Tyke – EDC Knife Update 7

​​Around 40 Tyke knives still to ship...

​If you've already received your Tyke - great! If you're still waiting... then I am very sorry.

​Believe it or not, but... I have been working on the remaining Tykes almost every single day.

​The cnc-machine has had some issues (which were intermittent and so very tough to identify)


We've had some issues with the tumbling process (we ended up wrecking 17 blades yesterday which are not fixable ...and so these must be started again).

​So, yeah, this is not great news and my apologies for being the bringer of such news. I am continuing to work on the knives each days (it's not fast because it takes around one hour to machine a blade ...and then many, MANY hours to tumble it as well).

​I will update you again once I get closer to shipping the remaining Tyke knives.

P.S.​ Here is a photo of some of the blades I had to reject...