Ultra-Minimalist Titanium Double-Ended Mini-Wrench!

Just so you know…

I WILL be making this very soon.

This post is to gauge interest from YOU.

I know it will be popular – but I want to know just how popular.

Take a look: (Yes, I know, there are quite a few aesthetic issues on this drawing – but I just had to get this out to you today!)


There are still a few design changes to make from the image above - but this is pretty much close to the final design...

There are still a few design changes to make from the image above – but this is pretty much close to the final design…


It will most likely be made out of 2.5mm thick titanium.

It’s around 60mm (or just under 2 1/2″) long.


However – trust me…

I’ve just had the initial prototypes cut and will be testing it this weekend.

It’s a lot better in real-life than on this drawing (as with most things!).

I’ll show some photos to you as soon as I can!

But, in the meantime, if you can provide your feedback I’d love to hear it.


Got any ideas for a name for it? (I’m a little stuck on a name so far…)

  • brad says:

    I thought for sure it would be like my Large WTF, but it’s not. Great Job!

    • Yeah, this is a less “industrial” version I reckon.

      I don’t have your WTF tool – but it’s pretty cool from what I’ve seen.

      Think I’ll buy one actually… *goes off to see if they’re still for sale*

  • Thom Murphy says:

    Maybe call it the Btich. “B” cause it has that approximate shape, “ti” for Ti, “ch” for the end of wrench; of course, because of the way our brains work this first time you read Btich, you most likely read it as Bitch, and that is just funny. Besides it kinda looks like and it might just work like a little Btich!

    • Thom Murphy says:

      Oh, on design, how about making the (key ring?) hole a standard 1/4″ bit with o-ring retainer?

    • Ha-haa – you know Thom …that’s actually a contender.

      Although, I can see problem with my emails getting through spam filters when I mention such tool!

      • Thom Murphy says:

        I think it would be fine for spam filters. They are programs, not people. I don’t think they’d “see” it the same way. Anyhow, glad you liked it. I’m excited to see how the final design turns out. I’d also be interested in anything you do with high polish again, including these.

  • Ronald says:

    Looks good to me. Maybe make the hole at the end into a 1/4″ hex drive size for screwdriver bits. Taper it so the bits do not just slide out.

  • Joe says:

    Excuse my stupidity but could someone tell me what two identical wrenches is used for? I always understood that you only need one. Or am I missing something that no one has told me?


    • Robbie says:

      @Joe – Guess one side will be metric and one imperial

      Looks nice, however I think I’m out of the target demographic for these open wrench things (despite backing that stainless credit card one Magnus linked to).

      Maybe I’m just not fixing enough things but even if I try really hard I can’t think of any occasion I’d need a wrench when I wouldn’t just grab a full sized one.

    • Thom Murphy says:

      I believe one is standard and the other metric sizes.

    • Yes, thanks Thom. One METRIC and one IMPERIAL.

      Personally, I’ve found that both in the UK (where I’m from) and New Zealand (where I live) …then both are systems are useful.

  • klyph says:

    The bottom point opposite the key ring should be either a tapered edge for prying or a slowed screw driver. And call it the S&M Ti because of the funny double antaundre. Standard & metric titanium or we’ll I’ll leave that to those in the know. Ps I would still like to get a set of tweezers please.

  • Steve says:

    Looks good Magnus. The only suggestion i would have is to have the sizes of the wrench metric or SAE etched or engraved on the wrench it’s self. Nice to use the correct size when needed.

  • William says:

    For what it does it is very compact and will a welcome addition to my key ring.

  • Robert says:

    Would love to see the prototype to literally get a handle on this baby!

    • Cheers Robert …yes, the prototype I’ve done this time is a real “quick and dirty” one. So kinda reluctant to show it.

      But will see what it’s like when it comes out the tumbler at the weekend.. πŸ™‚

  • Jim K. says:

    Looks good, and tasteful. Relief to see one that didn’t feel the need to cram a bottle opener on the end to poke through your pocket. Although you probably could open one with it. Nicely done. How about “N-JAM” for Not Just Another Multitool.

  • Michael says:

    The mirrored-symmetrical sides make me think of the face-cards in a deck, one of which is a Jack, and since this is a multi-tool, perhaps “Jack of all Trades,” or something along those lines.
    This is probably the first multi-tool wrench that I’ve ever liked the design of, because it’s JUST the wrenches. No bizarre additives. Very functional and stylistic.

  • dan says:

    It would be nice if the corners could be used as a standard screwdriver

  • MikeM74 says:

    This looks amazing and useful! Sign me up.

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