Project ZERO – Update #2

​Okay, I'll ​say it...

​This is only the second update for Project ZERO. I think (actually, I know) I'm doing a bad job​ at updates so far.

​Some good has come of this to be honest (seriously, give me a chance to explain!).​ You're probably already familiar with the Flixx™ Knife I'm making, right?

Well, the blades on those have been posing a real problem. We're getting "dots" in the plunge line that are proving tricky to get rid of. It is an issue caused by the cutting tool ...or, more accurately, the endmill getting dull and not cutting properly. I'm pretty confident that's what it is.


The reason for telling you this is that all the learning and trouble-shooting on this Flixx™ knife is working out well as a foundation for Project ZERO ...particularly for the blade.

​And, just as with the Flixx™ knife, there are not too many updates initially ...but they will be coming thicker and faster.

Long story short:

The problems with the Flixx™ knife are impeding progress on the blade of Project ZERO - but that's only a minor thing to be honest.

As of this morning we having finally solved the blade issues with the Flixx™. What we're doing now is cnc machining the main bevels on the blades ...and then using a knife grinder to give it a final skim. This is working very well.

​Almost certainly we're going to do something similar with Project ZERO.

​I designed and built a knife-grinding jig over the weekend for the Flixx™.


I designed it in such a way that I can also grind the Project ZERO blade (by removing component on the front that holds the blade and replacing it with a version made specifically for Project ZERO blades).

​So, yeah, my apologies for this update not having much specific to Project ZERO - but the updates are going to start getting better - I promise!

​i will leave you with...

​...a few shots of the knife-grinding jig I made (this once has the Flixx™ attachment - but the Project ZERO attachment will be similar):

  • Magnus says:

    I forgot to mention in the Update above… the next Update should have some decent progress. Stay tuned (things are going to start picking up!).

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