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Titanium Updates, Skulls and other things…

Titanium Updates, Skulls and other things...

Let's talk about the "updates on late projects" first...

Titanium PillPots are being made right now:

The PillPots are CRAZY-late. I don't have a shipping date yet - but I will give one as we work through them.

The ClickShift Titanium Pen parts are all fully finished and I'm tumbling the various parts right now. Both the tumbling and assembly takes a surprising amount of time. Shipping of them WILL start tomorrow and I will updates again soon-ish as they come to the end of shipping (or when they are done).

The Founty™ - Fountain Pen is still late (this is a fairly exclusive project and so I typically provide Updates directly to Customers and not here on the blog).

A handful of people are waiting for the Bolty™ - Titanium Bolt-Action Pen. These have started shipping and should all be shipped in the next couple of days.

Some IN STOCK Products

As you are probably aware...

I've had a hard time keeping products in stock. Not just the last few months ...but YEARS.

Because we're close to catching up on the various late projects we can spend a little more time trying to get products in stock.

Here are a few products that are either in-stock right now (or at least will be ready in the next two days):

The Bolty™ - Titanium Bolt-Action Pen:

The CoolKey™ - Titanium KeyHolder. We've had a lot of people asking about this for many months ...and it's nice to finally have a few extra in stock and ready to go!

The SlideCache™ - Titanium Utility Blade Cache (stores up to 5 x blades):

...and I think that might be about it (but, hey, at least it's something).

Titanium Skulls

Production has started on the one-of-a-kind (and definitely never-before-seen) Titanium Skulls...

Progress is slow-and-steady on these because they take a significant amount of time to make (which is why, although it is only a single component, it is priced on the higher side ...I simply have no choice).

Since the initial prototype I've "upgraded" the teeth on the Titanium Skull. I've used a very small endmill specifically to CNC just the teeth so as to attain more detail (you should be able to notice the teeth on the two skulls on the right are more detailed than the skull on the left). There have been a few other little tweaks as well.

Believe it or not... the actual CNC machining of the Titanium Skull was not the hardest part. The trickiest part is actually how to hold it so that we can do the machining. I go into a little detail on this in on the main product page.

And I think that's all I have for you today.

Mini Titanium Skull (…and other things)

Mini Titanium Skull (...and other things)

Before we get into the main post I'll just mentioned some quick Updates on projects/products...

We have a ton of parts machined and sanded on late projects. Right now the tumbling is the bottle-neck. I'll do a more product specific update soon (after the end of this week because we're going to be shipping a load of stuff this week and then I'll know where we are).

This week I'm hoping to have the SlideCache, SlideClick, CoolKey and (hopefully) the Dice fully shipped (there might be a little spill-over into next week).

If you're waiting on Titanium Dominoes ...then I have to confess I made an amateur error on the positioning of the layout on the #7 "dots".

Here's what I mean:

So, in keeping with my "impossibly high standards", I'm going to re-do all the "#7" dominoes in the sets I've made (and was just about to ship). So, if you're waiting for yours, then my apologies for the additional delay.

Titanium Skull (well, almost)

A quick confession:

What I'm about to show you is an aluminium version (because it is a lot more forgiving compared to titanium when trying something totally new for the first time).

Actually, before we jump right in...

The reason for making this "mini skull" is because we have a bunch of off-cuts of titanium from a previous project. They are around 50mm (2") in diameter and of various lengths.

The first thing I had to do was make a sort of conversion plate so we could hold the round bar vertically on the tombstone. Here's some of the making of this large, nut-shaped plate:

Next I had to skim down the end of the 50mm bar to 20mm so it was small enough to clamp vertically in the collet on the top of the tombstone.

Here's what the round blank looks like on the tombstone. It's now ready for milling.

I first had to do three passes on the top of the skull with the 8mm ball endmill so I had the clearance to start machining down the full outside of it. Here's what that initial milling resulted in... (oh, and this is just a roughing pass, so it's fairly crude and you can see not only the milling lines but also each individual cut from the endmill)

Here's the best video I have just now of the machining. I can do better in the future - but this will have to do for now:

Here's what the skull looks like after the first pass:

A couple of things:

-- This is aluminium (which, I don't think looks as nice as titanium)

-- The above images are of the ROUGH version of the skull. I started the finishing passes (which improve the skull dramatically and give it a lot more detail) but broke the tool I was using. By that time it was the end of the weekend and I had to get back to our typical milling work

-- If I make this, then the round column below the skull (which looks like it's "neck") will not be there - that was just a crude place-holder for this initial trial cut

Question for you...

I'd love to make some of these - but only if there is enough interest. If you're interested in one of these in titanium, then please do let me know (either in comments below or via email).

P.S. I'd also love to make much larger versions of these - but that would be another project for another time I think 🙂

P.P.S. Imagine a LIFE-SIZE titanium skull sitting on your desk!

Massive Progress and “Behind The Scenes”

Massive Progress and "Behind The Scenes"

The various blog posts I've done over the last few months (and probably even longer than that actually) have mainly been about how late we are on projects and, often, a new product here or there.

I'll get to the main content in just a second - but first I'd like to selfishly share some thoughts with you. 🙂

We are really catching up right now and somewhat on the home straight. This might not seem a big deal. And, fair enough, it probably isn't. But for the four of us here at Magnus Industries ...tucked away in far-away New Zealand ...we have been living in "lateness" for few couple of years.

Long story short:

I started falling behind on projects around four years ago ...but did not really realize it was happening for many, many months (I actually had no employees back then).

The longest-serving employee has been with us for around two and a half years. What this means is that everyone who works here has only ever experienced "lateness", "catching up", etc. etc.

The "business model" has been that we are routinely making products to fulfill orders that have already been placed  ...but, more often than not, we would end up late on many of these. We've had almost nothing in stock for years. We've had some significant cashflow challenges in the business (not that you want to know all the "dirty details" behind the business ...but, hey, that's the reality :-P).

Everyone here works REALLY hard and they are VERY good at what they do. So when I say we are nearly "caught up" ...this is really a big deal for everyone here.

It will be nice for our machinists to make products that can then go on the shelf as "in stock" ...because they've never done that here before (it's always been, "quick, we need to get this out the door's already late!").

It will also be nice for Sky (our kick-ass customer service superstar) to spend less time replying to emails from customers wanting to know where their late products are (don't get me wrong, it is with great shame that I have put Customers in this position by getting the business into this position ...but I do have to think about the people who work here as well :-D).

Oh, and one more thing...

Every single one of us here (machinists included) read the feedback from you (yes YOU). We all like to keep on top of what YOU are saying to us. Whether it's, "you should consider making one of these" or "there is a design flaw in this product" or "why are you making this new product when you have not fulfilled my LATE product".

Whether it is positive feedback or negative feedback ...we are ALL acutely aware of what YOU are all saying all the time. We know we're late ...but, as you can hopefully gauge by the last couple of blog posts, we're FINALLY near the end of catching up!

And so, in that regard, let's show some progress...

Projects Almost Finished...

As I mentioned above, we are close to catching up ...BUT we are still late-ish on a number of projects.

However, with most of these projects, it's just sanding and tumbling left to go and they're done.

Here's a bunch of photos of some projects (some late and some not) to show you that we're almost there!

First up, the CoolKey Titanium Key Holder:

Here are the plates at various stages of hand sanding...

Here are the "drivers" for the key-holder (this is the custom titanium tool we include with each keyholder)...

...and here are some of the custom-made titanium screws we produce for each key-holder:

Here are the custom titanium springs for the ClickShift Titanium Pen:

This next photo is one I took today of the second-last cycle on the milling machine of the SlideCache 5 x Utility Blade Holder (only one more cycle to go and these are finished):

Here's some of hugely popular Titanium Dice I offered recently (obviously still have the "dots" and chamfering to go):

This next one is a little different...

The photo below is of the titanium "feet" of the custom case we make for the Titanium Domino Set:

And here are some of the new "9 x 9" Double-Nine Titanium Domino Set having just come fresh off the machine:

What Should I Make With This?

Below are 50 x water-jet cut "blanks" for the titanium dominoes.

However, in a moment of true genius, I cut them out of 3.6mm thick sheet instead of 6.7mm thick sheet ...which, of course, means they are unusable as dominoes.

I'd like to not waste these and -- since we ARE catching up -- making something else out of them would be the ideal situation.

So far I'm thinking about an ultra-compact multi-tool (i.e. hex-bit driver, pry-bar and bottle-opener all in one compact package).

The maximum length, width and thickness of the product that could be made out of this is:

Length: 43mm
Width: 20mm
Thickness: 3.5mm

Open to any other thoughts you may have?

Titanium Dice, Dominoes, Pens, etc.

Titanium Dice, Dominoes, Pens, etc.

A TON of stuff in today's post/update...

First up, our most late project (the PillPots), is almost underway (we have the material for the smaller sizes ready to go ...and should receive the larger material soon). It's been beyond frustrating for Customers of these ...and I rightly deserve every single bit of flak I get for this.

Again, if you're someone waiting for these and don't want to wait any longer ...then a refund is always an option. But, if you can hold off a little longer, we're almost there.

In terms of overall progress of late projects ...we can probably count how far we are away from catching up in terms of weeks (rather than months). I've been trying to run as many of the machines for as long as possible every day for 5 or 6 weeks now and it's really paying off in terms of getting products shipped out.

In saying that, I'm still making mistakes and things are slipping here are there.

For example...

SlideCache Utility Blade Holder

This project is now officially late. My sincere apologies to anyone who is waiting on these.

I was making solid progress and fully finished around 30 or 40 of them (which was almost half) ...and then threw them all in the trash and started again.

Here's what the fixturing and machining looked like:

What happened?

Well, one of our machinists came to me and said he was playing with one of them, trying to use it and it just was not very good. In fact, he specifically said, "You need to re-design it."

He was absolutely correct. I was either ignorant or kidding myself (or both!) that the design was ready. This situation rarely happens (if anything it's the other way around where I am pushing for things to be better and better). But for whatever reason I totally dropped the ball on this Thankfully, our machinist gave me a kick on the pants on this and woke me up!

What was the issue that needed the re-design?

Well, CLICK HERE to take a look at the Titanium Utility Blade Holder page (in case you have not seen it before). The issues is that it was just not that easy to get the blades in and out of the blade holder. It was fiddly. Somehow I managed to convince myself that it was fine. Shame on me.

Luckily that initial design never made it to any customers.

I then spent the next few days testing and tweaking and testing and tweaking. I think nearly a DOZEN new prototypes later and it's finally dialled-in and functioning exceptionally well.

Not only that, but I'm using different fixturing this time which will speed up the machining hugely (which means we're only a week or so away from shipping).

This is a real lesson to learn from!

Titanium ClickShift Pens

If you recall... the last blog post I did was of a video of the Titanium ClickShift Pen managing 100,000 clicks and still going strong (and smooth!).

Production on these has been going well. Here are some photos:

We're just finishing the internal mechanism parts right now.

Again (and I sound like a broken old record when I say this) this is yet another late project - so definitely no celebrations or such on this.

Titanium Dominoes (NEW 55-Piece Set)

By popular demand (and by that I mean Customers DEMANDING it!)...

We've made a 55-Piece Titanium Domino Set.

Customers who bought the standard 28-piece 6 x 6 set wanted the "full monty" 55-piece 9 x 9 set.

My solution to this was to design the custom aluminium case so that the top layer was the 6 x 6 set ...and the lower layer is 27 more pieces to take it up to the full 9 x 9 set. This way you can play either domino game.

It's proven fairly popular already. Click here to check it out.

Titanium Dice

I'm making some titanium dice right now ...and they take way more work to make than I thought they would (unfortunately this means they have to be priced on the higher side).

BUT, they have come out really well:

Here's a little behind-the-scenes photo of the milling of the "dots" in the CNC machine...

CLICK HERE to check them out.

...and I think that's all I have for you today. 🙂

100,000 Titanium Pen Clicks?

100,000 Clicks With A Titanium Pen?

FINALLY, after tons of testing ...and testing ...and trying ...and failing ...and trying again... and, well ...perhaps it's easier if you take a look at this video:

I've managed to get the ClickShift™ Titanium Pen to blow through 100,000 clicks and still function like it was brand new.

This has been a real headache to get to this stage (and I won't bore you with all the details of everything we tried to get here).

Important: In the above video you may have noticed there was a bit of a squeak when I clicked it - this was because I let the lubrication in it dry-up going from 16,000 clicks all the way to 100,000 clicks. I added lubrication (which I talk about at the bottom of this post) after this video and the squeak stopped immediately.

But, I have a CONFESSION to make about the mechanism (especially if you've already pre-ordered/backed-it). Please take a look at this short video:

If you didn't watch any of the above videos, then here's a bullet-point list of what I covered:

-- Using a custom testing jig I have tested the ClickShift pen mechanism and it can effortlessly perform 100,000 clicks (and the mechanism still feels ultra-smooth)

-- To achieve this I've have had to use stainless steel on the three internal mechanism components (which we then harden in-house after the CNC process)

-- Using hardened stainless for the mechanism for the ClickShift not only results in the mechanism lasting many orders of magnitude longer then titanium (or ceramic coatings, or any of the other things we tried!) ...but the mechanism FEELS smoother from the very beginning

-- The lever that you "flick" with your thumb will still be titanium (and everything else external on the pen) ...only the three critical internal mechanism components will be hardened stainless

-- When stainless is hardened it is highly, HIGHLY corrosion resistant (it's not as 100% corrosion resistant as titanium ...but, unless you're storing your pen at the bottom of the seabed, you're not going to notice any difference)

-- Through my testing I've found that, for optimal performance of the pen, it helps to put a minuscule amount of oil on the mechanism every 20,000 to 30,000 clicks (so in everyday use you can probably go years without adding any)

-- Lastly... if you do add oil, then it's just the smallest amount so you can hardly see it (I'll do a video on how I do it soon). Oh, and you can use whatever oil you want... olive, sunflower, engine, transmission, peanut, canola, 2-stroke,  ...anything!

So, yeah, the pen is a little different from the initial specification ...BUT it's totally blown through my already sky-high expectations. 😀

If you've somehow missed the ClickShift Titanium Pen until now, then you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.


Titanium Updates (PLUS “Behind The Scenes” Video)

Titanium Updates (PLUS "Behind The Scenes" Video)

Righty-oh, a few things to cover today...

First up, updates (on late projects):

Current (Late) Projects

I'll be honest here...

Over the last three weeks we have made SIGNIFICANT progress on getting caught up with late projects.

The TiVaults are now 85% machined. 25% of them have been shipped ...and the remaining 75% WILL be shipped over this coming week (starting Thursday) and into a few days next week. They will then be 100% shipped.

The PillPots will be starting after that (these will now we the latest project we're catching up on as the TiVaults will then be finished).

We're machining the CandyCans right now and so they should be shipping soon (they are late - but not as late as the above projects).

The ClickShift pen is late - and this main reason for this is that we're improving the mechanism because, as I mentioned in a previous update, it's achieving less than 10,000 "clicks" before it's starting to get become less smooth - which I'm not that happy with to be honest. (EDIT: Since writing this paragraph yesterday and finishing this blog post today ...we've just blown right through 10,000 clicks ...woohoo!! Will update on this soon.)

The knives I will do an Update on soon (apart from Project ZERO Knife as those customers received a private update the other day).

Again, I really (REALLY!) appreciate your patience if you've been waiting for any of the above products. We really are almost these in catching up (and, hopefully, I actually learn the lesson(s) from this mistake of getting behind!).

One More *Limited Edition* SlideClick...

Recently I started experimenting with anodizing titanium (and actually did a short, limited edition run of Titanium SlideClicks with anodizing)

I did another *Limited Edition* version with a pattern I did just purely for my own amusement. The "squiggle" pattern is a direct contrast to the rest of the knife and it's straight edges...

I call the above pattern the "Squiggle" pattern. As I write this there are eight available and you can check them out by clicking here (towards the bottom of the page).

Utility Blade Storage (5 x Blades)

We released this NEW titanium product a few days ago (and it's been selling VERY well).

It's called the SlideCache™ (click here to check it out) and it stores 5 x standard utility blades in a super-compact size.

"Behind The Scenes" CNC Machining Of The SlideClick™ Utility Blade (Part 1)

I've been wanting to do this for nearly a year...

But we've been so far behind on projects I could never justify it.

However, as I mentioned above, we've being making huge progress and smashing through late projects lately ...and so I thought I could justify making this video.

This is the first part of the making of the SlideClick™ Titanium Utility Blade Knife:

SlideClicks (Limited Edition)

This is not a general update post (I'll do one of those shortly).

This post is ONLY about *Limited Edition* SlideClick - Titanium Utility Blade Knives.

I've made a short video talking about them:

If videos are not your thing, then here are some photos of the two *Limited Edition* Titanium SlideClicks available:

The few I have available have been machined and tumbled. I am currently doing the anodizing and sanding of the flats they will be shipped before the end of the week (maybe even tomorrow depending on how early you get your order in ...and if there are any left!)

Here's the link to the product page:

CLICK HERE to view the *Limited Edition* SlideClicks

P.S. If you're one of the 24 customers who are waiting for a standard SlideClick to be shipped to you (ordered in the last couple of weeks), then they will be shipped tomorrow morning.

Updates and Other Titanium Stuff…

Updates and Other Titanium Stuff...

Okay, a bunch of stuff to cover today. Some of it interesting ...and some of it "meh" (just being honest :-D).

First up, some updates:

TiVault Storage Cache

These have been going very well. We started shipping the first batch last week. We will be shipping the remainder of that batch at the start of next week (around 45 in total).

We took a step back in the way we were making the "keys" for the TiVault (unavailable just now sorry). They were coming off the machine too slow and so we've just finished a new fixture to make eight at a time - this is going to speed us up hugely!

Here's the new fixture:


These will be made after the TiVaults are finished.

For anyone waiting on these... I am, again, sorry these continue to be immensely late. I have to make the TiVault first as the that project is even later than the PillPots.

The good news is that the TiVaults are progressing very well and we've been churning them out every day recently. The PillPots will be starting soon.


This ClickShift Titanium Pen is a new-ish project ...and, yes, it's already late.

Here's the truth (in one sentence):

I'm re-designing the internal mechanism because it's not staying smooth for enough clicks.

How many clicks does it do right now?

Somewhere between 8000 and 10,000. I don't think this is enough.

I'm not clicking the pen by hand this many times (although I did initially). I built a testing jig with an aluminium construction set, Arduino electronics and some pneumatic air cylinders. I'm not sure if I posted a photo or video of this jig yet - but I'll post one soon.

The main issue is that the titanium ultimately starts to "pick up" or "gall" as it finally rubs against itself and the mechanism is not smooth (unless you push the lever in while you click it ...but I feel you shouldn't have to do that).

We've been working on it a lot lately and done a decent amount of tweaking of the geometry of the ball. Here's one half-way through being made:


We offered some SlideClicks a while ago. If you missed them, we have a few left from that recent run (we've just about finished the shipping of them if you're still waiting for one that you ordered recently).

Fountain Pen

I recently became a little obsessed with a fountain pen I bought. It was the first fountain pen I've ever used ...and man I have been missing out!

I always assumed (wrongly) that a fountain pen would be inky'd have to wait for the ink to dry would leak in your pocket ...etc.

I thought they were "old tech". And, to my absolute shame, I was wrong on every count.

The fountain pen I bought is smoother to write with than any other pen I've ever tried. It does not leak in my pocket. And ink does not get over my fingers. In short: I'm an idiot (but you already probably knew that).

Long story short:

I designed and made my own minimalist Titanium Fountain Pen.

Not only that, but I went all-out and am offering it in various Titanium Damascus options. Here are some of the options:


I'm going to do an update on everything knife-related in the next blog post (which I'll be posting soon after this one goes out).

Lots of progress and I'll be covering all three of the late knives in this next post (Project ZERO, Magnatron and Fliptility).

MEGA Update and Products (IN STOCK)

It's been a while since the last blog update.

These are the three things we're going to talk about:

  • Current (and late) projects
  • Some NEW surface finishes I experimented with over the holiday season
  • Products IN STOCK (which we've not had in stock for a while) -- we found them after having a bit of a New Year tidy-up

(IMPORTANT: you might want to skip down to the products-in-stock part of this blog post right now ...because they're going to sell fast (only a handful of each available). You can come back and read the rest of the blog post later.)

Okay, so first thing to discuss current (late) projects:

Current Projects

The good news is we've caught up on a number of projects since the last blog post.

The click pens, pencils, writing sets and Bolty (bolt action) pens we mostly shipped just before Christmas (with a few stragglers being shipped just after the Christmas/New Year holidays).

We're working on fulfilling the next two projects right now... the TiVault and the Fliptility Knife.

The Fliptility knife we were actually working on before Christmas (where we finalised the scales). This week we should have the final production blade finished.

The PillPots will be what we work on next after the TiVaults are finished.

We have three (smaller) projects that were meant to be shipping in January (i.e. this week or next week) - but they are going to be delayed. There are the Titanium dominoes, CandyCans and ClickShift pens with Titanium Damascus Clip. I'm just planning how best to get these done and will do an update on these soon.


Although the projects we are working on now are late (VERY LATE) ...they were not as late as the projects we have just finished working on (i.e the various pens, etc.).

For example, the TiVault™ is over a year late ...but I had to get the pens done first because they were even later!

As I keep mentioning... I screwed-up ...really badly! It's taking a while to work through and get the late projects fulfilled (while at the same time keeping the rest of the business going ...which included offering other/newer products). If you're waiting for a product, then keep in mind you can get a refund if you've had enough of waiting (which, I will admit, a number of people have).

The price is likely to be higher if you come back later to buy though. For example... now that we're making the TiVault™ ...we have realised the price we initially charged was too low (around $200) because the CNC machining time involved is a lot higher that we thought (we outsourced the initial prototype but are making the production version in-house). The price on the website is an additional 50% higher now unfortunately - but that's what it needs to be.

Here are some photos of the progress of the TiVaults™...

It was taking 30 minutes to cut each blank billet for each TiVault™ from the round bar when we were using the band saw.

So we made a dedicated fixture for the water-jet cutter to cut the bar ...and managed to get it down to 2 minutes per piece. Here's the fixture:

Here's some of the titanium blanks:

And here's the main body of the TiVault™ after the first CNC operation:

NEW Surface Finish (Experiments)

I have been experimenting with what I'm calling the FireAcid™ surface finish.

It's called fire acid because it's a magical combination of heating titanium with a flame (that's the "Fire" part)  ...and then dipping the heated part in Ferric Acid (that's the "Acid" part).

It's not a complicated process. I'm not the originator of it either (you can find people dipping heated titanium parts in acid on YouTube).

FireAcid™ is simply my in house name for the process (because, let's be honest, it's more catchy than calling it: "blowtorch-heated-titanium-then-dunked-in-ferric-acid" surface finish).

Anyway, enough talk, here's some examples of the results you can get (oh, and by the way, it's a form of anodizing - and I've found it to be fairly well wearing for general use):

IN STOCK Products

We've been having a bit of a tidy-up since coming back from the holidays and we've found a handful of each of a few products.

There are not any of each - but if you can add them to your Cart then you can buy them (otherwise it will likely be a long time until they become available again).

Here's what is available:

4-Card Titanium Wallets (4 x of these)
Titanium Folding Tweezers (7 x of these)
Titanium SlideClick™ Utility Blade Knives (11 x of these in Right-Hand Version)
'The One™' - Titanium Capped Pen (5 x Matte, plus 1 x Black)

And that's all I have for you today!

Titanium Pens ​And EXTREME Pen Testing

Titanium Pens And EXTREME Pen Testing

A few things for you today...

In terms of late projects - some products are still delayed (we continue to work through them though).

In terms of products that are actually shipping:

The Titanium "Click" pen should start shipping next week (they may even all ship next week - will see how it goes).

The Bolty bolt-action pen will start to ship soon after the click pen mentioned above.

Extreme Pen Testing

I've wanted to do this for some time...

While our two CNC machines have been flat-out running (late) pen parts I've been spending some of my evening and weekend time setting up a testing station for our pens (and ultimately other products).

Using a mash-up of Arduino electronics and pneumatics I've been able to create a pretty damn robust testing station for the automatic clicking of the "click" pen.

Here's a super short video:

I don't yet have any solid or consistent numbers on how long the click pen mechanism lasts until it starts to fail.


I do have some initial numbers - and, if I'm being honest, I'm a little disappointed in them.

The first pen I tried started to fail at around 20,000 clicks. I was hoping for more than that.

So I'm going to look at improving this mechanism right away (or at least before we make any more ...which will not be until early next year at the earliest).

Black Friday Deals

As you may know (because I talk about it in almost every blog post)...

We're late on a number of projects/products and catching up on these as best as we can (while at the same time making sure the business is still making sales).

Unfortunately this has meant we really don't have much in stock because most of our machining time is going to the late projects.

Our plan for this Black Friday time of year is to offer your some solid discounts on a few different products we don't currently have in stock (but keep getting asked for ... a LOT!). There will likely be (up to) a few weeks before shipping on these - but it's best we can do right now (which I think is better than nothing at all).

So keep an eye on your email over the next few days - I'll be sending out some solid deals for you.

NEW Titanium Pen On Kickstarter

As you may already know - I'm a big fan of Kickstarter (it's what allowed me to get started in this titanium business!).

We still continue to run Kickstarter crowdfunding projects (although less frequently than we used to).

The last project was for a utility blade knife back in April around 8 months ago.

We're about to launch another - which will likely be scheduled for delivery in April of this coming year.

Truthfully, I'm fairly excited about this project as it's for a NEW titanium pen that has a unique, never-before-seen mechanism.

I'm going to send out another one or two emails about this pen before we launch it (launch should be later this week).

In the meantime - here's a little preview of the internals of the mechanism:

1 2 3 24