​​Updates And Magnatron™ Knife Progress

​​I'm aiming to email every week with update for various projects I'm running late on.

​Although this whole COVID-19 thing has held us back 5 to 6 weeks here in New Zealand in terms of production ...we were already late as it was (so full blame, of course, lies with me).

​Pens Update

​We've had a lot of ​customers asking for a specific date for when the Bolty™ - Bolt Action Pen will be shipping (and, also the pencil and click pen).

Truthfully, I'm not able to give a specific date yet ...but I promise I will post one as soon as I know. The reason is we're waiting to get the new CNC Lathe up and running (we thought it would be yesterday/today ...but it looks like it will be the beginning of next week).

​Once we get the machine up and running then I'll get a date to you. Right now I'd be totally guessing. If you can hold on just a bit longer (maybe next week or the week after and I'll let you know).

I really appreciate your patience!

The Magnatron™ Knife (Progress)

​Rock solid progress on these ...finally!

Scales, Pocket-Clips and Backspacers coming off nicely on the Magnatron™ Flipper Knife.

​I'm doing a few tweaks to how I'm maching the blade while these are running. So an update on the blade soon.

​Here's ​some shots of the various stages of production...

First up, the water-jet cutting of the "blanks" from 6mm thick titanium sheet:

​A couple of the blanks on the fixtures:

​How the left and right scales look after machining first side machining (or "op 1" as we call it ...short for "operation 1"):

​And here's how they look after op 2:

​And here's a couple of shots of the pocket-clips and backspacers (I only just finished re-designing the layout and machining of them this afternoon ...after screwing-up yesterday and having to throw a bunch away). These turned out as planned though.

Here's after op 1:

​And here's after op 2:

​And that's really all I have for you today.

I gave updates for the other products we are producing in last week's blog post - and so I won't repeat them again here and nothing has changed on those.

  • Linwood Pace says:

    How’s the Fliptility coming along? You mentioned having an update this week on that one as well.

    • Magnus says:

      Man, totally forgot to update on the Fliptility. Have made some scales and now re-working the “slider” part before making any more of those. I’ll update on this next week (as, hopefully, I’ll have those coming off the machine along with the “blade” part at the same time). Will also give a specific shipping date with the update next week. Thank you for the reminder Linwood!

      • Linwood Pace says:

        Thanks for the update! Got a lot in the works and I imagine probably playing catch up in more ways one after the shutdown. All good, looking forward to all these projects coming off the line.

  • Hans van Gorp says:

    what about Project ZERO” – Titanium Flipper Knife ?

  • Mike Sullivan says:

    What about my Ti keyed capsule??

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