​"V2" Titanium Wallet And NEW Hobby-Blade Knife

​A ​few things for you today...

NEW "V2" Titanium Wallet

​This "V2" version is mostly the same as the one we made last year ...expect it functions a lot better (particularly when inserting card back in).

The CNC machining is also a LOT better too.

Oh, and the biggest "complaint" we had about the first version was that, for each wallet size, it could actually hold at least one extra card (i.e. the 9-card wallet could hold at least 10 cards).

It turns out...

Customers generally did not like that (I totally called it wrong here ...because I knew I was designing-in a "little extra room" ...but it was not something people liked about it).

Long story short:

This new Titanium Wallet comes in 4-card, 6-card and 9-card versions ...and they hold exactly that. You will almost certainly not be able to hold any more cards in each wallet than the stated amount.

CLICK HERE to check it out right now.

New Zealand COVID-19 Update

​In the last blog post I talked about how, here in New Zealand, we are in "full lockdown" because of Covid-19.

Time has felt like it's has passed really slowly because it's only been just over 2 weeks of a (minimum) 4-week lockdown for us here.

So, just to confirm... we are not an "essential business" and so we are unable to operate production during this time (online stuff like writing this blog post right now is fine though :-D).

The more I learn and read about this Covid-19 thing... I think most of the world (well, their governments) have had too much of a knee-jerk reaction without thinking enough about the consequences (both short and long-term).

But ...that's not a rabbit-hole I'm going to go down right now. 🙂

​Hobby-Blade Knife

​Here's a new product we've designed... (it's only a CAD model at this stage - but I'm looking for feedback)

​It's an ultra-compact, key-chain size knife which uses a standard #11 hobby blade:​​​

You'll notice it has a sort-of "cap" on it.

This ​cap is not technically necessary as the blade holds itself in.

But the great thing about it is that you can attached either of the two loops to your keychain for totally flexibility in how you use the knife (either attached the knife and pull the cap out ...or attached the cap and pull the main body out).

Also, by enclosing the blade entirely ...it hides the fact that there is any sort of blade in there. Makes it a lot more subtle.

​These are just computer renders ...so we obviously still have have to prototype and test.

​​However, at this stage, I find it can be very useful to ask you for feedback (I've aborted many concepts over the years because of lack of interest in CAD models ...it really is a great time-saver for ALL of us!).


  • Linwood says:

    You’re killin me with all the cool stuff! Im gonna go broke. Obviously I’m in on the keychain knife. That being said, it might be a tough sell via a Kickstarter type campaign when you’ve got another one already in the queue.

    Regardless, I’m in!

  • John says:

    That knife design looks pretty slick. Can both ends double as bottle openers?

  • Alec Zieff says:

    Glad you made the new wallet! Best of luck with everything.

  • Malcolm Folmar says:

    Status of the bolt action pen?

  • Mark Evans says:

    How about adapting the current stanley blade model.
    i have ordered onr of them.

    • Magnus says:

      This knife is actually mostly an adaptation of the current model. The blade size and shape is so different that the knife ends up being quite different.

  • Jan says:

    That hobby knife blade holder looks really useful! Do you have an idea of a price it would be? Thanks! Someday I will buy lots of your very excellent items.

  • gawei says:

    i like it the utility blade looks good

  • RJThomas3 says:

    I just ordered the utility knife thats currently listed on Kickstarter and I wish I could order the hobby-blade knife right now as well! Awesome designs on both, pretty much a given with all of your products!!

  • John Stoner says:

    I am interested in the hobby blade knife.

  • David S says:

    Please make that!

  • Kirill says:

    I love an idea of hidden knife. Please make it. I will surely buy it.

  • Abdulaziz Almulla says:

    Stay Safe Magnus

  • Duane Eisele says:

    Multiple blade settings is great.
    What are the approx dimensions of the device you are aiming for?

    • Magnus says:

      I believe it is 13mm wide and 50mm or so long (this is roughly as it can change a little between now and prototype/production). Oh, and it is around 4mm thick.

  • E. W. Jones says:

    The Hobby-Blade Knife is a neat idea! Might it be better to have the ‘cap’ pull out and hinge back (or pivot) to access the knife, rather than separating into two parts? That would be more secure for use as a keychain, plus no risk of losing the ‘cap.’

  • Gary Ricard says:

    Hobby blade knife is a sure sell for me. I really do like the idea of one end at least being a bottle opener as well. Beer goes well with hobbies. I do worry a bit about losing the cap as such has happened with my leather sheath for the original utility knife. Nevertheless I do like the idea of a secure cap tremendously. Perhaps a small nub on the cap and the slot on the rear of the knife could be used to attach the cap to the knife once it is removed for use? Just my 2 cents….

  • Jack says:

    I like it better than the utility blade knife. I like multiple stops. I agree with a previous poster that a bottle opener on one end would be good if size allows.

  • Eric says:

    Nice Design! I like the idea of mounting various hobby blade types. Gives more options than the Utility blade.

  • Sunny says:

    Hi there I love all your ideas there practical and awesome! I just funded your new 1X6 card V2 titanium wallet and was wondering if there was anyway I could change my perk to the 1X9 and pay the difference?

    • Magnus says:

      Hi Sunny. Thank you. Yes, this should not be an issue. Can you contact us via the Kickstarter message system and we’ll sort it out for you? (This way we know who you are Backername wise and can put a note in). Thank you!

  • Maxime says:

    Please Magnus,do this nice #11 blade keychain !
    Allready have severals of your works since years and love them all.
    Merci !

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