Ego Spinner – Update 2

My apologies for taking a lot longer than planned for this second Update for your Ego titanium spinner (I give you a flimsy excuse in the video below though 🙂



If you have any questions or comments then please let me know in the comments below.


  • S.V. - EgoTime says:

    Im nervous – can’t wait!
    Have you already decided which ball bearings you will use…?

    Haha, hopefully i get it befor my birthday – a gift for n’ from myself! 😉

  • Jim Sandeman says:

    Wheres the quote???

  • Tristan says:

    No need to apologise for the delayed updates mate. I’m appreciating these videos regardless, and an update every week is very generous. Looking forward to watching the process 🙂

  • Scott DeLong says:

    Awesome…. thanks for the update 🙂

  • Matt Smith says:

    I completely forgot this was happening… Honestly man, I just ignore timeframes from you at this point. I assume we’ll get update #3 in two months and it’ll say the machining will start in another year.

    I’ve been a patient and supportive fan since you started getting interested in spinners, but now you’ve taken our money, and so I now expect you to hit the deadlines you quote or at least communicate when there are problems. Step it up, man.

    • Bill says:

      I too am looking forward to the delivery of the spinner. I am also a customer of Highend brands of spinners in the US. Even with the design work completed and just new materials used the projects can take a while from announcement, material procurement, final production and then delivery. Considering the significant R&D and innovation the timing of this product seems reasonable to me. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    • Stefan says:

      Matthew, what deadlines are you talking about? He missed to give a weekly update, not a deadline. The pre-order page clearly states that the titanium for this spinner is not even in Magnus’ stock and he doesn’t expect shipping of the spinners before November. So again, what deadlines? The pre-order phase started only last month and it’s still running with 4 months until end of November… Chill, man.

    • Yes, I have been all over the show with time-frame predictions over the last, well, few years. I’m trying to be more careful with promising things in advance.

  • Lazlo says:

    What model of camera are you using?

  • Greg Cathey says:

    What estimate is ever on time and under budget, very rare. As to the above mentioned bearings, you don’t want to put a lawn mower engin in your Lamborghini. You’ll need something as special as the Ego itself.

  • Trevor says:

    Hey Magnus thanks for the update video i really appreciate the honesty you deliver to us customers

  • Thomas Aasen says:

    Magnus, have you any thoughts about the presentation box, will it be great, nice, special or just something to transport the spinner in? Also, about the bearing, I must say that I have become more fond of custom bearings, bearings that are not in traditional size, as R188 and 608. Please do not use those silent r188 bearings from yoyo, hate them. No feedback, no nothing. It has no personality, so to speak. And, they don’t last long. I’m all in for a really good quality bearing that last long, has a good feedback. I want to mention a great brand, “Boca Bearings”. They have one named “R188 – LL T9/C3 LD ZR02” but the price tag on this is like $99.95 ($69.95 on sale). But I wanted to show, that there is some really high quality bearings out there. 🙂
    Thanks for the updates, much appreciated. Looking forward to next.
    Cheers from Norway.

  • Mark says:

    Brilliant update ..!

  • Greg Cathey says:

    Maybe, collect all your possible bearing candidates worthy of the ‘Ego’, use the same spinner to test them all, the winner should rise to the top. My Triton V2 is quiet, butter smooth, and table spins for 12:30 with some R188, which is how I hope the ‘Ego’ operates.

  • Lucas says:

    New business name… please do tell!

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