Black Friday

The “Black Friday” Sale You’ll Kick Yourself For Missing…


Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for the BEST Black Friday deal, then you’ve just found it…

I’ll get straight to the point on why you really don’t want to regret missing this:

#1Next week… I’m raising my prices on most of my products (I hate to do it …but I have to make my business sustainable)

#2Next week… I’m going to have to charge for shipping (again, I hate to do this …but, again, it’s about business sustainability)

…and here’s the biggie:

#3Right now… I’m slashing a MASSIVE 30% OFF EVERYTHING for Black Friday (everyone else is offering you 15% or 20% off some of their wares… ha-haa – bunch of amateurs!)

So, that’s all my cards on the table – everything is laid-out.

If knowing that I’m increasing my prices and starting to charge for shipping next week wasn’t enough to tempt you …then I know, for sure, you’re going to find 30% OFF EVERYTHING a great excuse to grab a few things from my online store (click here to get started right now).

See? I told you this was the BEST DEAL among all the others taking up space in your email inbox.

Okay, I’m done, I’ve gotta run out and check stock levels (Stuff is starting to run out already. No joke).

To impossibly high standards,

Magnus Macdonald








P.S. You don’t even need a coupon… I’ve “switched on” a store-wide 30% off mega-discount (you just need to order what you need before it’s turned off !)

P.P.S. Yes, I really am increasing my prices on most products and starting to charge for shipping next week. So right now you can get what you want for cents on the dollar (while everyone else pays full-price next week!)

P.P.P.S. And, yes, I’m also going to be paying shipping on your behalf …so there is still FREE Shipping too! But, really, you really need to take full-advantage of this because hand-on-heart prices will never be this good for you ever again. Seriously. Click Here right now to get what you need…