Latest Prototype (Just Made This…)

Here’s a video of the latest prototype I made – yes, it’s still a hand-ground, crude prototype with no proper buttons. Mainly experimenting with the finish.

You’re seeing this video because you signed-up to my “Launch List” (no one else outside of that list is seeing this right now).

I mention in the video this surface finish is likely something I cannot make in production. Well, it can be done, I just don’t want to stand at a polishing machine and do it (hey, at least I’m honest).



One more thing…

When you polish titanium it does not get dull like aluminium – it keeps it’s polish. It will still get micro-scratches if you carry it every day in your pocket or bag.

The reason I know titanium does not lose it’s polish is I did a long-term experiment where I mirror-polished a piece of titanium and left it outside my house in the wind/rain/salty-sea-spray for a year (yes, a year – that’s well over 8500+ hours!). The weather/environment had absolutely no effect on the surface finish during that time.


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    • justin says:

      When are you going to start on the button design? Bigger buttons that don’t protrude outside the edges and eat into the contours of the body are the way to go. Check out the Rotablade Stubby to see what i’m talking about. Keep up the designing, I’ll be backing when it’s available.

      • I already have the button design mostly done in my head. Need to get it to 3D (and make it work together with the body). Once I started the cnc stage I’ll be able to test the buttons. A few weeks away.

    • Kelly says:

      She’s a beauty!! I love the idea of incorporating OCD into some kind of name/logo for this spinner. Especially after watching all the videos getting here!! It’s been great, and I really appreciate you’ve let us be a part of this process— your mind never stops, and sometimes you agonize over something that’s not quite right…. then you figure it out, and you get excited!!! Anyway, it’s been a cool ride!!! Thanks, Magnus, for sharing and a huge thanks for creating the BEST spinner!!

    • Willam says:

      What do you think about having secondary spinners on each end??

    • Emilio says:

      Will it have alternate colors and types?(Matt, Chrome)

    • Samuel Winikor says:

      I love the shape of your prototype. It looks like the Batmobile. Very sleek. I’m excited to see the final version.

  • Jeremy says:

    When should we expect this to be available and how much?

  • Taylor says:

    So when will pre orders open up?:D I’m very excited about this man!!

  • Stephen Stayton says:

    Magnus, I love this design. You have created a spinner unlike any other out there. Have you named yet? Please notify me when they are available. Also, do you have a Facebook page?

  • S Lau says:

    I’ve been waiting for new prototype every day, looks awesome, but you mentioned that the final product will NOT be polished, so it will look dull, what if we want to get the polished version like this one?

  • Brad says:

    First though: Oh wow! That looks amazing with the polish! I know it won’t get offered for sale, but it is amazing!

    Quick thing, how’s the CAD going for the final prototype? Are you doing it in 3D software, or still in 2D?
    All the best with it!

  • Kara says:

    Looks great. I also like the screw buttons that you are already using, I hope they will be included as a kickstarter option. Anyways, I can’t wait.

  • Michel Bick says:

    Do you have a logo and will it be placed on the button?

    • Oh, I like that question. I don’t have a logo yet. I’m not sure I’ll place a logo on the button …I kind of like things to be clean (I’ve only ever put my logo on one of my titanium products ever).

  • Mark says:

    Looks so good! Since I can’t have a polished finish, One of those in a ridiculous timascus..aaahhh. Love it, I can’t wait to give you stacks of my money! ??

  • SpeedyTech says:

    My heart is breaking that this polish is not an option. You know I review a lot, and am pretty deep into the spinner scene, but that spinner has invoked an emotional response unlike anything I have seen.

    • It’s funny… even though the polished is completely out of balance and wobbles like jello in an earthquake …I just can’t put it down. It’s got a weird feeling to it (unlike my previous prototypes).

  • Nick Crandall says:

    Hey Magnus, now that you have the general design of the spinner and button down. It’s time to give it a name like every other maker does! And I think I have the perfect name for it! It should be called “The Geode” because it sounds sick and it represents a chrystalline structure because of its shape….

    P.S. You should definitely have “COGENT” engraved on the button because it will represent quality and not mess with the balance by inscribing on the body!

    • That’s a cool name indeed. I’m not sure about engraving words on things (which is why my products don’t really have that). However, I’m releasing the spinner under a sub-brand of Cogent …which is “OCD Spinners” ..or, really, just “OCD”. I think I could work a cool logo of “OCD” into a name on the spinner.

  • Derek says:

    Goodness… what i’d do to get a polish like that. Please offer it at a cost. looks like a chunk of the t-1000 from terminator

  • Enrique says:

    Wow! That looks amazing, Magnus. The TiMaskus/MokuTi would be impressive, to say the least! How about blue anodized? 🙂
    That said, I think spinners may fall way too much and it would probably get scratched rather quickly; please, let us take a look at it in a few days again, after you’ve used it for a while.

    • I’ve been playing with it a lot in the last two days. It’s fallen a few times and in a pocket with another spinner. It’s got micro-scratches …but still holding up.

      The main this is the feel of it is incredible …like glass or something.

  • lydon says:

    What are the measurements for it?

  • Hudson Moseby says:

    How much do you think it will cost to support/buy one?

  • Michel Bick says:

    What size are the bearing for this spinner?

  • Emilio says:

    Will it have alternate colors and types?(Matt, Chrome)

  • Mikko says:

    Yo if you put this for sale how much would it cost?

  • Michel Bick says:

    Do you have an estimated spin time for this spinner?

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