Why I’m A Miserable FAILURE…

It’s prototype time!

Want to see a failed prototype? Then check this out…

Here’s the deal:

As it currently stands I’m putting this prototype on hold. But, I know from experience, if people (that means YOU) want something then I will get comments and emails about it.

Will be interesting to see what interest there is on this one as it’s very different to what you’ve seen before from me. 🙂

Oh, one last thing…

In the video above I said I’d see if I could get some pictures of this prototype up for you – and, believe it or not, I actually remembered – here they are:





  • Tim says:

    Magnus, can you make it into a pen/pencil. It could twist open in the middle, and have a 4th bit that’s a blade/box cutter. Also it could have a titanium clip on it that slips off and attatches to the end in a T formation for xtra grip. Just a thought. Tim

    • I am hoping to start working on a pen soon …but thinking this type of design would be a little “chunky”.

      However, perhaps a slightly slimmed-down version could be modified to work as pocket-sized pen. I’ll take a look into this. Thanks.

      Oh, and the T-Formation thing …I spent a loooooong time trying to get something to work like that – but still never managed it. From your comments it’s perhaps work having another go at!

  • David Smith says:

    That concept actually reminds me of a pen I have that had screw driver bits inside it. Problem I had was the designer was rubbish since it screwed off in 3 parts and I could never remember which screwdriver Head was in which part. Also it was cheaply made so it never lasted long and it was too long in length. Shame it never worked I like the idea. I suppose we don’t think about how many times it has been redisgned etc and choosing a material like titanium will be costly to work with.

    Id like to see stuff being cut with the laser. If they would even allow it at the factory. I think that’s the big kid in me 🙂

    • That’s quite a cool idea. In fact, that’s quite a doable idea …going to think about it tonight.

      Should be possible to “mark” each component in a way that’s unique. This could be very cool.

      Man, I love how ideas come from comments and feedback like this. Thank you David!

  • Michael W. says:

    Cool tool! I can see a small magnet in the end to hold the bit in place. Also, if you can fit a larger split ring in the hole, it could allow for a little bit of extra torque on a stubborn screw.

    • Here’s the funny thing Michael…

      I don’t know how other countries do it – but the post office here won’t allow me to ship anything with magnets in it. Seriously!

      I’m checking out alternative …because it’s limiting some product ideas I have. Magnets are great because they allow you to design products that just couldn’t work any other way.

      Also, yes, I’m thinking that the screwdriver function really needs some sort of leverage ability for the more stubborn screws. I have taken your comment on board!

  • Joe says:

    I like the design of it, very….industrial looking, kind of steampunk-ish. A handy tool for a designer or tradesman!

    For your auto-focus problem Magnus, put the object you want focused in from and an open palm behind it completely obscuring the background (so all the camera sees is the object and your open palm behind it. Hold it for about 3 seconds and that should focus it, it’s the way software works, getting confused with your face in the background and the object in the front, doesn’t know which one to choose. 🙂

  • William says:

    Don’t down yourself so, your not a miserable failure more like very cheerful confident one.

  • jimbo says:

    I like the idea and the look. Don’t beat yourself up! You learn nothing from success. I would recommend prototyping in a much cheaper and easier to machine material. Plastic, aluminum, steel…… Also, there should be CAD programs that let you run prototypes in the virtual world. Plus there is nothing wrong with tweeking old successful designs to make something new like the HangKey, that’s how most everything we now use and count on everyday got made, ie. no need to reinvent the wheel, just make it stronger, lighter, more attractive… you are doing great!

    • Thanks Jimbo!

      Yeah, I have a 3D printer which I have used a lot – but I’m finding I’m using it less and less now. It makes sense to machine in a cheaper material – but, so far at least, I’m finding I plan/design/think about a prototype or idea so much that it usually comes down to ensuring that it will work as I expect it to in titanium.

      Oh, man, and you’re right about not re-inventing the wheel thing! Pretty much everything I do can be seen to be rooted somehow in another idea(s) somewhere. I then take the extra time/effort/work/frustration to make it (as you say) stronger, lighter and more attractive (and this, I shall arrogantly but confidently confirm, is where I add value). 🙂

  • Bud says:

    Don’t feel bad…and I don’t really think you do. I actually like the idea of a pen-sized bit driver with the bits inside. Put a clip on it and it’s golden. A magnet to hold the bit may be old-hat, but it would work and could not be lost as easily as a rubber washer. Hmmmm! I’m looking forward to what you can do with this idea. Jobbering it out of cheaper aluminum or plastic will allow you to play design ideas cheaper. Cheers!

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