A Fantastic FAILURE!

You’ll like this (I think)

It’s a prototype carabiner-style clip that failed spectacularly.

Usually I fail at first with new prototypes… then start making changes and it slowly starts to look like it might work.

But, this time is different:

I just can’t get this to work. Not even close.

Take a look at this – I think you’ll see what I was trying to do with it…






Oh, and by the way…

The reason it failed is because that “springy” looking part was just too “wobbly”.

And, if I strengthen it at all, it gets too stiff. Frustrating.


  • Ben says:

    This shape is awesome looking. What if you just did a straight part in the “springy” area that was milled diwn to a smaller width so that it had enough bend to it

  • Joe w says:

    You could reduce the number of bends in the spring to make it less wobbly, no?

  • Bob Lukach says:

    Interesting idea Magnus. There probably is a thickness for the spring part that would work, but trying to find that would take a lot of time and titanium. There is a workable design here, I’m just not schooled in the engineering aspect of this. I say keep at it.

  • Viktor says:

    Can’t you make it a crescent? Like the TiTweezers?

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    This will work if you thicken the spring pard but put a relief slot down the middle. I would simply thicken it and leave it stiff. I would put a hook on the end of the closure. Just my thoughts.
    Al Eisen

  • Kyle Hinkebein says:

    Make one or two of the folds thicker then the rest. It will stay aesthetically pleasing but might strengthen it just enough to still work..

  • Nate says:

    You should look into lock bar cut outs on knives and create something similar. Perhaps instead of having the clip open inwards which I find a design flaw in normal carabiners because it closes in whatever on the carabiner, have it open outward and have inward pressure by use of a “lock bar” cut out hope that makes sense.

  • Michael Boothman says:

    I like the idea. Don’t go with Sunny’s idea though! (the C10) – those Bauhaus biners to have side play in them. The cool thing about them is that they’re single piece items. Though it’s not a surprise that Sunny is now doing a 2 piece biner (Handgrey). I found the spring to loosen/give in mine. The only other hopeful potential idea I can think of is from what Ti2 is doing with the Parabiner pb9 – some kind of special labyrinth torsion spring that looks like it’s pretty solid – but I don’t know if it only works in a 2-piece system. All in all, the sucessful single-piece biner is somewhat like searching for the philospher’s stone.

    • Thank you for your comments Michael!

      Ah, I did not know the Bauhaus carabiner had any sort of side-play …makes me not feel so bad about my design. 😀

      Yeah, I’m still working on it…

      I have another idea I’m about to get water-jet cut – so, give it a few weeks, and hopefully there will be an Update with the results (although, realistically, I’m not holding my breath… just optimistic!)

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