Updates and Other Titanium Stuff

Okay, so, Updates on current (and late) projects...

The PillPots and TiVaults are still probably the most delayed projects. I had September and October marked down for those - but both those dates are pushed out 1 month now ...so they will likely be October and November respectively.

The SlideClick Utility Blade Knife is almost fully shippined as of right now. We have a few more to ship (which will be done at the start of next week).

Anything pen-related (Bolty, Pencil, Writing Set, etc.) will start to ship over the next two weeks or so (and will continue to ship for a few weeks). I don't have a specific order of shipment for any of these yet. They are all around 85% finished (the CNC Lathe work is done ...and now just the CNC Milling Machined to do work on them now).

The new "V2" TiWallet has started production (some of the production is an IndieGoGo crowdfunding project ...and some is website sales) and we're working through these. It's going very well.

The folding knives are still slow (and probably the latest of the bunch). The Fliptility knife is getting close - but the Magnatron and Project ZERO are still a while away. Reluctant to give specific dates on these as I've done that a couple of times and failed to delivery on those dates.

SaniTi - Titanium Hand Sanitizer

We've just finished shipping the first run of these SaniTi™ - Titanium Hand Sanitizers. We're about a week late on these.

The second run are being made now and should be fully shipped by the end of next week (which is pretty much on time). Will keep you updated.

Here are some photos of the work-in-progress of them I took last week:

Not Much Stock

We're putting most of our efforts into getting caught up with projects (as well as releasing some new products to keep the gears of the business turning).

So, unfortunately, we have very little of anything in stock. People get a little frustrated that most things are sold out.

We actually only have one product in stock right now. Most other products we have pulled off the website while we get caught up. The HookUp Clips are available:

Titanium HookUp Clips In Stock (click here).

  • Jason Price says:

    For the Slideclick, do you mean just the ones for the kickstarter campaign are almost shipped or what about the ones that ordered them off the website afterwards?


  • Stan Teate says:

    Are there any seconds or blemished slideclicks that you might be willing to let go, in full knowledge that its not the high standard you ship out?

  • v says:

    Take your time with the Project Zero. I was extremely impressed with my SaniTi – Titanium Hand Sanitizer. It works perfectly. The only suggestion I have is to use air-conditioner rubber gaskets that are green instead of the normal rubber o-ring’s. the air conditioner ones are more durable.

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