A Weird Idea (+ video)

Two things:

#1 – There is a video at the bottom of this page (if screenshots aren’t your thing).


#2 – I thought I’d share another spinner concept with you (I 3D modeled this to help me learn this new 3D software)


(oh, also, if you’re new to my “Launch List” …then you can view the last update by clicking here)


The concept…

The idea is a sleek, minimalist spinner that has three buttons (yes, three!) that all spin.

This will make it more of a fidget-toy (and not just a spinner on it’s own).

So let’s start with the body:



Let’s get a better look at the beveling (it’s a 60-degree bevel):



Drawing the profile of the button:



Revolve the profile to create the three-dimensional button:



A button!



Assemble the button and body:



Add the other buttons:



Now recess the button down 1mm into the body:



And that’s pretty much as far as I’ve taken this idea.

Thoughts on this?


I talk about this concept more in the video…


Click here to see my current titanium crowdfunding project I talked about in the video



  • Abram Apodaca says:

    I love the idea of three having the ability to spin , are you doing a kick start or how do I go about getting one? Thank you

  • James Overley says:

    I personally prefer the beveled one to the 3 spinner one because it’s more unique for the double arm spinners, also it looks like it has more of a comforting thickness and heft.

    Just a suggestion for the beveled one maybe make it 30% longer, and maybe 15% narrower so it the edges stand out more . (I pulled the % out of thin air cuz I have no idea what the dimensions are .). I just thenk the beveled edges would stand out more and look a little less boxy.

  • Abram Apodaca says:

    Fyi there is a company high end that makes one extremely similar and all three bearings and buttons slide out creating a knuck , I think they also market it as a cigar rest

  • Gerwyn Weaver says:

    I the idea of the new three button job very much my man. I think It could well open up a load more trick options on the freestyle spinner front, pulls the odd broken nose/near by objects lol. Seriously though I like the idea a lot and built too the same standards that you are building your first I don’t think it would be a losing game. Good work and fast hands we are looking forward for the originals to be in the pockets of many.?

  • Daniel Arias says:

    I’ll take one of thouse spinners!

  • JJ says:

    I would like to know if you are making anymore of the older versions – the build prior to this one. The one that only has one ball bearing -, If you are I would definatley purchase it. But if not possible I would also be interested in the newer version.

  • Nathan Sek says:

    I like your concept. Very simple and clean, also adding the three buttons are a great idea for people who wants to switch it up. Like me, I have a lot of anxiety so this can presumably help me focus in class and at my work office.

  • James says:

    The older one definitely. This looks like all the other ones on the market. Your other one is unique

  • Vincent says:

    I would like to get both how much are they?

  • SWY says:

    The previous design was certainly more unique, but this design allows more room for spinning variation. How about making this one have the form factor of the previous design? Like taking the previous one and added two more buttons to it?

  • Paul says:

    Magnus, If you do the 3 button spinner consider making the middle button a skosh thicker than the ones on the outside so that it will spin if sitting on a flat surface. Personally I an not as attracted to this as to the evolved first design. But I could see a package deal happening in a kickstarter.
    Looking forward to receiving the pen and pencil set.

    • damon says:

      Like Paul said if the middle button is thicker then the spinner can also be a top. It can be placed on a flat surface and spun on its own.

  • Derek says:

    It’s nice design work and practice, but don’t use bearings as weights. I has been done many times and is looked down on for metal spinners. That’s for the 3d printed stuff. I don’t mean to sound rude

  • Kirk says:

    I also have seen a similar fidget to this design but have seen nothing like your first iteration. The first design you showed us is unique and I feel would really be an eye catcher for that ever valuable “word of mouth” advertising.

  • Zak says:

    I like the 3 spinner one the most, I’d buy one for sure.

  • Romeo Fuqua says:

    I understand that you are making the 3 bearing spinner in order to learn the new software, but be aware that there are already LOTS of people making that exact design (and selling them for very low prices).


    I don’t want to discourage you, but I also don’t want you to step on any toes.

  • Paul Rogers says:

    Yes, give it a go. I’d like to see how it turns out. Thanks

  • damon says:

    First I really like the first spinner! Now the second design has been done several times, even with the three workings bearings. This is just the first one that I knew of right now.
    Now don’t take that the wrong way. I just mean you seem to put out your own thing and that particular design has been done. Your first design is very cool. Just my 2 cents…

    • Damon says:

      Go look on Etsy or any 3D printer site. That shape seems to be everyone’s first attempt at a spinner. Since your first design is as good as it looks the second one seems to be a step back not forward. I realize yours would be Ti not 3D printed.

  • Hudson says:

    Make it, it would be an awesome original idea/spinner! It’s a great idea!

  • Michel Bick says:

    I would get this! Also… What if you made a tri-spinner but instead of bearings as weights… It’s just titanium.

  • Brad says:

    Hey Magnus,
    Just a couple things, I believe almost everyone and his dog has just about made one similar (mostly 3D-printed) to the 3-button design, and variants of that (I have even done one out of Perspex) and although they are somewhat fun to make and use, it wouldn’t be a new or novel idea. That said, they are fun to plat with, and they can have a decent spin time, but are quite heavy (depending on the bearings/buttons you use.

    Second, I would think the majority of people who would buy, and that are on this list, would be wanting the beveled design first and foremost. The tri-button design would be a nice extra reward, possibly? Or even doing a combo of a click-pen and the “UlTiSpin” (see how I sneaked the Ti in there?) for a top-tier reward when you launch.

    Thirdly, I can’t wait to cut my new version today!
    That is all.


  • Zander says:

    i dig it! pretty different there is something similar to this but not a clone or anything and definitely something interesting 🙂 keep up the good work and keep tumbling

  • Brabra says:

    You’re awesome . Can’t wait to buy at least one of your products.

  • Chris says:

    Looks good mate. Go for it.. Magnus.

  • Abdul says:

    I love the bar shape and the 2 end I guess buttons I’d call them could also be a worry stone type deal. Very good stuff

  • Nicolas says:

    I like the design very much! Its clean and simple. I must its also original, I never saw such a minimalist design spinner. The 3 buttons idea is great, it gives options to fiddle with it in a different way then just spinning it. You can put me down for both designs :p

  • Thomas leworthy says:

    Love the idea of having three buttons and the design is great!

  • LEI says:

    I don’t like this one .

  • Kristopher Beasley says:

    Hey Magnus,
    The more versions the better. It’s like you said the spinner is very subjective and very personal. I like the something with a bit more weight. (That’s why I asked about the Fat Boy Version. And I have larger hands than most.) And here is what I thought of when I saw your design.

  • Tj Knight says:

    Honestly i love them both id buy both!

  • Dodger M says:

    For this design it would be cool if the buttons on the sides were closer in, and or the center button was raised a little, so it could spin on tables and stuff like that. Love your work

  • Leslie says:

    I love anything minimalist. I would totally buy that!

  • Jared Henderson says:

    Hi, I love the idea of being able to off set it but I much prefer the look of the minimalist look of the original much better

  • Gabriel says:

    Dude I like it and think what you are doing is cool, I prefer the other one tho, but you do you! I make bowls out of wood and I’m alway thinking about how to do a different shape and using different woods , SO I TOTALLY get why you are experimenting . It’s cool.

  • Nicholas says:

    looks cool can’t wait to buy it when its ready for sale

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