Titanium Wallet (Help Wanted!)

I need YOUR help on this titanium + carbon-fiber wallet… (please watch the video below)


Okay, so you’ve watched the video above… great!


As I mentioned in the video – I’m now at a stage where I need figure out exactly what others want (because I already know what I personally want in this wallet).

I won’t be able to make everyone happy. But I’m confident this will be the wallet where a number of people go, “Finally, THIS is the wallet I’ve been looking for…”.


So, to recap on the questions from the video…


What is the minimum number of cards YOU need to carry?

How many cards do YOU ideally want “quick access” to?

Is not having RFID-blocking a deal-breaker for YOU?


Please add any other thoughts, concern, feedback, etc. you have …and feel free to provide feedback that’s as hard and brutal as you like (I just ask that you are honest with your feedback :-).

Thank you.

  • Robert says:

    I need at least 6, but 4 cards quick access with another 4 regular would work just great for me. Is there a reason you couldn’t do 4 quick access on each side? Basically like two of the prototypes glued back to back.

    I don’t really care about the RFID-blocking.

    • Nigel says:

      4 quick access with 4 in the back would work for me. I’m somewhat fussy with size, mostly the thickness. I currently use one of the kids hair ties and loop around the two opposite corners. Is very convenient but doesn’t protect cards at all.
      RFID I’m not too fussed; I’m assuming that a bunch of RFID cards together like I have are difficult to read, as I need to separate the card I want to use even if it’s the top one. I personally think carbon is overdone, I would prefer plain titanium. I’m assuming it’s a requirement to stick a panel in due to machining the inside out though.
      Cash I currently fold into 3 and slip between my cards, coins go in my pocket.

  • mikel says:

    4 cards is plenty IMO. However, I’m not completely sold on the design. Is it 4 credit cards? Or is it 4 credit cards plus an ID? Or 3 credit cards and an ID? I absolutely need a spot for my ID card.

  • Webster says:

    The 4-6 cards is perfect for me. The one big let down of this project in my eyes that prevents me from switching to this style of wallet is having no way to carry any bills/cash. If the back of the wallet could have a compartment or way to store 2 more cards and cash then this would be the ideal wallet for me. I too love a minimalist wallet style but I need to be able to carry 4 cards and a little cash. One very big plus would be having RFID blocking but not necessary.

  • Jos says:

    Most cards have a protective plastic foil over the card or even the information is printed on the foil which is then glued on the card. Now I have used multiple (titan) slide in/out wallets, and the problem is that the foil delaminates from the card starting from the side of the cards where it contacts the (titanium) after frequently sliding in/out.

  • LEX says:

    Four cards is enough for me. Would like a place for some bills. RFID blocking would be a plus.

  • Crsn says:

    I only carry 4 cards so this would be perfect for me. I would like a way to carry some cash with it though.

    I also don’t really care about RFID blocking.

  • Keith says:

    Looks great. But one thing about the design, and a lot of other similar wallets: the purpose of a wallet is not only to contain your cards, but to protect them as well. Seems to me thumb slots will be wear zones on cards. Otherwise you could just use a rubber band to contain your cards and drop that in your pocket. Sorry, not quite sure about this and similar wallets. I was hoping for something a little more similar to one of those card ejecting wallets: press a lever or button and the cards pop out. Push them back in and they are safe. See the Kickstarter flop “Flip n’Grip™ Wallet” for an example. Otherwise, I am sure it will be a finely made wallet and many will like it. It does look classy. Keith

  • Robert says:

    Was just thinking that if you could make some sort of low profile connection mechanism, you could let people choose how many cards they want. Kind of like the PillPots of wallets. Magnets would have been pretty ideal if demagnetizing cards wasn’t a concern.

  • Carl says:

    I’m going to say first that I don’t like wallet’s designed like this. So I have no intention of criticizing much. Second, I don’t like the carbon fiber look. You might just go straight titanium and see what people think. Carbon fiber just looks stupid to me.

    As for the cards I carry. I carry no less than 7, but I only need quick access to 2 or 3.

    And if your interested, I carry a Flipside 3X
    Not the smallest thing out there. But it can hold several cards and cash.

    I really like your creativity with this though. I would definitely keep the 2 sliding sections more or less as is.

  • Joshua says:

    Personally, I use my wallet for a lot more than just cards. So, this would not be for me. But, I would like to suggest that the cards be staggered when they come out. That way there would not just be access to 2 cards at a time. Maybe you already thought of that and it’s not practical. I’m amazed at how much time and money you’ve spent on this idea. Never stop dreaming.

  • Krono says:

    Definitely a nice piece of work made from a single block of titanium. I would need at least a 6 card holder plus some cash.

  • Dylan says:

    I would say that the 4 easy access cards would be plenty, but some sort of clip for extra cards or cash would also be ideal. I have had minimal wallets where you need to push all cards out & proceed to pinch the bottom, which ends up being a hassle, so I really enjoy this design. Also, RFID is not a deal breaker to me personally.

  • Travis says:

    I only carry 4 cards. Honestly I think the design and functionality of this wallet would suit my needs perfectly. RFID blocking is not really an issue for me. And I always carry cash separately in a money clip.
    I have no idea how you’re going to create a retention system for the cards that allows quick access. I think I’d like to know about that.
    And it’s hard to see in the video, but the wallet does look quite thick for something that only holds 4 cards.
    I think the wallet would look nice without the carbon fiber plates, unless you’re adding them for rigidity.

  • Ronny A Nilsen says:

    Need 8-10 cards, but quick access to only 4 cards is OK, the rest can be in a separate compartment that is harder to get at (less frequent use). Cash holder would be a pluss. RFID blocking is not needed.

  • Kelvin says:

    Personally not for me as I prefer my wallet with a little flex whilst in my pocket which leather affords and less of the wear and tear of sliding plastic cards against metal. If it contains about four cards, it is do-able size since its design is to allow easy access that works quite well. Impressive metal/titanium work!

  • James Cox says:

    I’ve just had a count up and I have 12 cards that I need to carry around in my wallet, but only 4 need to be quick access. Plus all the other crap thats not really need most of the time but its still useful occasionally.

    I don’t think there much chance of it ever working for me but I do like the design.

  • Colin says:

    3 cards + rfid blocking top plate. Take my money now!!!!

  • Guy says:

    Need 6 cards but probably only 2 need quick access. Definitely need something to hold a few notes too

  • Bryan says:

    Looks interesting. I would only need quick access to the 4 cards currently in the design, but storage of up to 6/8 would be a plus (ID, insurance cards, etc.) Since the CF is not structural (is it?), it would be nice for it to be optional since I personally prefer the look of bare titanium (I know putting an acceptable finish such a piece might be a pain and add to cost.) On that structural note, if the back plate of solid CF were left off, would that provide a space for a possible ID window on the back of the wallet? RFID is not a deal breaker for me, but a plus if manageable. Can’t wait to see more design progress!

  • Dawn says:

    I love the look of the wallet. I only carry 4 credit cards (all store cards are in a separate wallet). I would prefer plain titanium without the carbon fibre. If the finger slots were a little smaller would that not offer RFID protection as the chip in cards is quite small?

  • Al says:

    I use 4 cards only so 4 is sufficient. One of those cards is a bus pass – GoCard, Opal, Oyster type of thing. Would the wallet work with the Paywave type EFT terminal (I guess one could use Google Pay, etc.). Could or should your wallet accommodate these types of card where they should be read?

  • Leo says:

    6-7 cards total and 2-4 quick access would be ideal for me. I have a RFID blocking wallet now, which works pretty well, so I would like to see that as well

  • yhliw says:

    What is the minimum number of cards YOU need to carry?
    4 cards minimum. If possible make it 8 cards maximum.

    How many cards do YOU ideally want “quick access” to?
    Max 4 cards

    Is not having RFID-blocking a deal-breaker for YOU?
    Nice to have but not a deal-breaker.

  • Doug says:

    4 cards is great, if u want rfid blocking how about increasing thickness for a ti credit card tool and a money clip on the back side would be a huge plus IMHO

  • Matthew Pemble says:

    I’ve currently got 2 cards that need RFID blocking, and I normally carry another non-RFID in that wallet. My other store of cards is about 6.

    So 3 or 4 with RFID would be a purchase. Or would 6-10 without.

  • Dave says:

    6 is a good number for me.
    On the back plate, rather than it just being blank, would it be possible to add some slide-slots? That could potentially give you easy access to twice the number of cards. One side for left-hands (readily accessed cards), and the other for right (less frequently used). Or vice-versa.

  • A.J. says:

    I’m currently using a Ti2 wallet (https://ti2design.com/ti2-titanium-wallet) and I’m fairly pleased with it. I have to fan out cards if I want something other than the first card, but I only need 1 or 2 on a regular basis, so it’s not a big deal.

    Q: What is the minimum number of cards YOU need to carry?
    A: 6 or 7

    Q: How many cards do YOU ideally want “quick access” to?
    A: 2 would be great, 3 or 4 would be fantastic

    Q: Is not having RFID-blocking a deal-breaker for YOU?
    A: No RFID-blocking is fine with me

    Other remarks:
    – not a fan of the carbon fibre, I’d prefer 100% titanium outer shell
    – with a (detachable) clip it would be possible to add some more cards, folded bills or receipts.

  • David says:

    5 cards storage needed (Credit card, debit card, ID, bus pass, work keycard), 4 quick-access, I really don’t care about RFID (Actually, it’d make the work keycard & Bus pass harder to use, so an area that’s specifically *not* RFID shielded would be more useful)

  • Moshe Levin says:

    Dear Magnus, [August 17th, 2016]
    Desigen Lokks Great :-))
    I think once having that Titanium-Wallet of yours,
    I’d like to have it with RFID-blocking, for six card,
    and it’s also Practic for “personal Visit-Cards”.

    Please try to Make “Corners & Edges” a bit “ROUNDY” for a Better Look and Slide-into Pockets.

    Please Further update me, As I’m No.1 FAn of your Designes & Projects.
    Make Success [Brake a Leg :-))]
    Moshe Levin

  • Four cards is enough for me, but I need a place for cash so how about a money clip on the back.

  • Alvin wu says:

    Hi 4cards + 10 business cards would be awesome

  • Damon says:

    I had a similar wallet that was like a tray, open on top and bottom. The problem was the cards not the wallet. Newer cards instead of plastic seem to be multiple layers glued together! So the cards ended up delaminating. Not saying yours will do that just for reference!

  • Scott Harvey says:

    I don’t care about rfid blocking. I would want it to be slim enough to comfortably fit in my front pocket. I would like to carry 8-10 cards (credit, loyalty, and membership cards), quick access to drivers license/ID, minimal cash access needed as I rarely carry cash. Matte finish. A place to hold receipts. If a money clip is added please make it detachable, but very secure when attached.

  • I love the look of titanium and carbon fibre together, but I can’t say this time I’ll be buying… I am trying to rid myself of a wallet altogether (currently using this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1369622196/the-crabby-wallet-a-wallet-that-is-not-for-everyon )

    I use my smartphone when I can, and have ordered a Plastc for everything else… a shame, as I love it.

    My one concern is it doesn’t look very slim.

  • Michael J. says:

    I happen to like the existing design. I only use 3 or 4 cards at the moment and this would be a great way to keep my cards simplified. I keep my bills in a money clip in my front pocket (would be nice to see a titanium money clip).
    However, when I saw this, I wanted it for business cards more than anything. You are right, there is no way everyone could be happy with this design. So it’s really more about who CAN use it or how they would use it.

  • Ralph says:

    I think four cards is plenty. I mean really, the style of the wallet is more casual rugged. RFID blocking is a must with cyber hackers in every corner. Maybe a titanium credit card sized box that is hollow to allow a few bills folded up and can work with the mechanism and double as a rfid protection cover. But my best advice is to put a few together hand them out and a month or two later get some real feed back. I think you have a great idea, but to stop dead in your tracks because you’ve come to a dead end is a bad idea. Best of luck.

  • Michael J Kruep says:

    Ten would be best but I could live with eight. Four quick access is fine. RFD blocking not an issue for me. The extra space given by ten could allow a couple of $20 bills being put between a couple of the back section of cards.

  • 1pa4u2c says:

    Q: What is the minimum number of cards YOU need to carry?
    A: 8+
    Q: How many cards do YOU ideally want “quick access” to?
    A: 2 would be great, 4 would be fantastic

    Q: Is not having RFID-blocking a deal-breaker for YOU?
    A: No RFID-blocking is fine with me, but would be nice to have.

    Other remarks:
    – I like the contrast of carbon fibre
    – with a (detachable) clip it would be possible to add some more cards, folded bills or receipts.

  • James says:

    I see a lot of comments where they say that they *currently* carry x number of cards, so a wallet that can hold *just* that many is perfect, but I guarantee that at some point in the future, a lot of these people will wish that their wallet can hold more. When that happens, the wallet will seem less useful. I, for example, carry credit cards (both personal and business), ID cards (yes, more than 1 ID card, due to the kind of work I do), museum membership cards (for free admissions and discounts), shopper club cards, transit cards and building access cards. And when traveling, I sometimes carry airline, hotel, and car rental frequent traveler cards. (I often can get better treatment more quickly when I show them at the service desks, which can make a difference when I’m exhausted from traveling.) When staying at a hotel, I would need to carry the hotel key card. At any given time, I don’t necessarily carry all these cards with me, but it should still give you an idea as to why I think the wallet capacity should be greater than what I see in many of these comments. So I think the wallet should have maximum capacity of at least 8 cards, with the ability to securely hold less. A stack of 8 cards is not that thick and is certainly much thinner than what you see with traditional wallets. In fact, for me, if I carry that many cards, the traditional wallet becomes too bulky and unwieldy, which is why I currently use two wallets: a card-only one for quicker access and thinness, and a *thin* traditional-style wallet for the rest of the time when I need to carry other non-card stuff like cash, receipts, small scraps of notepaper, etc. It’s easy for me to carry both in my pocket. Reaching into my pocket and deciding which to pull out is also very easy.

    For your wallet, a quick access to at least 4 cards would be good.

    Personally, I think RFID thing has been a bit overblown. Most credit cards (including mine) are no longer RFID precisely because the banks have gotten wiser about the security issues. In addition, the RFID technology is improving so that the need to block will not be as important. For example, new technology is being developed that use encrypted interrogation protocol for better RFID security, that will render any intercepted data to be useless for future transactions or appear gibberish.

    In any case, for me, the ability to use RFID cards, such as transit cards and building cards, without taking them out of the wallet is very useful. Think about it. If you are using a transit card, you wouldn’t want to stop to take it out of the wallet when you want to move quickly through the gate, especially during busy hours when there is a throng of people behind you trying to get through as well.

    Personally, for me, I don’t care for carbon fiber. I think titanium-only will be classier. You should offer both options (carbon fiber and titanium-only) in a Kickstarter campaign and decide which to continue to offer after the campaign is over.

    Magnus, your wallet will not be for everyone, but if designed and made right, there will be a market for it.

  • BlackBeardOne says:

    Ideally, would love to see 9-10 total capacity. 3-4 cards for quick access would be great in my opinion. I don’t feel as though no RFID blocking if a deal breaker.

    Recommendations; make it a three piece design using stainless fasteners to connect them. Maybe this would allow for reduced construction costs, less material waste, faster production time, and reduced cost of materials? Would also allow for slight design modification to make a variety of sizes fairly easily? I’d gladly have slightly larger overall size for reduced cost. My guess is you would attract more people that way. I wouldn’t want cheap, but I can’t justify a $300-500 wallet.

    Lastly, I’d rather see an option for all titanium and forgo the carbon fiber as well. Maybe as an option?

    Love Cogent products!

  • David baldwin says:

    Hi there.
    For starters I am a huge fan. I love everything about this. As previous comment suggest thumb holes would be wear points. I need 4 cards and ID. Only need quick access to one. Don’t care about RFID as I like to just hold my wallet against things to pay for it.
    I don’t like carbon fibre, I think it brings your design down. Maybe brass, copper, titanium flame ano inserts. A stretch goal with moku or damascus plates.
    They space on the back. Is it possible to have some sort of hinge to hold my I’d with a few notes. Maybe a clip or small neo magnets to hold it down. I’m aware it may cause issues with the cards.
    I would probably still buy this anyway its finished.

  • Matt says:

    4 would suite me down to the ground, no stressed with RFID blocking.

  • Ooi Yik Khai says:

    Ideally, 7 card would be nice with 4 to 5 card and some cash folded into card size. IMO your wallet is abit too thick for a 4 card wallet. I had been using this as my daily wallet, http://zenlet.co/, It’s thin and did the card separation nicely as well. But I would like to have something that are made out of exotic material.

    Hope to see more update from you in the future.

  • Bob Gelb says:

    3 cards plus drivers license. =4, which is fine. Still wonder what the benefit is over my coach leather credit card carrier, that is soft in my pocket. Also wonder if price for titanium version will be price prohibitive. Looks like a solution searching for a problem to solve, which is??

  • Michael says:

    No fiber and 100% titanium would be preferred.

  • Anson says:

    4-cards is fine, but somehow incorporate a carbon-fiber or titanium money-clip on the current flat side so I can hold any additional cards or folded bills. Also- can the thumb slots be 1/3rd to 1/2 the size? (To have less hole, more carbon)

  • Al says:

    Nice design.
    Quick access to two cards is good for me, I use just one debit card and one discount card on a daily basis but I’m possibly a minority.
    6 cards version would be nice in “2 in the front, 4 in the back” configuration.
    I definitely need a clip and RFID protection.

    What provides tension on the cards and is it possible to get loose ?

  • menj says:

    “What is the minimum number of cards YOU need to carry?”
    10 cards, plus my National ID card, my Driving License and Marriage identification card.

    “How many cards do YOU ideally want “quick access” to?”
    6 – 7 cards

    “Is not having RFID-blocking a deal-breaker for YOU?”
    Would be nice to have but I will get it anyway if it can meet the previous two criteria.

    And I definitely also need space for keeping my dollar notes!

  • Paul R says:

    About two years ago I switched from a normal tri-fold wallet to a “minimal carry” front pocket wallet. I have found at a minimum I carry 2 credit cards but I also need space for ID (drivers license) insurance cards (auto and health) as well as space for cash. 2 bills folded into quarters takes up the same space as 2 credit cards. I love the Ti idea but if I can’t carry ID and cash at a minimum with credit cards it’s a deal breaker for me.

  • Sylvia says:

    I have a anso matrix wallet with an added viper titanium money clip. 6 cards is great because it gives room for cards with embossed numbers.

  • Nathan says:

    The more cards the better. I have to carry 6 different licenses alone on a daily basis. Then bank and credit cards, healthcare and Medicare cards. Not all of them are a standard size either. Like access keys cards and what not. I would need about 10 minimum (maybe more) and only 1 card quick access. But like you’ve said perhaps not for everyone… Lol

  • Enrique says:

    Hi Magnus,
    Wallet looks great! Would be awesome to have the option of Ti (even anodized?), CF, MokuTi, etc. plates.
    Interchangeable plates (with option for money clip) would probably allow you to modify the wallet to different needs/looks and would also make it flexible for you to sell add-on plates. Same wallet, different look for every day of the week?! Maybe not more than two or three options for Kickstarter (to keep it simple) but for later on the website.

    I think an expansion for 4 to 8 (not so easily accessible) cards would be ideal. Quick access to 4 cards is pretty good (again, your design mechanism seems really cool!). So, 4 quick access and 8 stored cards, that is.
    RFID is not that important to me, but I guess having that possibility would increase the appeal to a wider market.

    Rounded edges seems important to prevent wear of pockets.

    Best of luck! (an’t wait to see it in KS!) 🙂

  • William Schinella says:

    4 is good but 6 would be better,. bu which eve way you go it has to block RFID!

  • Nick says:

    I carry 6 cards (including a driver’s license). I am comfortable with quick access to 2 cards, with storage for 3-4 in the back. Don’t care about RFID protection, don’t care about cash or change storage (although an easy add on for cash solution could be to replace one of your carbon fiber backing plates with a titanium plate with a money clip bezel built in). Good luck with the process.

  • John Baring says:

    I actually use only 2 credit cards but I have a US driving license (not the same as a card), health insurance cards (2) and other ID cards usually in some paper form (2-3). I would like quick access to the 2 credit cards and the driving license but the other cards could be in the back. RFID is not critical, size and quick access is.

  • Chris Paine says:

    I need access to 4 cards so this looks great , not bothered RFID ! I’d like without the carbon fibre tho ! ?

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I prefer a leather wallet which I carry in my front pocket. I also need it to carry about $200 in cash. Also, it should hold 10 cards or more. Here is a solution for RFID blocking: http://www.signal-vault.com.

  • Donald Perreault Jr says:

    I like the design and could get away with 4 cards but I need to put some ID cards somewhere, at least 2 ID cards, license and license to carry. I think most people will agree with me that they need a place to store an id. Nobody is going to want to carry two wallets, one for credit cards and another for cash and ID cards. Keep up the great work Magnus

    BTW: Don’t care about blocking

  • Dan says:

    I currently carry a combat wallet with titanium money clip.
    https://hellbentholsters.com/product/combat-wallet-2-5-titanium-clip-bill-murray-clip/ I love your design and defiantly need:
    8 cards
    money clip
    Should be around $120

  • David says:

    As an expat I have a foot in two countries thus I am an edge case.

    In my day-to-day wallet there are approx 20 cards (a mixture of primary & back-up, bank & credit cards for NL & UK, loyalty and ID cards), cash notes, and my passport. I also have a second wallet with half a dozen cards that I only need for the UK, and the cards get swapped in/out of my main wallet as appropriate. So, a wallet like this will never be for me. However, perhaps some thoughts that could help you along.

    1) I like the two axis push idea, I have only seen single axis “slide to access” elsewhere.

    2) my ideal wallet is mostly RFID screened, but has a slot on the outside (both?) for frequently used cards such as access, cash, or travel to be swiped without removing them from the wallet.

    3) having an extra section for cards that you might need (health, driving licence, etc) makes sense.

    That said, using Ti for a wallet feels like a solution in search of a problem. I am reminded of Maslow’s observation that “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. What does the Ti add? Would this be a better wallet if it was two carbon fibre plates held together with a pair of O-rings?

  • Herbert Eder says:

    Nice design, and congratulations for coming up with something new and unique, because a lot of minimalist wallets on kickstarter are more or less the same with just minimal differences.
    I’m not crazy about the carbon-fiber though and would prefer all titanium for myself. It shouldn’t make a big difference in material cost because you start with that big block of Ti anyway?

    Minimum cards for me would be 6-7, quick access needed for 2 only, but more is fine of course. RFID protection not a deal-breaker for me.

    What i wonder, the wallet looks quite thick for only 4 cards?
    How thick in mm is it currently, and how thick would it be when extended for more cards?

  • David says:

    I like the design and the use of carbon fiber with titanium. But that is a awful lot of cutting away from the titanium block to get the shell you are using. Any way to use that titanium on some other project or does the cutting not allow for that. Seems like we would be paying for a big block of Ti but not actually getting much of it. I have a lot of cards, need at least 10 between licenses, bank card, member cards, insurance cards, … I wonder about the wear on the cards sliding in and out constantly. Quick access is not really that important to me. What about on the backside having a sleeve for the drivers license that would keep that visible? RFID is important and would probably be a no-go for me if missing. I use a bi-fold card holder now and like the design, but that is very far from what you are working on.

  • Ron says:

    Design looks great.

    Need 4 quick access and maybe 10-12 total.

    RFID would be important for the 4.

    For the 4 need spacing to factor in raised characters.


  • Josh Dick says:

    I usually carry between 6 to 8 cards, but really only need “quick access” to two of them. I’d actually prefer NOT to have RFID blocking.

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    I carry about 10 cards and currently use an old style cigarette case with spring clips on either side that holds the cards in with about 5 cards per side. It is aluminum and lightweight and then for cash I use a rubber band around the case and it holds bills to the case. I probably only need 4 cards on a regular basis but other cards are for customer discounts, ID, Drivers Lic., etc… I like your idea and might get it to try as I have yet to find the perfect answer for me and am still looking. Thanks.

  • Mike says:

    Minimum Cards: Minimum of 6-8 cards, and ideally 12-14.
    Cards you need quick access to: 2-3
    RFID-blocking necessary: No

    I figure nowadays 2-4 credit cards, a driver’s license, public transportation smartcard, medical insurance card, automobile association (towing/repair) card, and various store cards (2-4 typical). They add up.

    I’m currently using the Decadent Minimalist DM1 (12-card version) and it works very well. I use the associated money clip that effectively takes one of the slots for the cards. That small piece of titanium now holds basically everything I need for day-to-day living.

    Your effort in engineering a modern solution to the wallet is greatly appreciated. It’s people like you who advance the state of the art, and I appreciate your contribution.

  • Joe says:

    Great job love the design! 4 cards is fine for me but I need to carry a few dollars in cash. Could the back plate have an option for a carbon fiber money clip. Essentially 3 sides cut out of the top section of the back plate would at least allow a “money clip” spot. Even if a CF money clip was glued on could work. As for RFID I could care less about. But great progress so far in the home stretch!!!

  • Tyler says:

    I need to be able to carry just a little bit of cash, maybe $100 in $20s or a money clip. RFID blocking would make this basically perfect wallet.

  • Jono says:

    I bought one of these which has an elastic-type band so that it is expandable.


    I’m carrying 7 cards:
    1. ID card
    2. Drivers licence
    3. ATM card
    4. Door access card
    5. Transport fare card
    6 and 7. Credit cards

    I also squeeze in a couple of bank notes into the elastic part on the outside.

  • Kirill says:

    A wallet is NOT something I want to be made from titanium! I love your other products, Magnus, but when I carry cards in my pocket:
    1. I do want my cards to be touching each other, because when they do they wear out quickly.
    2. I want my wallet to be made from a SOFT material (like leather or something alike) and not a hard one like titanium.
    3. I want my cards to be RFID protected.
    4. I want to have an oportunity to carry something else in my wallet, not only cards.
    5. I do not really need quick access to my cards. It is not my weapon which I really need to have a quick access to.

    Thank you anyway, because in comments above I found a couple of wallet designs that suit me the best.
    And just for statistics: at the moment I carry 11 cards with me. I need at least 3-4 of them every day, but that does not mean that I am ready to leave other 7 cards at home.

  • john says:

    6 cards will do

  • Tony says:

    Ive got to be honest, after years of waiting, checking back each weeks for progress, being promised a revolutionary mechanism which you may patent, this is the best you can come up with? It’s a pretty poor effort really, with the only advantage over the other bilge on Kickstarter being that it hasn’t got a band holding stuff in.
    I can direct you to two wallets, infinitely better than your offering, one premium price, (but I suspect cheaper than yours will be), the other much cheaper & all metal.
    Again, really disappointed.

  • Liza says:

    personally, while I might like a card-carrier, I use mostly cash (folding and coin) – and barter!- so would not opt for two separate vessels for theses two separate forms of currency (&c) ~ also, as I am not a chap/fellow/bloke or man, i tend to carry a bag rather than put things in my pockets (except when travelling, when I wear jeans or handy cargo pants.) Would almost cert have yr wallet on my wishlist as gifts for my sons and nephews, tho.
    best, Magnus
    xx liza

  • SOO KIAT says:

    4 front easy access and 4 back is the wise direction to go imho! rfid wise i have the vault card for protection so no issues there.It will be great card wallet if you could make
    it 8 card easy access..

    All the best Magnus!

  • Joseph says:

    I have at least two ID cards and six additional credit cards that I have to use every day or am required to have in my immediate possession in the case of the ID cards. Provision to carry a combination of eight cards is my absolute minimum requirement. A provision to carry cash would be nice as well.

    • Joseph says:

      Although I need provision to carry eight cards (ID + credit), I would say that the capability to only have quick access to four cards is sufficient as long as the total card carrying capacity is at least eight.

  • Joe says:

    I lie the design. To add something to it, I would say how about a window/ special slot on the outside of the wallet I.e where the carbon fibre is at the moment. This way you can store a work pass or something used frequently in this slot, it should be transparent so you can just flash it without having to take it out to show security etc.

    I mostly use 6 but need quick access to only 2.

  • nargalzius says:

    Hey Magnus,

    You ought to check out the DM1 Ti Wallet while finalizing your design. All the issues you have mentioned seemed to have been solved already.


    1. Easy card access
    2. Detachable money clip (takes one card slot)

    The only thing I wish was that you did the finishing on the wallet (and the laser engraving) 😛

  • LL says:

    I think the four card access is good. It’s must have at least four cards’ worth of availability in the back room, if you will. In the US, as you know we have our license, health insurance card, gym membership card, perhaps even a card we use to pay for healthcare expenses. So that’s 4 cards being carried before any sort of money card. I say US as you quoted the Ti blanks in $. I also think the thumb access slots for the quick 4 are quite large. How much will the cards rub against each other while in the wallet? There are still quite a lot of card companies using raised letters/numbers so will my cards need to be stacked in a way to protect that? Adding a CF clip independent of the wallet would be nice (for me) ? As I use primarily cash. These things aside, I’m interested.

  • Prashanth says:

    4 fast access is more than sufficient. What it needs though IMHO is a regular/quick draw section for 4 to 6 cards (personally 4 would be enough for me) and a cash strap or so on the backside. I hope you can make something cool out of this. I’d most likely get one.

    P.S – I’m unable to gauge how thick it is in the video.. How fat do u see it getting at the most?

  • Rick says:

    The option to swipe or dip your card without completely removing the card (one handed operation) would be nice. Not so much the dip like an atm but a dip for the new chip readers.
    I currently have the Decadent Minimalist 8 card wallet, 6 credit cards sandwiched between 2 carbon fibers and use another wallet for cash and other non RFID cards. It’s nice but having to completely remove a card just to swipe becomes cumbersome.
    Take a look at the the Dash 2.0 wallet on Kickstarter. It has one pocket for chip dipping and one for swiping.
    I think 8 cards would be fine.
    Maybe make two different sizes.
    8 cards and 6 cards.
    Any more than that and it becomes too thick.

  • Jeff Engel says:

    You’re many years ahead of the transition to a cashless economy, so there is plenty of time to refine this concept. In the meantime, cash and receipts are still in the picture. So it is not a wallet, but a card holder by my definition.

  • Scott glass says:

    For a full functional wallet – 12 cards. Half rfid block and half not though rfid is not necessary. Cash carrying at least as an add on is necessary.
    I’ve used so many of these wallets and the only one that has stood out so far is the 12 card decadent minimalist with ti money clip. If you can achieve that functionality and simplicity of design you will have a winner. If you don’t want to go 12 cards than make it modular so it is at least an option. And round the outside corners so it doesn’t poke you in the pocket or tear pants. This is a definite shortfall of the decadent minimalist.

    I can’t wait for your wallet and you know what I’ll be comparing it to. Good luck!

  • Jason Hunter says:

    First of all I love the design and look of the wallet and the way it functions very innovative. I think a four card and money clip or some where to put cash would be perfect keeping the size minimal. Keep up the great work.

  • Aaron says:

    I’d like to have quick access to 4 cards. What needs to be made is a wallet that allows you to keep such essentials as daily used cards (two of your most frequently used cards), a driver’s license, and one other slot for anything else you need quick access to. Then there needs to be a place for things that are not used daily–such as health insurance card, prescription card, etc. Last but not least, an area to store cash. Many of the minimalist wallets made today are not practical, unless you are the planner of all planners and will want to AND remember to switch cards in and out of your wallet before leaving for that doctor’s appointment where you need your insurance card; trip to your favorite restaurant where they only take Visa and not American Express, etc. I know a wallet can be made like this, but it’s not easy. Wake me up when someone makes it. BTW, I’d prefer quality leather, and RFID blocking isn’t a must.

  • Aaron says:

    Love the design prototype. Regarding my previous post…love the titanium/carbon fiber. In the video you mentioned 4 cards, and a place to stack other cards that you don’t use as often. Love the idea. Would still like a separate place for cash, though.

  • Joe says:

    I love the whole concept! Unique.
    I would prefer 6 cards – 4 minimum. Quick access to 2 (or 3) would be fine. I like the option of the blank carbon fiber card to satisfy RFID block (loose 1 card – I understand – not a deal-make or break).
    My suggestion: On the non-quick-access side, an option for the outside card to be mostly visible – for use with drivers license/ID card – as these are often shown without removing from wallet.
    Last thought: option – if not using one of 6 cards (or 4, or 5), allow for a couple of bills to be folded and stored.

  • Robert says:


    I love the design for this and would love to see it on the market. I would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on it. Has there been more progress made on it so far in 2017?

  • kyle says:

    What if instead of a carbon fibre on the back, a driver license could be snapped in for instant access to identification?
    Just a thought.

  • Assaf says:

    hello man. from Israel
    i love the wallet.
    what i need and wish is 7 card+1 titanium knife card.
    and what i mean by blade card is really one side razor sharp knife. all the machine in every corner can’t see it because it is not a metal and it look like a card so it perfect. i think i also want two hole on it that will fit two finger for it will be easy and safe to catch it .
    i wallwese find my self need one(to cut a string or open a box and so and here in small Israel the low i not allow us to carry a knife
    so if you perfect if you do me a wallet with 8 card when one of them is the blaid real razor sharp japanis sharp , and you have a buyer
    waiting for good news.

    p.s where the hell can i find the spinner so i can order one?

  • Carlo Santos says:

    Check out the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet. That’s the closest to perfection as it gets all aspects (number of cards, removable money clip, ease of access) right.

    The only thing missing is your proprietary tumble finish 😛

    I hope you end up creating something that could rival it.

  • Cristobal says:

    Dear Magnus,
    Thanks for your energy and dedication.
    I would like to get the small version. I am European and pro traveler, so 4 cards, 2 of them with a quick access.
    I am not that picky so so whatever you decide, I will get one of it.
    After watching your video, the idea is really close to my ideal card wallet.

  • >