A Crazy Thing Just Happened…

So I’m sitting in my local coffee shop…

(I do this every day before going to my job)

Sitting there focusing intensely on my laptop screen and listening to my headphones.

Then I see someone walking towards me through the corner of my eye.

I ignore the figure and continue working away (designing a titanium prototype if I remember correctly).

I can sense the person is still there.

I look up, and…

There’s an elderly woman standing right in from of my table looking at me.

I reluctantly take my headphones off (‘cos there was some sweet beats pumping through them …courtesy of a DJ on YouTube).

Now, someone interrupting me on the laptop is nothing new. This kind of thing happens fairly often in the coffee shop. And, almost always, they want to know if the coffee shop has wi-fi …and then they want to know what the password is.

So, headphones come off, and I start fumbling around in my brain for the password to the wi-fi.

This extremely pleasant lady then says, “I see you here all the time …what is it you do?” (which is true, I’m there every day working on my laptop)

I say, “I work around the corner, but don’t start until 10am. So I come here and work for a couple of hours before I go to my job.”

The lady then goes, “Ah, okay.” (but she did it in a way as if she was finally fitting the missing piece of the puzzle together)

She then continues, “…because I’m the local Community Mental Health Coordinator …and I was wondering, ‘what’s going on with that man?'”


Yes, folks. The above  really did happen.

I mean – it’s nice to be noticed when you’re toiling away, day-after-day putting in crazy hours trying to build a business.

But, to get noticed for possibly having ‘mental health’ issues, well it’s kinda odd. Funny. But, well …odd.

Thought this little story might amuse you.

I found it funny.


Oh, one more thing, I’m going to be showing you a prototype at the beginning of the week.

And, this time, it’s a prototype I will 100% be producing (regardless of feedback). It’s just got that “X factor” about it.

It’s probably the most minimalist titanium product I’ve ever design (yes, even more minimalist than the HangKey™!)

So, stay tuned…

  • William says:

    You’ve been rumbled.

  • Joe says:

    haha i’m not sure that is a compliment Magnus.

  • Yeah, I think people are uncomfortable with other people doing the same thing day after day after day…

  • JAG says:

    Don’t tell the woman what you’re designing – she’ll think you’ve gone off the deep end for sure!

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