A Crazy Pocket-Tool For Your Wallet! (Prototype)

I’ve been holding out on you…

Well, sort of.

You know, it’s funny, sometimes I’m bursting with ideas and subjects to write about …and other times my brain just isn’t in gear.

And today is one of those “other times”.

Lucky for you…

I always have a plan for when I lack inspiration:

I rummage through Magnus’ Secret Box of Prototypes“! 🙂

Believe it or not:

The prototype I’m about to show you is actually the first titanium product (well, prototype) I ever made. Yes, I know, you’re perhaps thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought the ViperFishâ„¢ was your first product?”

And yes, you’re right, the ViperFishâ„¢ was the first proper product I launched. But, in terms of prototypes, there were a few I was working on before the ViperFishâ„¢.

Now, let me emphasize this: This is very much still a prototype, not anywhere near my current standards and is from around 18 months ago – so, knowing what I know now, there are a lot of areas I would change if I were to produce it.

Oh, one more thing, I carried this around with me for months …and used it quite often. The “wrench” part worked very, VERY well on taking the rusty bolt off my Son’s bike …I used the edge as a box-cutter a lot …oh, and the bottle-opener received a fair bit of use too.

Take a look:


TiCard Titanium Prototype

TiCard Titanium Prototype

TiCard Titanium Prototype

TiCard Titanium Prototype


Okay, so the features on this prototype are:

  • Metric Wrench
  • Imperial Wrench
  • Bottle-Opener
  • Set-Square
  • Twist-Top Bottle-Opener
  • Wire-Stripper
  • Thumb-Grip (for pulling out of wallet)
  • Side-Grips (for using wrench tools)
  • Hex-bit Holder
  • Pry-Bar
  • Hole for Split-Ring
  • Belt-Loop Hanger


It’s exactly the same size as a credit-card (because it was designed to fit in your wallet …which it did very well!)

The thickness of this prototype was around 1.2mm (0.045″).

It is incredibly light – I mean, you pick it up, and it feels like nothing. And, through my testing, I discovered it’s still damn strong!

  • Johannes says:

    Maybe you cold add engraved rulers? (cm/in)

  • adam says:

    1.2mm Thick?! SHUT THE HELL UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
    Seriously though, id like to see the improvements you make And maybe some mor functions but id get one of these for sure.

  • Mark says:

    Very nice. Maybe you could put some notches in the side and a few o-rings and it could “be” the wallet. 🙂

  • Eric Brink says:

    I like it! Between you and Iowa Brad, you guys have the coolest Titanium around!

  • Speaking of testing, do you ever test your prototypes to destruction, just to see what they really can take? (Or do they turn out to be so strong you fail at that?)

  • Sazad says:

    Yes please, also add the ruler marking with mm one side and other side inch. They always comes handy, Thank you

  • Gusto says:

    Real Estate Top 3 – location, location location. Wallet/Pocket tools Top 1 – Aesthetics. If it doesn’t look cool – functionality doesn’t matter. Case in Point – ViperFish – awesome look + great functionality. There are a lot of tools out there like this with more/less functionality, but what WILL set yours apart will be material and final look. Good Luck and I look forward to your future prototypes.

  • George says:

    I can only assume that you’re showing us this to gauge our interest in developing it into a finished and marketable product. Well, after a extremely brief moment of due consideration, I say “Go for it!”

  • anson says:

    Funny- not sure if you deliberately tried to maintain a fish theme… but this tool looks and has the proportions of a “Piranha” !!!

  • Paul says:

    In addition to a ruler (or grid), please also consider an angle gauge/protractor. I wonder how the wrenches would hold up given the thickness of the titanium.

  • William says:

    Some good suggestions above if you can incorporate them?

  • Helen marshall says:

    Hmm agree about the taking of my money, reminds me of my Multi wallet that I never seem, grrr.
    Anyway how about making one of the corners a strewdriver as well as the ruler

  • Thank you so much for the comments – and read them all (great stuff) and I will respond to each of these in more detail shortly (I’m ridiculously pushed for time today). Thank you and will be back soon…

  • steve says:

    Hi Magnus and friends,

    Notwithstanding the coolness of it and that it helps make it look like a piranha, consider replacing the screw top bottle opener with some other features as it takes up quite a bit of “real estate” on the tool.

    Respectfully suggested 🙂

  • Jim says:

    Any update on this? Really looking foward to a proper titanium card tool…

  • Sean green says:

    Like it could do with a ruler but its a great looking tool would like one

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