​Updates and ​Titanium Spinning Tops

​A few project updates and other things for you today...

​If you're waiting for the TiVault, then they are still shipping August. PillPots are on track for September.

The pens/pencils (Click, Bolty, etc.) are still on target for shipping July (will be towards the end most likely as it is almost the beginning of July now).

​The Magnatron knife has started shipping if you're waiting for that (although you would have received a separate update for that if you've bought one) - but they are still coming off the CNC and being finished, assembled, etc. so they are shipping slowly over time (they take a lot of work!).

The Fliptility knife will start shipping very soon - but have not got a specific date yet sorry.

SlideClick Utility Knife Update

​I did a video Update on Kickstarter recently for the SlideClick™ - Titanium Utility Blade Knife Backers.

I thought it was worth showing you this video here as it gives a nice overview of the knife and how it works:

Titanium Spinning Top

​As I mentioned in a previous blog post... we had some "teething troubles" with out new CNC Lathe which prevented us from making particular parts for a few weeks.

We were able to make a few specific products that are simpler in nature. This is one of the reasons we released the TiMags™ - Titanium Magnets recently.

​The initial issues with the CNC Lathe have now been fixed ...but we had already started on some titanium spinning tops - and so we've just finished a run of them just now.

Here's a sneak peak ​photo of them ​part-way through being made:

​TiMags™ - Titanium Magnets (In Stock ...but will likely sell out for a third time)

​We've had a tough time keeping these in stock (I thought they would sell okay ...but I've been hugely surprised at how popular they have been).

We have around ​12 sets available right now as I type this - CLICK HERE to grab yours.


​As I mentioned above, we made these magnets because we had some free time on the new CNC Lathe (while a particular part of the lathe was being fixed). The lathe is fixed now and so we're focusing on other projects. (Although, I do feel somewhat lucky because I've been wanting to make these for YEARS!)

​We won't have the TiMags™ in stock for a while after these sell out I don't think (just a heads-up :-D).

Here's what the first run looking like as I assembled them (I had to stick them all to a huge slab of steel otherwise they would keep attracting to each other ...and could end up in a huge magnetic ball!)...

"Behind The Business"

​I'm going to sound a bit like a "broken record" here (because you've heard me talk about this a few times over the last six months)​. But, I feel the urge to cover it again with you...

​Most people reading this blog post right now are not waiting on any products to be delivered from us.

But, a decent percentage are not only waiting for us to deliver ...but we are delivering very late. Not only that but there is a smaller percentage again who are waiting for multiple late items.

​Not only am I acutely aware of this lateness - all of us here at ​Magnus Headquarters -- Yngvar, Sky and Quentin included -- have it at the forefront of our minds all the time. "Catch up." "Catch up." "Catch up." is our ​core focus every day. That's not an exaggeration - this is our priority.

​But (and there is always a but)...

​I, as the leader of this business, need to ensure we don't end up in a bad place while we continue to catch up (and by "bad" I mean not having enough income to pay our rent, etc.). And so one of my other priorities each month is ensuring we keep sales coming in so we can pay rent, wages, machine repayments, etc.

It is a balancing act.

We (and by that I really me "I") made many mistakes to get us into the position of being behind on so many projects. We have corrected many of these mistakes ...which will help stop us from getting into this position again in the future.

​One of the top things we've changed is to offer no more pre-orders. We aim to have products in stock and have them ready to ship ...and THEN offer them for sale.

We did this with the TiMags™ - Titanium Magnets over the last couple of weeks: Made some, then sold them. Made some more, then sold them. Currently they are sold out.

As I mentioned above about the Titanium Spinning Top ...we're only going to offer them when they are made and ready. If we continue to do this, then we will inevitably catch up​ on the products we are late on.

​We must continue to make and ship products other than the ones we are late on ...because otherwise our rent will not get paid ...machine repayments will not be made ...and the business will slowly cease to be a business (not to make it sound too dramatic :-D).

We have more new ideas and designs than we know what to do with ...and, luckily, we have ​many previous Customers who have not been turned off by our poor history of delivering on time ...as well as new Customers. I truly appreciate this ...and always feel like I'm being given a second chance after screwing-up so badly over the last two years in particular!

We are working our way slowly through catching up - and we will get there!.

I appreciate your continued support and I sincerely want to thank you for hanging in there with us. So THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Evin says:

    Was kinda hoping on a update on a possible flashlight. I know you are super busy, but was hoping anyway. Keep up the good work!

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Evin, I think I was a bit premature in talking about flashlights. We still have a few months to get caught up on current projects – so will be a while yet. Sorry.

  • Bert says:

    No worries Mag, just go easy on releasing new products before shipping out new stuff. I’m ok with waiting since I know I’m getting a product that has an unparalleled attention to detail even though the ideas may not work the best from time to time. It’s the effort and mindset that appeals to me the most. Take care and work steady to get those projects done!

    • Magnus says:

      For sure Bert. I really appreciate your comment – you’ve really nailed the reality of how we operate. Aim to do the best designs and production we can …but, quite often, falling short of the mark (sometimes failed functionality, or some other unforeseen thing). As we get caught up we will be able to spend more time at the testing and tweaking stage than we normally do. Plus do a short run and ship out to Customers …and get feedback before making more. That kind of thing.

  • Simon says:

    Perhaps you could run some kind of survey as to what your customers would like i.e. new stuff or existing products which are unavailable. I have been hoping you would produce another run of the ti tweezers pocket edition

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Simon, it’s funny… we have a fairly accurate idea of what people are after as we get a lot of email requests for certain things (plus things like you asking about pocket tweezers in this comment :-D). The tweezers are popular …but we have a few changes we’d like to make before making any more (some issues with the tips as well as a couple of other improvement we’ve come up with). We will likely make again …but not for a few months.

  • Robert Molder says:

    As I can’t see the bottom of the spinning tops, I can’t know for sure your intentions. Because of this I’m going to give you one piece of advice, use a bearing on the tip. I’ve owned tons of tops and the ones without a bearing tip *cough* Foreverspin *cough* are a joke while those with a bearing such as BilletSpin are vastly superior.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for your comment Robert. You’re spot-on with your observations. I don’t own a Billet Spin top – but I do have a titanium Foreverspin. You’re right, not a lot of spin-time and quite a small thing. Our spinning top has a lot of mass to it (even though it’s titanium). I timed a spin the other day and got something like 7.5 minutes …which was kind cool. Also, yes, has a Silicon-Nitride coated 2mm ceramic ball in the end …which no doubt helps the spin time 🙂

      • Robert Molder says:

        Good to hear. I owned several Foreverspin tops when they first launched and I was uneducated on what makes a good top. Then I got a Lambda from Prometheus Lights and after that several BilletSpin tops as a gift from Rich Stadler to review on YouTube. I could never go back to the type without a ball of some sort at the end. Oh and you should really get a BilletSpin top, Rich is currently working on an entire chess set made of tops.

  • Yale Brown says:


    I think you have a winner in the hand sanitizer, provided I don’t have to take out a mortgage to pay for it. Good timing, too. The top was a complete disappointment. I had bought a smaller, titanium with copper trim, top about two or three years ago and it regularly would spin for 12 or 13 minutes and was easy to spin. I had high expectations for your version.

    i bought two. Straight away it was obvious that one of the pair was better than the other. It was easier to spin and lasted, oh, about 4 to 5 minutes. It’s “twin” was much harder to spin and only lasted 3 to 4 minutes. I think the size is too big and the overemphasis on complete titanium is the culprit.

    Both were not competitive with my old top and at $200 each, not a good value. Sometimes 100% titanium is not the answer.

    The hand sanitizer is another story. Here, titanium is at it’s best, providing both protection and, (I expect) a long lasting simple mechanism that takes advantage of titanium’s strength and smoothness to make the tube and plunger work brilliantly–at least I hope so. I would like to make these stocking stuffers for Xmas, so get them going and, please, make them reasonably priced. No more $200 tops, please.

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