Titanium Wallets and Knives

​As usual - a few things for you today...

Titanium Buckles

​A few weeks ago I mentioned collaborating in a Kickstarter project ​with my friend Steph from Kohi Point.

​The project was for a handmade leather bag with titanium buckles. The project was successfully funded and we are now producing the bags.

​Steph received the leather direct from Italy and has started cutting the various leather pieces before starting to stitch the bags together. It was then upon me to make the titanium buckles.

​Now, here's the crazy thing:

I made the buckles during the last weekend and ....nothing went wrong.

​Yeah, I know, don't be so pessimistic Magnus, right? Well, stuff just goes wrong all the time. Issues, problems, etc. Things usually do go wrong - so it's nice for that not to happen for a change. 🙂

Here's a photo of what the buckles look like when they come off the water-jet cutter:

The Titanium Buckles for the bag went incredibly smoothly. From the initial water-jet cutting ...to the machining ...to the engraving ...and, finally, the polishing. It's so nice when things go well sometimes.

​In fact, things were going so well, I made a video of the making of the titanium buckles:

Titanium Tweezers ("V3" Back In Stock)

​It's been a while since we had the titanium tweezers in stock - but we're doing another run of them again (that are literally in the tumbler having the surface finish done as I type this).

If you missed them last time...

They will be ready in a couple of days - so click here to check them out.

Oh, and I've still got a *SPECIAL OFFER* going on with them.

Making The Titanium Wallet

​We are making the TiWallet™ right now and, just like the bag buckles I mentioned above, they are going fairly well (although, in all fairness, the initial setup and tweaking has been tough).

I don't have a video for you yet - but I do have some photos in the meantime...

Here is a photo of the 12.5mm (1/2") thick piece of titanium plate we water-jet cut the wallet "blanks" from:

​Here are the titanium blanks:

​And, finally, here are the blanks in the over for heat treatment:

​Yeah, I know what you're thinking...

​You've never heard me talk about putting titanium in the oven before, right? Well, truthfully, I've never had to do it before.

​Long story short...

Metals typically have different stresses in them - especially when they have not be "stress relieved". ​When you start with a chunk of metal and machine areas of it away ...then these stresses show themselves and the result is that the metal part your machining will bend and warp in various ways.

The issues I was finding with the Titanium Wallet was that the "bridge" that connects the two sides was arching (kind of like how you arch your back when you stretch) as I machined it.

​Turns out the titanium had not been stress-relieved at the mill where it was produced.

It's a fairly easy fix...

Put it in the oven for three hours at 600-degrees and then let it cool slowly in the over (typically we leave it overnight). And that's it!

​Limited Edition - Flixx™ Knife

​Next up, I've got a quick deal on a handful of knives...

​During the initial production of the Flixx™ knife I made some blades that were slightly t​oo large (yeah, bit of a long story on that one).

​Since the blades are not cheap to make ...I decided to make some one-off scales for these blades. I have just finished them and am selling these one-off knifes at a decent discount.

These are not seconds or rejects or anything like that. In fact, if anything, these are somewhat limited edition because the scales are different to the original Flixx™ knife scales - and they have also been Cerakoted Matte Black.

NOTE: the finish on these is very Matte (i.e. the surface looks and feels like a chalkboard) - and so has a very nice, "grippy" feel to it

​I've purposely left the hardware the natural titanium colour (yes, all the hardware is titanium as well :-D) as I really think it look great in contrast to the black.

​I've only made 6 of these and they will be ready to ship at the end of this week. I may make more of these ...I may not ...not sure at this stage.

Click here to grab yours right now.

I think that's all I have for you today 🙂