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A Crazy Knife …For Life!

Okay, I give up. You got me.

I’m going to make a knife. There, I said it.

I’ve been asked again …and again …and again to make a knife.

But I just have to make a confession:

I’m NOT making a fancy-pants, over-the-top “shelf queen” kinda knife.


The knife I’m making is very specific …and I’m making it 100% for myself.

But that’s only half the story…

I was with a friend the other day and, while we were talking, he put his keys on the table. And, like the complete freaky-weirdo-designer-obsessive guy I am, I zoned-out out of the conversation while looking at his key-chain setup.

I didn’t even listen to the rest of what he was saying …I grabbed his keys …held up the small pocket-sized knife on it …and interrupted with, “Where did you get THIS?”

On his key-chain he had the most fantastic little knife. It was kinda-chunky… but, for an (obviously) mass-produced thing, it had a good shape and size. I played with it for a bit. It was incredibly functional and felt like it could do some real work!

Then it hit me:

THAT is what I’m missing from my personal key-chain setup. A small, highly-functional knife!

Now, if you know me by now, you’ll understand I simply can’t just go out and buy that same knife. Of course I can’t.

Two main reasons


It’s not the exact knife I want. There were  a few things that didn’t quite work for me. So that won’t do.


It was “okay” quality. So, obviously, I’m not going to settle for that either.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not purposely arrogant and elitist when it comes to only carrying the best stuff on my key-chain (and that kinda spills-over into the products I make myself) …I think it could be a genetic disorder. Basically, I can’t help it.


I have to make a knife. I need a knife. I want a knife.

I’ve done some initial (and rather rough) sketching – here, take a look:

Some initial sketches of my new obsession...

Some initial sketches of my new obsession…

Some initial specifications:

The length of the blade will be around 40mm (1.5″)

The blade will be made from proper knife steel (I don’t know much about this side of things and so, if  you know about this kinda thing, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or my email)

The handle will be titanium

There will be a hole in the rear of the handle so it can be attached to a key-chain

Both the blade and handle will be somewhat “chunky” …because this is the knife that’s going to be on my key-chain for the rest of my life. 🙂

Your thoughts?