as I mentioned above, we've being making huge progress and smashing through late projects lately ...and so I thought I could justify making this video.

This is the first part of the making of the SlideClick™ Titanium Utility Blade Knife:

  • Mark says:

    What do you do with the waste product?

  • Karl says:

    I’m going to provide a rather critical review of the hand sanitizer so be prepared.
    I liked the concept and design and I bought one. I purchased the model with the slot cut into the top-the intent being to attach to a chain, ring, whatever. Way too little attachment material left for my visual comfort despite the strength of Titanium. I so stated and requested a replacement cap/top withOUT the slot. Was told I’d have to wait for a different top. Hmmmmm, “wait”, how novel!!
    The capsule has several design problems ( I still use the word “problem” vs “issue”) this isn’t a discussion per say rather an oversight..possibly. When the top is screwed down sufficiently firm to create a positive seal eliminating the sanitizer leakage, it is all too easy to unscrew not only the top but also the section which holds, retains the sanitizer itself. There needs to be a much more distinct division between the “top” and, the liquid “retainer” to reduce/eliminate this accidental, all too often occurrence. Knurling the top near the joining area, increasing the diameter of the top section of the liquid retainer, both? Something…

    Separate problem. Where is my first run, VERY soon to be delivered, one of an extremely small production PEN?? I’m growing tired, as well as OLD (!!) waiting for my back orders! I dare not consider even one more of your projects concerned I may not live long enough , let alone USE one of these “projects”, much better referred to as “vaporware” or possibly “vapourware”—existing only in concept rather than reality?? Maybe less time spent using your pen and posting diatribes EXPLAINING the delays and more time PRODUCING the products and RESOLVING the “problems”—-there’s that word again!
    Get with it Magnus!!

    Long term good/great customer

    Karl Vauter

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