“What Do YOU Want In A Wallet?”

You may not believe this, but…

I’ve had more requests from people (via Kickstarter) to produce a wallet than anything else. And I think I know why!

The main reason is because, although there have literally been one or two hundred wallets on Kickstarter (yes, I have seen every one of them!), there has not been a single one that ticks all the right boxes for most folks.

Personally, I have found this to be the case. Like I said, I’ve seen every wallet on Kickstarter – but not a single one has been close to what I NEED. Very frustrating. Have you found this?

Here’s where YOU come in…

I have been working on a wallet for some time now – and finally have the main concept done (…as well as a VERY functional prototype).

What YOU need to do is tell me exactly what you want in a wallet.

I’m 80% there with the wallet design (and will try and give you a “sneak peek” soon…) — and now at the stage where YOUR input into the final design can be critical!

So let me know exactly what you want …or …what you don’t want …what annoys you …what you’d like …big …small …hold four cards …hold twelve cards …hold cash …material …basically, give me a brain dump!

Thank you in advance for your input. 🙂

Comment below or email or message me…

  • One of the main things I’ve been asked is that the wallet hold cash (and not just cards).

    Personally this is something that also appeals to me also!

    • joshua Prows says:

      I disagree with what everyone else is saying about not having a titanium wallet. Titanium seems to be your specialty and it would be a shame to squander that. I recently saw a folding wallet made out still fiber. If you could somehow incorporate that style of design with your style of titanium and minimalism, I think you’d really have a product that would appeal to everyone. Btw, I love my Rabbit.

      • It’s a funny thing Joshua… quite often I’ll mention an idea to someone – or talk about a concept – and they’ll not be responsive to it …or say it’s not for them. But, what I show them a physical solution (final prototype/product) – then they can often be all over it!

        One more thing… using titanium (Grade 5 specifically) I can do things that can’t be done otherwise …especially with this wallet concept!

    • Bob Lukach says:

      Hi Magnus,
      My ideal wallet would hold 8 cards (credit, insurance , debit).; hold cash; driver license; pocket for about 10 business cards; and a spare car key-yes, even if it’s a bulky smart key. I like the security of an extra car key in my wallet.

      • I think you’re the first person to mention business cards Bob. Interesting. I’m wondering if there are others…?

        Question though… would having a car key with your wallet not be a security risk? …i.e. you have your ID (with where you live) in your wallet …together with your car key (so they know where your car is parked). Maybe I’m reading too much into it thought. 🙂

    • Peter Caldwell says:

      I would not keep coins or keys etc in my wallet. It needs plenty of spaces for credit cards, business cards and some for paper money, and perhaps a small family photo or two. It should have no sharp edges nor zips. If there is a clip, it needs to be durable and not placed where it can damage plastic credit cards. RFID not essential but OK.

      • Thank you for your comments Peter. I see you’re another person who would put business cards in their wallet.

        Also, yes, I agree about the zip thing. I’m not a fan of them. And no sharp edges for sure – that’s a biggie!

    • Sazad says:

      Hi Magnus
      I like to have titanium wallet that can hold at least 8+ cards and integrated small secure and hidden formed casing that can be used for single key, spare phone sim card/memory card and small button compass. This small secure and hidden casing will be use for backup and emergency use items. I think titanium will also protect from RFID and it will be great for travellers to protect their card and to carry emergency items with them in compact wallet.

      • It’s funny… RFID seems to be a big deal for some people – and not a big deal for others.

        Personally I’m not really bothered about it – but I understand 100% why it is a big deal (if I lived in a city, and not a small town, then it might be a big deal for me).

        I see you’re also another +1 for sim/memory cards. Interesting.

    • Tom Anderson says:

      A thin titanium wallet would be very cool. It should hold 6-8 credit (size) cards and some cash (folded in quarters). The band should NOT be elastic (which seem to be the rage on KickStarter)… the band should be silicon.

      • The silicon-band idea could definitely (assuming it’d done right) be a more elegant solution than the elastic concept. Thank you for that Tom as I hadn’t really considered it. 🙂

    • B Alan Eisen says:

      I am using a biker’s wallet on a stronger chain. I would consider a Ti plate wallet that would hold 8 cards, 3 keys. Right now I am not looking for a new wallet.
      Al Eisen

      • Thank you for your comments Al – appreciated. I’m assuming a “biker’s wallet” is a solid, leather type wallet. Interesting you have it on a chain (a couple of others mentioned this).

    • Bill Hochreiter says:

      Hi, I use an old style cigarette case as my current wallet. It is made of metal with spring clips inside to hold cards top and bottom. I have 8 credit cards, Drivers license, 8 business cards including: (doctor, dentist, specialist, Healthcare plan card, Dental plan card, & Prescription card) 2 store Discount cards, and a business card-sized magnifying glass with small light. This is my daily carry wallet but there is no room for cash so I use a slim-fold tyvek wallet that I got on kickstarter to carry bills and either carry that separate or rubber band it to the cigarette case. I wish the cig case had a strap or outside clip for bills so I would only need 1 thing to use as my daily carry wallet.

    • The flipside wallet is almost perfect…if you could sit on it without breaking the latch. A similar design of titanium would be epic.

      thanks for the good work


    • Russ says:

      I carry a Big Skinny leather wallet. It is very thin and compact. It has made me realize how few things I really need in a wallet. Drivers license, insurance card, four credit cards, four business cards, fishing license and some cash. And I still have room left over. Very comfortable to carry. I no longer carry coins.

  • Gwaer says:

    I don’t think I want a wallet made of titanium.

    • Thank you for such a lightning-fast comment Gwaer!

      My question is… what would be the reason(s) you would not want wallet made from titanium – is there a particular reason for this?

      • Gwaer says:

        My concerns are kind of varied. I carry a lot of things in my wallet, metal seems like it wouldn’t bend or stretch, which could be very uncomfortable in a front pocket, edges can’t be squared or I worry about getting holes in my pockets. Seems like it would either be too bulky, or not big enough to carry all of my things. Though one upside would be that I could carry more business cards without worrying about them getting crumpled.

        • Ah, okay, cool. Thank you for replying.

          I’m sure a metal wallet can be done without digging/stabbing corners and such. In fact, the wallet I’m currently prototyping is entirely metal and it’s pretty damn good. But, and I don’t know if this makes a different, I generally have deep pockets (lol, I mean this literally! ha-haa)

  • Peter says:

    Are we talking titanium wallet? I keep my cash separately but would love a slim card holder – rounded corners so as not to chew up the fabric of the pockets. Must be slim – hold 4-6 cards max. personalised engraving (or at least a small rectangular area that’s not patterned) for engraving of initials.

    • The core of the wallet concept I have is titanium – but it might not be entirely titanium.

      And yes, I agree, pocket-friendly (i.e. no sharp corners) is an must!

      Had not thought about having space for initials – so that’s something I’ll now consider.

  • I don’t want:
    Elastic, I don’t believe in it’s longevity.
    Bottle openers, everyone puts them on everything.

    I do want:
    Spaces for cards, cash and ID (separate from the cards area).
    RFID blocking is a plus.

    • Very constructive thoughts Gavin – thank you!

      I agree with the elastic thing. I want to buy (or make) a wallet that’s going to be completely future-proof!

      I can see why a bottle-opener would be popular with others – but it’s very tricky to do it without it being tacky or impractical.

      Again… thin and light for sure!

      It’s interesting you mention the separate ID area. It is something I will now consider.

  • I only carry a small amount of cash (rarely use it – but like to have some one my anyway).

    I personally don’t like cash floating around my pocket. That’s my personal preference though. 🙂

  • Kenny says:

    I would like to have a wallet that held 4-6 cards, maybe a spare house key, and cash. I would really like to not have to fold the cash up every time I want to use any. That’s the main thing I don’t really like about most of the front pocket wallets on Kickstarter. I have a phone case/wallet that holds maybe three cards, and a small number of bills….all folded up. It’s kind of annoying, but I’ve gotten used to using it and not carrying a regular wallet. I wonder if a hinged wallet would be possible.

    • Man, that’s a couple of people saying 4 to 6 cards, maybe I’m the only one that has 8 cards…

      I definitely agree that the folding of money can be annoying for sure. But, would also add, it depends how often you use cash (and even then it’s quite often depends on which country you’re from!)

  • Engels Wilson says:

    I already have a titanium wallet, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/331414694/omega-compact-solid-titanium-wallet
    and I love it, like Peter I keep my cash separately, but if you want me to buy a new walllet it must be a multi-tool, I really love those thing that have a lot of functions, but not a bottle opener, I think all in this days have one, or maybe a self-defence wallet, and of course, titanium.

    • The Omega is pretty cool for sure!

      The O-rings bother me though. I know they can be easily replaced if they should perish over time …but maybe that’s just my extreme/OCD traits not being able to settle for that. 😛

      • Engels Wilson says:

        Indeed, are very easy to replace and very durable, in one year of constant use, I only need to replace one of them, I think that ir you made a similar design with two plates, you will have two multi-tool cards, (in case that you make a multi-tool wallet) but not using o-rings, maybe some kind of clips.

  • Anson says:

    Part card-holder, part money-clip…
    Made of titanium + carbonfiber 🙂

  • Kristian says:

    Try to avoid using any o-rings. The o-rings tend to make the wallet hard to open and take cards out. I don’t the wallet being a little on the big side, as long I am able to hold lots of cash while still keeping the wallet from bulging out of my pocket.

    Good luck on the wallet. 🙂

  • Wes Theulen says:

    I purchased the AJ Wallet and love it. I absolutely love it after I made my modifications to it. I absolutely Love the bottle opener feature of it. I would definitely say if a titanium wallet is what you are shooting for, then a bottle opener is a must have. if you can incorporate some sort of unique tool capability to it, then that would be awesome.

    • I remember that wallet now Wes… Incorporating a bottle-opener seems to be a hit-or-miss here in the comments to far. Interesting.

      The bottle opener on the AJ wallet looks cool – but my first impression is of fear of it sticking out so much!

  • Wes Theulen says:

    Oh i thought of something! a bit driver holder and a bit driver.

  • Addison says:

    Would holding coins be a possibility? Perhaps also the option to have a clip to your belt etc as a security function.

  • Man, CRAZY flood of responses to this blog post – thank you!

    I’m barely managing to keep up with replying…

  • +1 on the not folding the cash too many times and an ID holder.

    Also a place to place a Micro SD/SD Card or a USB Drive (like the one made by Strontium) loop/holder, as nowadays one does not go anywhere without additional storage for some reason.

    And a pry function somewhere…

  • Dermot says:

    I would like the wallet to hold cash and cards not too many cards say 4 or 5 and a strong money clip on the outside to hold some notes, also it should designed in such a way that cards once inside will not slip out any bit as I ve found with other walletts that this causes the edges of the cards to tear the plastic coating

  • Kenny says:

    I’d like a stand-alone deep pocket clip on the wallet.

  • Darren Yanosy says:

    I would like room for 8 cards also a separate spot for drivers license, and cash. I was thinking possibly titanium outside with carbon fiber for the hinge and card slots inside allowing easy access to the card you want not a slide out where you have to look through all your cards to find the one you want to use.

    • Man, that’s the eternal battle with getting a compact AND functional wallet… being able to get access to lower cards.

      However, from my experience (and with talking to others)… only one or two cards are used 80 to 90% of the time – which kind of makes a case for it being critical to only access one or two cards easily.

  • Alexander says:

    Separate ID would be nice. It should be very easy to find everything, even without looking. I need 4-6 cards (not including ID). I need to carry a little bit of cash. I would like just a simple, no crazy extras wallet.

    • I like that idea of a simple wallet with no “extra” also.

      I’m starting to think there is not going to be just ONE wallet. Perhaps I’ll have to create two to three designs …this way each can be excellent at what it does …instead of having one wallet that is just average overall.

  • Michael W. says:

    “Thin is In”!! So, it must be thin and able to reside in my back pocket. Single fold, more than that & it gets too thick. Room for 4 – 6 credit cards, some cash and one clear window to hold my drivers license/ID.

  • Cameron says:

    My biggest issue with the other metal/plastic wallets out there is that they are more money clip than wallet. I look for a wallet that can hold cash, ID card, 8 – 10 other cards and is enclosed (not like two plates of metal or plastic connected by rubber or what ever). Open type wallet/money clips make me worry that something is going to fall out.

    • It’s funny you mention that…

      Although I’m aware of money-clips …they are something I personally could never use. I think it’s the openness of it.

      HOWEVER… if the money-clip was attached to a wallet – then I can picture using it. Maybe that’s just me though… 🙂

      • B Alan Eisen says:

        I use the pocket clip on my pocket knife to hold emergency money. I never put money in my wallet. I don’t want a bottle opener on it either. That is what the Viperfish is for.

  • Bud says:

    So over the years I have taken to carrying two wallets. A front pocket wallet for my spending cash and door access cards and membership cards; and a bifold (thin now) hip wallet with larger denomination bills, IDs, debit/credit cards, etc. I have had to replace the front wallet (usually with a magnetic flap to hold the folded bills in place) twice or three times as often as my bifold. So for a front pocket wallet, I’d prefer a more minimal wallet that allows my door access card to work and hold spending cash. For a hip wallet, 8 cards of various sorts, a separate section for IDs and n area for bills. Thanks for askin’!

    • Thank you Bud. Man, two wallets – I didn’t even know this was an option. 🙂

      It does make sense though. Although the majority, from what I can tell, have a preference for one.

      It’s an eye-opener to know how YOU use your wallet(s) though Bud. Thank you.

      • Bud says:

        Works for me. For the front wallet, it is more of a money clip with a pocket for cards. Fossil has made them for years.

  • Herbert says:

    Should hold up to 8-10 cards but also work with only 4-5 cards, cards must be easily to retrieve and put back in, a transparent window of some kind would be great for a card that you need to show often (for me that would be my public transport pass).

    I have the Omega and it really looks cool but it’s hard to find cards and put them in and out.

    Almost perfect for me is this one:
    But it can hold only 4-5 cards. A double-sided version of this would be great.

    For my additional cards, i am using

    Currently, i’m giving another chance to
    The concept is great, but unfortunately it’s rather big.

    • Thank you for the detailed feedback on those wallets Herbert – awesome!

      Hmmm, I was wondering if the Omega wallet was hard to add/remove cards. Interesting. (although, to be fair, two others have mentioned they are very happy with that wallet)

      The Trofeo look very cool – but it looks like it’s really tricky to add/remove cards …that kind of makes it a no-go for me.

      Interestingly… my CURRENT PROTOTYPE is vaguely similar concept to the Machine Era wallet (but still very different). There is no elastic involved …and it’s more enclosed. Also, spent 10 minutes throwing it all over my house …no cards fell out. Nice!

      Oh, and also…

      The Mobius is a great concept (the fan-like spreading of the cards) …but it really scares me …the little plastic things seems like they’d break too easily.

      • Herbert Eder says:

        it’s surprisingly easy to find cards in the Trofeo – the material is soft – you just press on the bottom with your thumb and push the cards out halfway, then flip through them and pick the card you need. But of course this can work only with soft (fabric-like) material, not with Titanium.

        Maybe i did not use the Omega long enough – it gets easier when the O-Rings are wearing out a bit, but i couldn’t really get friends with it because it was too hard for me to retrieve/insert cards, and the plates are quite thick and heavy.

        The Mobius concept i think could be very much improved – ditch the idea of having it fully enclosed (because this is what makes it so long – it needs the extra space to allow the cards to turn inside the casing) – when the wallet is open on the top it’s not necessary to make it much longer than a credit card.
        The plastic seems rather strong but probably, sooner or later it will break – Titanium fans wouldn’t!

        I’m totally looking forward to seeing your solution then!

  • ekdike says:

    Must be thin.
    Coin. (Usually poorly made for those minimalist wallet if any, ie. coins drop out easily. And for the sake of it being thin, should be a small coin compartment cause coins should be cleared daily when at home.)
    Notes. (Maximum one fold and no more than that.)
    RFID. (New and upcoming forgotten feature.)
    4 Cards. (Any more is too thick.)
    Made of non slip material. (Friction against common pants pocket fabric eliminates the need for pocket clip or chain to help keep wallet in pockets.)

    • Really interesting you talk about the single-fold of the paper money …because others have mentioned that also.

      I have personally been fine with double-folding …but I don’t use cash that often and don’t carry that much on me.

      Man, this “market research” so helpful it’s insane!

  • Michael says:

    Right now, I use the Flexy Titanium wallet, which I like A LOT. it does have a bit of a downside with it being a bit tough at times to get the card into the right spot and unless you have multiple bills or crisp bills, it’s a bit difficult to put them in.
    Saw this in a review by Steve Mantelli on YouTube, he has a bunch of cool reviews for wallets up on there, check him out if you’re looking for some other ideas. Be careful, though. I accidentally watched like 3 hours of his videos when I got sucked in and was trying to find a wallet to buy.
    As far as exactly what I’m looking for, I’d like titanium and the ability to hold 8+ cards as well as money. A separate easy access ID area would be cool, but not really a deal breaker or deal maker. Most importantly, I want to be able to drop it and not have everything go everywhere. My previous leather wallet did that once it was well stretched out and made me angry frequently.

    • Thank you for your thoughts on the Flexy Wallet Michael…

      That’ got to be the most minimalist wallet out there. Any more minimalist and it’s a money-clip. 🙂

      Yes, cards going everywhere is a no-no for sure!

  • Peter says:

    I am currently using Omega Titanium wallet which was a Kickstarter project and that is very good, great for cards but just needs to hold cash

    • Man, that’s another +1 for the Omega Wallet. Seems a lot of people like that one.

      I don’t have it. It comes fairly close to the kind of thing I’d like in some ways …but is quite far away on others.

      I’m not so sure about the o-ring thing.

  • Mulburk says:

    No coin purse/zipper.
    Light, thin and comfortable in front or back pocket.
    Able to carry a few bills and about 6~8 cards.
    Durable. No elastic bands that are stitched in or clamped in. (Huge turn off for me. makes the wallet look like a kid’s wallet)
    Nothing falls out of the wallet. (as in when I run with the wallet in my pocket, drop the wallet or wave the wallet around, I dont want the cards and bills flying around)

    Maybe if it could be connected to your other products as well. The carabiner could hook into a corner or smth. But if this can’t be done stylishly, rather not have it.

    • Mulburk… it’s kinda scary how close your criteria is to my own criteria for a wallet (…right down to the ‘nothing stitched or clamped’). Weird. Cool, but weird! 😛

      Pretty much everything you said is what I want …apart from putting it into the back pocket. I keep my wallet in my front pocket – but it still has to be very slim!

  • Keith says:

    I do not keep my cards with my money, but I do put my wallet in my back pocket as I carry my phone in my front pocket. For me Omega seems OK, but the plates seem very thick and the o-rings would bother me too.

    I have trimmed the number of cards I need to 8, so it must hold at least 8 plus I would like to hold a few pictures. I would not need a bottle opener I have an item on my key ring for that function. If you can make the plates as thin as possible it would be a big plus. The guys doing the super thin watch CST have been able to get it down to a very thin size. The whole watch is now 0.88 mm.

    Having a band or o-ring to hold the cards seems like it would make it hard to remove or insert the cards (I have a carbon fiber one like that and do no use it for that reason). If you could figure out some way to access the cards or see the card you need with a small part to grab that would help get the cards out IMO.

    • What you said about having a small part to crab/access the cards is really critical.

      In fact, personally, the most common reason most of the card wallets I’ve seen just don’t cut it for me is …being able to get at the cards without “fiddling” and “clawing” to try and get them out. This is a major one!

      Thank you for your comments Keith.

  • ABProved says:

    I saw a lot of Projects here too.
    The most where only two plates holding together…
    whats not a Solution for me.
    I live in Germany, we have Prices like 0,79€ and 0,49€ so you always get
    coins back. I try to change them at home but at least 5-10 coins are in my wallet.

    It should fit 8 cards and the Front should have an transparent window
    when you have to show one Card often.

    A wallet should be made from leather and not metal/wood or plastik.
    I have it in Backpocket and wont sit on a brick.

    I pledged for 2 Projects now:

    The Helone who looks great from Material

    EZ Wallet which is small

    I would love to have an combination of both, an nice bigger helone with an Pocket like the EZ for coins.
    Take the helone 90 grad to right and attach the EZ.

    So it would still be an bigger one but at the moment I use an 18year old wallet which is real old school but fits my needs until I find a better one.
    Carring two around is not an option for me.

    • Man, someone else who has their wallet in their back pocket. Amazing.

      I really had no idea so many people carried their wallets in their back pocket. What an amazing piece of research this is turning out to be! 🙂

      I like the HELONE slim wallet because it’s so fantastically practical! It’s not quite something I would use. But it’s such a non-nonsense design. Very cool.

      I’m starting to think I should be having a few completely different wallets because there are so many that have them in the back pocket. My current prototype (and possible the most likely final design) might not work for that. A sobering thought. Gonna have to try and figure this out for sure….

      • Yvonnne says:

        I purchased a Helone wallet from their web (for a present) the design was great but too small for GB or Euro notes.Seems everyone designs for Aus or USA.
        The zippered coin compartment was perfect but the wallet was made in China the leather was very stiff and not worth the money I paid IMHO maybe their new one is better.
        The link below was good apart from the zip insertion which was badly, done I use one without the zip and a Euro version myself,I think the wallet is such a personal thing there will never be perfect one.
        Maybe a race between Magnus and Brad as to who comes up with the winner 🙂 you are both on my list of reliable guys

        • Yes, true, it’s not until you travel to other countries do you realise how big the UK notes are …and they’re even BIGGER in Scotland (for those who are not aware… Scotland uses the same GBP currency as England – but we print our own notes).

          Thank you for the link to the wallet on Kickstarter – I had managed to miss that one somehow (thought I had see EVERY one!)

  • Hi Marcus,

    I totally agree with you, none of the wallets on the market are ticking the boxes I “need” for a wallet. Must be small, but big enough to carry coins, paper money and around 15 plastic cards. One of the wallets I used for a long time was a “normal” leather one. It ticked boxes like durability, design and space. After 3 years of use I decided to have something new, but…. it all started over.
    I need coins in it for the use in shopping carts(in the Netherlands you pay for them), for use in the harbor (water/electricity)etc. Cash is used for small purchases. Further I don’t want to split all cards in different carriers. I need them on different places or all on one time…. So I carry what I have, but not need, or vise-versa. I looked at the victoria wallet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzJc0ICaiNE) I like the idea, but miss the part for the coins.
    Currently I have a leather one, but after a few month of use it started to fall apart.
    I will carry it in all my different pockets, so must be not damaging the pockets and or the linings… Light, nice to look at, durable, high tech….
    Hope this helps?

    • It does help Peter, thank you.

      One thing that does jump out at me is that you need to carry 15 cards. This is probably the most anyone has mentioned.

      I like the simplicity of the Victoria Wallet. Nice. I used to have a wallet like that years ago (my parents bought it for me) – but that specific wallet was too big. Was more like a passport holder!

      Man, coins must be used in mainland Europe a lot more than elsewhere. Interesting!

  • RB says:

    I got the AJ wallet and the Möbius. I liked the security of the “box” that Möbius had, but the fanning part was flimsy and the wallet was huge. I would really like a separate, more secure area for my ID. I don’t need the gal at the checkout ogling my address and I don’t feel like sorting through my ID to find the credit card I need. Titanium is awesome, elastic bands need to be done right in order to avoid looking like a piece of leftover waistband. The bottle opener is cool, but detracts from a sleek looking wallet. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

    • Thank you RB. There seems to be a split in terms of showing ID …some people really want it …and others don’t. Personally, I find that the only time I require my ID is when they actually want to take my card (rather than jut display it). Interesting.

      Also, for the elastic on the wallet thing… it can be done well (have made prototypes) …but not really the higher-end concept I’m aiming for…

  • Sigbjørn Kjetland says:

    I need 4 cards often, and maybe 6-8 cards from time to time. So I like quick access for 4 cards, and then space for more cards.
    I need space for papermoney, and a separate place for receipts.

    • Thanks Sigbjørn. I think you’re the second person to mention receipts. I empty all my receipts out of my pocket at the end of the day – but would be cool to have them in my wallet when I think about…

  • Peter C says:

    My current wallet is holding:
    – 13 cards though I could probably slim down to no less than 8. 3 or 4 of which I use often.
    – a few notes
    – half a dozen or so coins. I’d love to do without except they are still needed for so much. I don’t like keeping change (or small items in general) loose in my pockets because I’m paranoid about loosing it.
    – 1 ID card behind a window
    – a small USB stick.
    – a few emergency pills that invariably get sqished. I could live without.

    As much as I love minimalist designs: I need to cary too much stuff. I’m paranoid about not having something with me that there is a fair chance I’ll need.
    I’m extremely paranoid about stuff falling out!
    Most wallets I’ve seen on kickstarter either don’t look like they satisfy me that stuff won’t fall off/out and they hardly ever hold coins!

    I know for instance that the coin requirement differs depending on country (i.e. small denomination notes) and peoples preference for carrying change in their pockets. Which makes things harder.

    Good luck trying to please all or even most people with this one! 🙂

    • Thank you Peter. Great comments there! Have taken them ALL on board.

      It’s interesting you are in the carrying-coins camps – for some it’s essential and for others it’s a preference NOT to carry it.

      You’re right, creating a wallet for everyone is tricky for sure. Perhaps even impossible!

    • Yes Jon – this is an EXCELLENT design. I love it. It’s still far away from what I would personally use …mainly due to the seeming trickiness of card access. But, still, it’s super-minimalist – which is MAJOR.

  • JP says:

    Thin and light but flexible. I currently use a Tight Wallet which is the best I have used. Keeps everything I need in one place, nothing falls out, and I can carry as many or as few cards as I want. The form factor is great. If we’re talking titanium and carbon fibre, that could be incredible. I would like to have a clip for my notes so the cash is readily accessible without having to open anything up. A titanium clip element would be great as it’s strong and light. I would like to have access to the card I use most in a separate pocket on the outside (if possible) and then room elsewhere for my other cards and driving licence etc, possible with an ID window inside for the licence.

    • Yeah, I liked that Tight Wallet (“TGT Wallet”). Pretty cool. VERY sleek for a material-based design.

      Also, yes, I concur with your thought about a separate place for the card(s) you use the most. My current prototype sort-of uses that concept.

  • Stephen says:

    Convergence! If I’m going to start carrying a wallet, it has to be a phone case as well.

    • Interesting Stephen. Although, you’re the only one to mention it on here so far.

      Out of interesting (and this is purely my own, personal “thing”)… I don’t even have a case on my phone as I like it “vanilla”. Although, I’m thinking, if it was made from titanium …THEN I might have a phone case! 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Ideally I would want the following from a wallet:

    1) Place to keep cash, would be nice to have a thin separator between the cash.
    2) Holders for at least 6-8 cards – 2 of them to stand out for primary credit cards if must
    3) A see-through holder for use with an ID badge.
    4) A small pocket/pouch to hold a few coins – like 4-5. This is because i do not want them to move around first of all and also keep it as small as possible. As i keep my coins in the car, when going out i want to have some with me in the wallet and not keep them in my pocket….

    Finally but most importantly it has to be pocket sized, light and thin !

    • Man, your criteria is very similar to quite a few other comments on here Chris.

      It’s good because there is a theme. But, it’s “bad”, because it’s quite a tricky criteria to make work! But I’m working on it… although I doubt I’ll be able to get the coin thing sorted.

  • Joe w says:

    Well what I want in a wallet is… Not a wallet. I use a money clip daily. I used to have a wallet until realised I carry way too much non-essential stuff around. I carry a maximum of 5 cards and a few notes of cash. Some kind of hybrid between a money clip and wallet would be ideal.

    It would have to be lightweight, slim, efficient and non-fidgety. Carrying cards in a money clip can be done but it can be a bit fidgety.

    • Joe w says:

      On a side note, I think you will encounter problems in trying to produce a wallet the majority will like as everyone it seems wants something entirely different and personal. Haha perhaps you could build a build it yourself wallet kit so people can make exact wallet they want.

      Cheers Magnus

      • That’s a genius idea Joe …and not as “wild” as it sounds. A wallet-building kit. I don’t see why that’s not possible.

        You’re spot-on about the wallet being a PERSONAL thing. In fact, that’s probably what makes it so tricky!

  • I’m still working my way down through the comments and replying to them – have to go to bed now though as I won’t be able to play with my LEGO in the morning (oops, I mean, I won’t be able to help my Son play with his LEGO in the morning 😛 ).

    The feedback you are all providing is INCREDIBLE. Thank you to each and every one of you!

    I had a feeling this might change the direction a bit in the wallet I’m designing …and, sure enough, it’s altered the course in a few small ways. It’s not made it easier – it’s made it tougher in fact. But, still, it should prove well worth it.

  • Kelvin Lim says:

    My ideal wallet would be

    1. Keep some cash, single fold.
    2. Hold some cards.
    3. Hold some coins.
    4. Simple and easy way to pop up company pass to flash and get through the door.

    btw, just pick up another of your great product hangkey, cant wait for it to be delivered. I know it will be a great quality product 🙂

    • Thank you for your comments Kelvin. 🙂

      Your criteria is in-line with others – particularly the “window” component. Interesting as, until now, it’s something I had never really thought too much about.

  • Lance says:

    Things I look for in a wallet:
    1. Must be thin and front pocket friendly.
    2. No elastic. There have been wallets on kickstarter that I would have jumped on had it not been for the elastic.
    3. I only consider wallets where the cards can only be removed if the wallet is opened. This prevents lost cards or cards falling out when I throw the wallet on the counter.
    4. I avoid the typical bi-fold wallet with a pocket that can hold unfolded bills because the wallet is too bulky. Money clips on the outside are nice. I especially like wallets with a clip on the outside and allow for the money to be folded over into the wallet. It is nice and secure and still compact. Only downside with clips is they eventually stretch out.

    • Lance, I have no reply to you 🙂 …because your thoughts are EXACTLY the same as mine! It’s crazy – you have my exact criteria for a wallet. Spooky.

      The “too bulky” thing is the main issue for me for sure.

  • JeremyD says:

    Whilst I am intrigued to see your concept I must admit I’m very happy with the ragged edge carbon fibre sailcloth wallet I’ve had for the last couple of years, space for 8+ cards, cash and ID in a very light almost indestructible material.

  • Robbie Gorman says:

    Another back pocket wallet vote from me – phone in front right, keys, gum and lighter in front left, change in back left and wallet in back right 😉

    I’m not keen on coins in a wallet but I seem to be in the minority.

    One thing I have noticed is that a lot of wallets are too small for UK notes – def for 20s and even 10s seem to get ragged.

    Def ID / pass window.

    I used to have a 2 part wallet that the inside ID bit slipped out and had 1 card spot, ID and a card sized pouch which I used for folded notes. Was great for using with a suit or when travelling etc – leave most cards etc in safe and just have very slim wallet with essentials. Prob quite a design compromise thought.

    I’ve got about 8 cards in my wallet.

    Also like the idea of a separate bit for receipts.

    Good luck!

    • Yes, I’ve had a couple of wallets what they were too small for UK notes and, like you say, the edges get ripped. Really frustrating.

      Similar to what you carry – 8 cards seem to be the average for what people carry. Thank you for the comments (think I need to print ALL these comments out!)

  • Alexis says:

    I have the Omega wallet and love it. My only real complaint is that it does not handle cash well. The Knox wallet looks almost perfect, but the reason I haven’t gotten it is mainly that it is anodized, so I know that will scratch and look very worn in a short period of time (which is why I like stonewashed titanium so much), also I’m not a big fan of the elastic.

    Since you have been asking, I don’t mind the O-rings on the omega, and it gives people the ability to buy different size O-rings depending on how many cards they want to carry. That being said, I have had them break on me, and while not really an issue, have no maintenance at all on a wallet would be even better. Also, it takes the O-rings a couple days to stretch before it becomes easy for you to access the cards.

    I think you just have to remind yourself of what your goal is. Which from what I understand is to build a slim, simple wallet, not a multitool/bottle opener/key holder/coin pouch. While those things would be great I think maybe a good way to go would be to build something modular. Where you have the basic simple wallet and then can maybe attach a coin pouch or something else. So that the wallet looks good in either configuration.

    Currently I use my Omega wallet for all my cards and have a separate money clip for cash. So also designing different components that work in unison might be an idea, like a wallet and a separate coin holder (you already have a key holder/ multitool/ bottle opener with the rabbit and viper fish). So that instead of creating a huge contraption that does everything you have smaller modular parts to an entire every day carry system, that also allows people the flexibility of carrying things differently (like in what pocket they place/clip different items).

    Hope that helps.

    Looking forward to seeing what your design is.

    One last thought. Since you are asking for input before “releasing” any images. Have you thought about posting a couple of different prototypes and asking the same thing. That would give people something a little more concrete to comment on and might provide you with different ideas on improving YOUR design as opposed to ideas on improving someone else’s (like right now it seems a lot of people are giving ideas for improving the Omega wallet).

    • Thank you for your detailed comments Alexis!

      It’s funny you mention the o-rings on the Omega. Even though I know it would be super-simple to replace the o-rings …I just don’t like the idea of having perishable parts on anything (not just a wallet).

      Yes, you’re right also, it’s easy to lose sight of the main goal with so many ideas and such flying around. Need to keep “grounded”.

      Oh, and in terms of the images of prototypes… it’s funny, I’m reluctant to show such images …because they are usually so ugly/impractical/silly/etc looking.

      I will generally only be proving the FUNCTION on a prototype – and it will look really “ugly”. Probably the main reason I don’t like revealing them (unless they are at final stages!)

  • Scott says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I would like to see a wallet made from titanium and carbon fiber. The purpose for a wallet is to carry cards and money. Keeping that in perspective I would say keep it simple yet stylish.

    Regards Scott

    P.S. Where’s the button to back this wallet project. Count me In!

    • It’s funny, I’ve seen a few wallets with carbon fiber – but they’ve generally been very far away from something I’d use.

      But yes, I agree, a titanium + carbon fiber wallet could be very, VERY cool.

  • Stan Teate says:

    I look for a wallet that can hold 3-10 cards comfortably. I like at least one slit on outside, both sides, for access to frequently used credit cards and/or drivers license, preferably two slits maybe 3. If is a card case, will want a middle pocket to hold cash or medical health cards, NOT change. Is best of cash can be folded only once and not stick out. RFID protection is nice but usually adds unwanted bulk. Make the thickness as thin as possible and not bend or break. Coins are for pockets, NOT wallets. What cards? Drivers license, auto insurance, 3 or 4 medical insurance, 1 to 3 credit cards, maybe conceal carry permit, plus 1 or 2 other. All this w/o the wallet bulge.

    • Man, a very nice and comprehensive criteria there Stan – thank you! (…and thank you for providing reasoning behind your criteria – very good to know).

      (will definitely be printing all these comments out!)

  • Nate says:

    if you are looking into wallets you should look at the Obstructures A3 titanium wallet. I have one and I love it. Its light, easy to use, and light Check it out here


    • I remember seeing those a while ago. Very cool and “industrial” looking.

      Although, in saying that, I’m kinda scared of using giant o-rings …but it’s a CLEVER solution for sure.

      • Nate says:

        I was a little hesitant at first as well. But after you break in the O-rings its a very smooth action. I will say however if you do go with a similar style, it would be nice if there was something to keep the cards from falling out of the bottom. I love that I can keep my room key on the outside of the wallet as it is held on by the o rings and I can scan into my room easily without opening up the wallet. I’m sure you will come up with something great.

  • Alex says:

    The Omega wallet manages to incorporate a bottle opener without looking overtly like a tool card. Please consider that before ruling out a bottle opener. I’ve carried one since they funded and love it, though having off some thickness, adding a lanyard hole and improving on the I ring system which I frequently break would be great, though being able to replace them is great, I’d hate to have an integrated band and have the wallet be ruined if it broke.

    • You’re spot-on about the subtlety of the bottle-open on the Omega …I’ve thought about it a few time. It’s pretty smart.

      Also, it’s good to know the Omega is working for you.

  • Ari says:

    It’s got to hold cards, ID, and cash (some places don’t take cards, so sometimes you need to have a bunch of cash) – so expandable would be useful. Would like to be able to put stuff in and not have it fall out (that means has a bottom and sides). Like to be able to see what’s in the wallet without taking everything out – so don’t like the “everything’s stacked on top of each other and held together by elastic” types of wallet. Got to be sturdy enough to protect what’s inside (don’t want photos getting bent, IDs delaminating at the corners, etc.), but also should be thin and light. RFID very useful. Moneyclips not wanted – they just stick out and catch on stuff. Cool-looking would be nice. I liked the look of the Dosh street wallet, but it didn’t have enough slots, and couldn’t hold those big foreign bills if you travel. I wouldn’t mind titanium for the material. FYI, there was already a carbon fiber wallet on Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1601821201/common-fibers-a-real-carbon-fiber-wallet.

    • Yeah, I like the look of the Dosh wallets. Pretty cool.

      The Common Fibers wallet is very unique. Did really well on Kickstarter …and definitely not surprised! It’s very smart.

      Yes, I agree about the money-clip thing. I’ve found they stick out a bit (which is why I’ve never had one) – but I’m sure a different design could be done…

  • David Smith says:

    funny how people are split with what they want and don’t want. seems to be a very personal thing. i think be hard to make something that ticks everyone’s boxes. might end up doing different versions.

  • David Smith says:

    ill throw my 2pence worth In anyway.

    1) has to be slim and compact (don’t mind double folding notes, i mean its not that much of a pain is it? or is that just me)

    2) Wallet should do one function and do it well …be a wallet. It isn’t a key chain or multi tool and you might be in a situation where you have to look bit more respectable so no fancy frills or gimmicks. i mean how many bottle openers do you need to carry on you. I hardy ever need to open one now anyway its all cans or screw tops and if need be i can open a bottle with 1 piece of paper.

    3) made of strong durable material i.e titanium. lasts longer no brainer really. Also if gets wet easy to dry.

    4) RFID blocker is must. 21st century people your at a huge risk on this especially in cities. i know few people who have had their card details taken this way and all you need is a laptop. foolish not to include this and i wouldn’t consider a wallet that doesn’t.

    5) Has to be able to carry notes. not a wallet otherwise (though this may change in years to come). Not many needed but like to carry some for small transactions.

    6) No coin purse. This is one that seems to divide everyone but again this is a deal breaker. I do not want to open a wallet or flash my wallet to someone when all i need is a couple of quid to pay parking or something. Big security feature for me. Change kept in pocket like a real man. purse is for ladies..as my dad would say 🙂

    7) Not sure on the bi fold or tri fold wallets anymore got use to not carrying one of these so would prefer not to. plus this would make it more durable.

    8) carry 4 to 8 cards. if you have to carry business cards id use a separate card holder.

    9) no id window at all. Pointless feature on wallets. I am 30 and look young for my age so get I.D quite a lot and without fail the first thing someone will say to me is can you take your I.D OUT of your wallet. Plus it is always harder to get the card out the window and it attracts dirt from sitting in your pocket so looks crap after a while. Another deal breaker I’m afraid. Oyster card window slightly different but again you will soon be able to use your phone to do this so not a 21st century feature anymore. plus i don’t go to London that often. Id rather take out the oyster card on its own than show pick pockets where i keep my wallet.

    10) Not overly complicated. want to find everything easy. i don’t want to have to take out my wallet and then spend ages trying to find the right card. security feature more than frustration.

    11) Somewhere for a split ring so i can attach a wallet chain or clip to it. still bit of a rocker I’m afraid and when i go hiking i like to keep my wallet secure inside my rucksack. I have turned wallets down on this feature alone. surprising how much i use it. Some might see it as a contradiction to number 2 but i don’t care.

    12) who checked number 2 🙂

    13) front and back carry. i carry mine back pocket but if I’m in a really crowded place ill move it to front pocket. Again security thing.

    never thought id write as much when i started so i apologise for going on. At min i carry the HuMn Mini in metal and carbon fibre and have done for well over a year. This is a fantastic wallet and really does fit in with my lifestyle very well. I slimed my wallet contents down to carry this and haven’t looked back. You can carry too much EDC stuff lol i have most of my bulky stuff for when i have my backpack. I have everything that you have designed since the very first viper fish in fact in was my first kickstarted project i backed. I don’t back many but you have a very good eye for design in both style and function. This is a rare gift Magnus and you have yet to disappoint but i think this might be your hardest project yet (in terms of swaying me to buy one). Im just really happy with what i have now but I’m really intrigued to see what you can do. I will be watching very closely and i wish you good luck. Ill happily eat those words 🙂 Im sure it will be good just if its good enough to sway me lol

    • David, thank you for your comprehensive comments (going to print them out along withe the others!). Also, thank you for the kind words (believe it or not, but… I remember you Backing the ViperFish project AND it being the first project you backed! Very coo! 🙂 )

      You’re extensive criteria (and reasoning) matches quite close to my own. I like the fact you gave reasons – make your “case” more solid. 😛

      It’s funny you mention the ID thing (and having to take it out) …I find the same thing… when I need to use my ID – then it typically NEEDS to come out of my wallet.

  • Jo says:

    HI Magnus
    wallets… hard to define. DO you go for a monster that cariies everything (although I think the guy that was asking for it to hold a smart car key was going a bit far!), or a nice slim ‘going out’ wallet.
    I like the idea of a titanium one – would that make it RIFD-safe as well?
    So let’s go with the titanium idea – room for 4-6 cards, definitely some cash… that’s it.
    No need for coin storage…. ever.
    Lanyard connection handy.
    If it’s not titanium, then still think RFID-safe is good idea; maybe a few more cards, a divider in the cash part for cash and receipts…. and should be made out of genuine leather – can’t beat the smell and feel.
    Cheers, Jo

    • Thank you for your comments Jo – a great, reasoned set of criteria. Your criteria lines-up with quite a few others’ on here. Which is pretty cool – starting to detect a few themes.

  • David Smith says:

    Id be really interested to see how much your design changes after going through these comments to what you have done at min. You have to show us that!

  • geoff hughan says:

    it folds/it feels good in the hand/no sharp edges
    it carries minimum 8 cards
    it carries cash….folded nz/aussie size notes.
    titanium wallet with a leather edge ? food for thought.
    no wider than an iPhone.
    sperate drivers licence pocket.
    small as the americans say…. able to be used in front pocket of jeans
    have a hole punched one corner for attachment if required
    chain for me…. unnecessary distraction gets in the way
    bad for security it telegraphs where the wallet is and says it’s valuable.maybe an option

    • I love the idea of a leather/titanium combination – I’m sure it could be done! …but getting it done WELL could be tricky.

      Your other criteria are good also. Ties in with others’ criteria. Thank you Geoff.

  • Dave says:

    I think that a wallet has to hold a fair few cards I cut my wallet right down to use a more minimal style but I still have about 10-12 cards including ID and membership cards. I also think that being able to carry cash is essential, I don’t really want to pay for a can of coke with a card? On the same theme being able to put a few coins in is really useful. At the moment I am using either the minimo wallet (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1985701011/minimo-a-slim-wallet-with-a-difference) or the Dash 2.0 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elliothavok/dash-20-wallet-the-leather-wallet-redesigned).
    I like them for different reasons, the minimo has a small section for coins which is really useful as it stops the coins digging holes through your pockets and now and again it’s handy to have some change. The problem with the minimo and the reason I like the Dash is that your cash is just stuffed under the band on the minimo whereas the dash has a small pocket for cash. I modified my dash to have a small piece of material in the cash pocket to help get the cash out (a bit like the little straps in pocket type mobile phone holders).
    Anyway that’s my thoughts on the matter, I will now sit and wait to see what you come up with Magnus.

  • Chung Wah Man says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I also carry 2 wallets one is an elegant kickstarter project that holds my cards now. about the size of an iphone, which is very funtional and all that. what it did miss was a convient way to store paper bills, I dont like to fold my bills more than once to put in my wallet, I find it gets think to fast otherwise and its hard to get to the right bill, you have to look through your stack to select the fiver thats in the middle or something like that.
    So I would like a wallet that only needs me to fold my cash once and provide ample access to it so that i can select the right bill in the minimum of time. Or you can just makea titanium money clip and i’m a happy camper.

  • bob says:

    here is what I CRAM into my wallet. Cash, 3 credit cards (I don’t need more than that), my drivers license, a couple of bank ATM cards, my honda accord car key (big), my medical id kit (includes my Medical Insurance ID which is the size of a credit card, a few of my doctors’ business cards, my organ donor card, and my prescription drug list which is on paper). In addition I have about 10 miscellaneous shaped cards for the pharmacy and a couple of supermarkets. Add in a wholesale club card, my AARP card, my AAA card and a few other little items which I am sure I would forget if I went on a trip (my national parks senior pass), a rental car rewards card. Finally there are about 10 other cards (all credit card size) that are either paper, plastic or plastic coated paper. Believe it or not, all that stuff FIT into a Rolf;s wallet, but not very well and the wallet wore out dramatically when I had to use my medical id kit on a frequent basis. Less than 2/3 of the stuff fit in a chaps wallet. Automakers should make SMALL spare keys to just open the doors in case you lock yourself out. I didn’t measure it, but the Rolf’s wallet (standard hip pocket size) probably stretched to about 1 1/2 inch thick. Let me know if you find a way to get all that S.. er stuff into a wallet.

  • William says:

    What do you want in a wallet?
    Mmmm that’s a tough one?
    Money perhaps?

  • Konrad says:

    I am currently using the A3 titanium from obstructures. I think the middle plate lends itself to being made into a multitool. Just in case I am without. Getting away from the big external rings could also improve the pocketability. I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

  • Martin says:

    Hello Magnus. I just found you today and immediately ordered HookUp and Hangkey that is replacing my cheap gas station quick disconnect keychain that broke easily and almost caused me to lose my work keys. Hope thay are everything you say.

    As to the wallet idea. I like your stuff because it IS so minimalist. Stick with that. It should hold money, driverse license, another ID, a credit card and maybe one more card. That is it. All these people that want it to hold 12 cards, a bottle opener , a flash drive, notes and keys need a seperate item. I dont want to pay for a titanium purse lol. I want a minimalist wallet that fits comfortably in my pocket. Maybe you make a small version and a large version? Either way Id like to see some pics of your design soon!

    That pen is my next purchase if the other stuff I get is nice.

    Thanks for your beatiful designs!

  • Ed Lund says:

    Love the idea of a Ti wallet, but hate the bands, 6 – 8 cards with ability to clip folding money. These guys seem to have a good idea: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mooner/dm1-titanium-and-carbon-fiber-wallet-by-decadent-m

  • Ron Hollatz says:

    It’s been said by others, but I like a minimalist style. I’m currently using a Wally iPhone case from Distill Union. Holds my phone, 5 or 6 credit cards, and cash folded up. That is really pushing the limit on what it can hold. I’d like a little more room for some business cards.


    I love the all in one concept. All I have to worry about is grabbing my phone on the way out the door. They offer a stick on version, and one with a built in plastic iPhone case. Unfortunately the plastic case isn’t very strong. My wife dropped mine a couple days ago and cracked the plastic portion of the case.

    Since the latest one broke again (going to need a 3rd one), I’ll probably try to find a durable case with a flat back that can handle the stick on version of the Wally.

    Building a stick on case with a little more capacity would really make my day. It could work like the stick on version but open up to access the wallets contents. I’d really like to see a combo iPhone/titanium wallet. The durability factor alone would make me order one in a heartbeat. Maybe a leather iPhone case for protection, and a built in titanium wallet would work, or even all titanium. The advantage with the stick on wallet is it can still be used when Apple decides to change the phone size.

    Maybe a leather case with a detacable titanium wallet? That would really be pushing the envelope.

  • Jay says:


    I think a light weight wallet and one that is more prone to wear and tear would be nice.

    Also, in some of wallets the notes rise up to the top and then the top gets folded, crumpled etc. So that would be another area for improvement

  • >