Tyke – EDC Knife Update 3

Progress is being made on your Tyke knife…

The first Holder is finally done. We made a few changes and tweaks as we went into production on it:
(the photo below is of some rejects we went through as we did the tweaking)


The “blanks” for the scales have started being cut (but we’ve stopped until the machining stage is proven …don’t want to cut 250 or so and have them have to be thrown out!)


Best of all…

All the bevels have been machined on all the blades (around 130+ in total …because we made a few extra). Truthfully, I’m kind of excited about these …and it’s really feeling like progress is being made now (things are starting to move faster).


I’ll leave it at that for today (because I’m going to go and finalize the tumbling process for blades). Any comments or such then fire away…

  • Mike says:

    Thanks for the timely update. Hope you can project shipment date soon. Nice to see progress is being made.

  • Mark says:

    looking good sir!

  • Donald says:

    More Excited than ever!

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