“What To Do …When You Don’t Know What To Do!”


Okay, here’s the deal…

I thought it was about time to give you another update.

But, the problem is, as I’m starting to write this I have absolutely no idea what to write about.

I’m serious here! I typically have a ton of things buzzing around my mind …but today there is just NOTHING.

You’ve experienced this before, right? No creativity. No ideas. And perhaps even no motivation. It seems to be a natural ebb and flow of how our brains work as humans.

Sometimes we feel like we’re brain-dead …and other times we’re fizzing, bubbling and ready to explode with ideas. I’m sure there are “triggers” to help force our brains to become creative or motivated with a flick-of-a-switch. But I’ve not found it yet! (Although the closest I’ve experienced is John Cleese’s excellent talk on creativity here)

So, here you are…

You’re reading this and perhaps thinking, “Magnus, you can’t fool me! You’re saying you don’t know what to write about, but I secretly know you’ve got something awesome to tell me!”

Seriously, I don’t. I’m writing this for purely selfish reasons. 🙂

Here’s why…

I’m having one of those “non-creative” and “no motivation” days. They are unavoidable. So, what I decided to do is write. Or, more specifically, write this exact update to you.

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The #1 reason for writing this to you is because it’s therapeutic (and you thought I did it purely for your benefit? …well, okay, there is a bit of that too!). Writing can often be “a massage for the mind”. I’m serious.

Writing is one of those things that focuses your mind and can get you out of a “mental slump”. And I’m not talking Shakespeare here! (hell, look at this last sentence, I started it with the word “And” …this would make any English teacher shudder!).

You WILL like this:

The #2 reason for sitting down and writing is because it’s important to just do something.

Whether it’s writing …or designing titanium products …or whatever …actually doing something (anything!) is the absolute best way to start when you don’t know where to start.

Want an example?

Well, what I’ve just written to you is a perfect example. The title of this article (can I call it an article?) has only just come to me just now: “What To Do …When You Don’t Know What To Do!”

But, here’s the thing…

Just 20 minutes ago I had no idea what to write about – but I just started typing. Somehow, as if by magic, your brain starts to get “into gear”.

I know, you may not be convinced, but next time you’re “stuck” or not “in the zone”. How about you just go for it and start. Try it …for me! 🙂

Talk to you soon,


P.S. One more thing… We’ve almost reached $30,000 in funding on the Titanium HookUp™ Project on Kickstarter. Unbelievable!

P.P.S. The three current products on my website have been selling like hotcakes …so, in case you somehow missed them 🙂 …check out the HangKey™ key pocket-clip/dangler …the PryMal™ minimalist pry-bar …and the ViperFish™ multi-function pocket-tool.

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    No Pavlova’s??? After all – they originated in NZ…

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    Not even a titanium cake stand!

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