Titanium Tweezers (24-Hours To Go!)

Thought I’d do a very quick video update for you…

As I type this now there is just over 24-hours to go until the titanium tweezers project launches.

Out of interest:

I plan to launch at around 12:00pm GMT (should be around 08:00am EST – but could be an hour out on that). As I’ve said in other campaigns – it’s pretty much impossible to get a time that suits everyone – but I think this is a good time for the majority.

The bad news is that it does mean it’s around 01:00am here in New Zealand (so, yeah, I get to stay up past my bedtime ūüėõ ).

Okay, enough chit-chat, here’s the video…

  • Rob says:

    Looking forward to the launch.

  • William says:

    I can’t think of anybody who would not be delighted with such a present, especially if it is packaged in a really nice quality presentation box like the HookUp clips I received.

    I think these TiTweezers will continue to be used for generations to come as they really do look quite futuristic.

  • John says:


    Very handy to have tweezers….remember the ladies may want a version with flat screwdrive tip…thinking of tweezing an errant eyelash…
    the gents (including me) may prefer a pointed tip to remove errant thorns, wood and metal splinters from hands, fingers and feet…just a consideration…
    if you could anodize a pink version for the ladies, your sales would be dramatic ! October is breast cancer awareness month….I see pink colored products selling very well…..


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