Click Pen – Issues

I’ve screwed up!

You’re on this page because you ordered the Titanium “Click” Pen from me.

Almost certainly you’ve experienced the refill not retracting fully and sticking out a little.

I want to replace your pen – please watch the video below and I explain more and what you should do.


So, if you want your pen replaced (which I recommend you do), then the address to ship your pen back to me is as follows:

126/4 Newton Street
Mount Maunganui
Tauranga 3116
Bay of Plenty
New Zealand

Also, please send me an email letting me know you want a replacement …and I will ship you out a replacement immediately (because I have enough of the new version ready to go).

Again, I am sorry for the hassle you have had – and now doing what I can to fix this for you!

P.S. If you have any other issue(s) with your pen then, of course, please let me know about this too and I will sort it out for you.

  • Damon Young says:

    Awesome! I noticed the tip not retracting all the way but just figured it is what it is, but I’ll gladly swap it! So…I heat treated the body to give it some color, is that going to be a problem?

  • Jeff says:


    Your still a very cool designer and the click pen is a very nice piece of kit! After the slight modification this pen will be appreciated for a long time to come in my daily use.

    Thanks for the early discovery of the issue and for providing a quick resolution.

    Seattle, WA

  • Jonathan N Dimitriu says:

    It is very disappointing that you shipped out a product that isn’t correctly designed. A pen tip that doesn’t fully retract is a major design flaw. Now after the long wait, we will have to ship the pen back to you, and then you’ll give us a pen that actually retracts. Why didn’t you notice this flaw before you shipped them out. Does anybody take the time to actually look at the pen. Not the first time I’ve purchased from you. But definitely will be the last.

  • Maurice Bresenhan Jr. says:

    I will keep the pen. I can trim the plastic tube of the OHTO to fit just fine Probably will not be able to use a real Parker refill since it has a metal barrel. Lastly, why a new pen? All you have to do to correct the issue is to send a new tip that the refill goes through but just a couple of millimeters longer. The design appearance will not change.

  • Jeff Morgan says:

    I can understand peoples initial frustrations but let’s not be too harsh on Magnus. Yes there is a reasonable price tag on this pen but considering the materials, design and hours of labor the price well supports the value. Also we should be mature enough to also realize this is a first run release on this specific design. Am I excising the oversight no but I am mature enough to realize we are are human and these thing do happen. Mangus owned up to the issue as soon as it was identified and has gone out of his way to rectify the issue by reimbursing for return shipping cost and quickly exchanging the pen with a modified one quickly shipping the replacement. In no way did he intend to have this issue obviously. From a machining stand point it’s much quicker to machine the inside edge of the click button that touches the tail of the ink cartridge by a small amount to accommodate most refills properly. Also modifying the button reduces his labor and cost in wasting the existing barrel. By milling off a small part of the click button there is no long polishing process necessary either. So all this to say I applaud Magnus in the extremely professional and upfront manner he has chosen to reach out to us and posting a personal video notice of the issue and resolution plan.

    For those bent out of shape I don’t mean to flame you or this discission, likely not much can be done to change your feelings anyway.

    I do want to encourage anyone that is considering the purchase of this pen from Magnus to know that the product and the designer are both made of high quality and maintain a refreshing level of integrity something our modern society needs to be reminded of on occasion that there is still imperfect people among us willing to be transparent and make things right when necessary.

    I suspect anyone who has tried to create anything of valise tangible or otherwise has gained a level of maturity of such suits tins allowing us to have a more positive outlook on life in general.

    Keep your chin up Mangus your on point!

  • Jeff says:


    The Parker .7 GEL QUINK refills are the exact same length as the OHTO as received. Yes this specific Parker refill cartridge is in fact metal but the tail plug is still plastic and can be slightly shaved down though not really recommended.

    If you like a more fluid darker ink than the OTHO I recommend you give the Parker .7 GEL QUINK refills a try.

    However I wold still encourage everyone to exchange their pen for a properly modified replacement for a long hassle free service life of the pen.

  • Jeff says:


    I received a modified replacement click pen today in the post. I must say you took care of the issue very quickly and professionally. After very close inspection of the modified pen it is PERFECT! The pen retracts deeper in to the barrel when stowed and still retracts for use as intended.

    Great job!

    Seattle, WA

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