A New Direction…

I’d got a bunch of stuff to share with you today…

So grab a coffee and let’s jump right in:


A NEW Business Name

Firstly, you may have noticed the name change. Yep, after a whole ton of thought …I’ve changed the name of my business from “Cogent Industries” to “Magnus” (how big-headed and egotistical is that?!).

Truthfully, there are a few reasons for this – but one of the main ones is that for years I’ve had people mis-pronouncing the word “cogent”. The ‘g’ is meant to be like the ‘g’ in the word “gentleman” …but people keep saying the ‘g’ as “goose”. So they end up with “cog-ent”. It was wearing thin.

Interestingly, whenever I meet new people and tell them my name… so many times they will say “wow, ‘Magnus’, that’s cool name”.


It’s those two things that have partly brought about the change.

Now, you may notice that the domain name is MagnusX.com. If you know anything about website domain names you will know that pretty much all the common names are taken. I thought MagnusX.com was nice and clean and simple.


New Online Store

When you next order something from my website you may notice the order process is a little different (simpler, cleaner, faster, etc.).

For those of you interested in the “little details”…

I was with WooCommerce (which is a Plugin for WordPress …and, out of interest, WordPress is the platform my whole website runs on).

But, after a couple of years with WooCommerce, it’s time to move to Shopify. There are a whole load of reasons for moving which I won’t go into detail about here …but basically it’s simpler, easier, faster for both you as a Customer and for me on the back end. 🙂


A “New” Design

A long time ago I showed a design for a titanium “cache” (essentially a small storage container) I called the TiVault – it looked like this:


There was a flurry of comments from followers of this blog DEMANDING I make these …but, shamefully, I let other projects take priority and never did anything about the TiVault.

The TiVault is a SECURE storage container …and by secure I mean it’s pretty much impossibly for others to get into it without physically destroying it (i.e. they would need to try and cut it open or drill into the lid).

The great news about delaying this project is …well, there are a few things:

I have larger titanium round bar in stock and so can offer larger sizes than I could before.

The other thing is that, my design skills have improved a lot and I’ve been able to both simplify the design and make it even more secure (read: harder for others to get into!).

I will make another blog post soon with the new, improved design and what I might offer. Most likely this will be another Kickstarter project.


Fidget Spinner are dead!

It seems the whole “fidget spinner” fad is over – which is kind of true.

However, it’s not really the whole truth…

While the mainstream, cheap-and-nasty plastic spinners are no longer in the media or such …there is still a die-hard bunch of people who were interested in spinner more than two years ago.

The main place to go to for news and such on spinners (if that’s you’re thing) is Fabian Botero’s group on Facebook call Spin Space you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spinspace/

The thing is, in my not very humble opinion, spinners are going to be going strong for a very long time yet (particularly high-end, high-quality and high-performance ones!).

And, because of this, I have joined the whole fidget spinner thing with a couple of designs of my own.

The first is the “Ego” spinner (which you can pre-order by clicking here).

And the second is the “Air” spinner which is currently LIVE on Kickstarter (and you can check it out here: http://kck.st/2tIQ3P3 )


What I Do

You know it’s fun,

I’m very much still trying to figure out what exactly it is I do in terms of designing, making and selling products.

Whenever someone asks I typically just say something like, “I make things out of titanium like pens, tweezers and things like that”.

But, when I think about it, it’s really so much more than that…

There is a whole load I can talk about – but I think I’ll mention just one of the things.

I’m purposefully not like the 99% of businesses (well, manufacturers really) who seem to want to make products as cheap as they can, so they can sell as may as they can to the biggest number of people.

Everything seems to be compromised in the product.

Functionality seems to be a very vague goal for most of these manufacturers …and “quality” is something that really doesn’t even seem to factor into it. And as for the product lasting… I’m pretty confident that if it last any length of time for the buyer, then that’s just luck!

And this pretty much is the opposite of everything I do:

  • Very rarely (if ever) do I compromise on anything …especially design, functionality and longevity of the product
  • Every product I have designed and made so far will, at minimum, last a few generations …and more likely last hundreds or thousands of years (and likely a LOT longer to be fair)
  • “Quality” is never even a word that comes up …because it’s so deeply engrained in everything I do. From using the best material (typically titanium!) …all the way to the precision cnc-machining done right here in New Zealand by myself and my machinist

I could go on …but I’m sure you get the idea.

Is there a downside to this?

Yes, I’d say there is. Only people who truly appreciate functionality, design and quality are willing to buy my products. These are typically the same people who understand that spending $200 is, in the long term, a damn good deal (because you’re getting something that will still be functional for decades to come).

But, I’m never going to be able to sell to “the masses”. But I’m okay with that because…

I know I’m designing the best products I can …in the best way I can …using the best materials I can …and doing my best to provide damn good customer support. Compromising on almost nothing.

What are YOUR experiences with quality (or poor quality) products?

What are YOUR views on this?

I really am curious…

  • Any questions or comments then fire away…

  • Sven says:

    Hi Magnus,
    congratulations to the new design, the new shop, the new name (MAGNUS is better ;). A big step forward by doing small improvements. And life is about these small improvements making things easier. That’s why I also love your products.
    All the best
    Sven from Austria

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Magnus, totally agreeing with Sven here. About your products I can only say: I’ve seen and owned enough shitty products in my life that I really got sick of it and only buy the best quality I can get my hands on, pretty much irregardless of the price.

    However often there’s very little choice other than buy or “live without”, something that especially bothers me with cars where even the “premium” brands are nothing more than money grab for hardware designed to last only a few years so you’d buy a new one.

    I’m absolutely loving your products and hope you have many more ideas fitting my needs…

  • Rob says:

    Hey Magnus, I will echo the sentiments of the previous gentlemen (assuming they are of course) Quality is still king despite all the crappy stuff out there. Your products ALL surpass the utmost quality and strict tolerances.

    I’m loving your stuff (the tweezers are amazing) and look forward to all of your future designs. Congrats on the changing of the name. Magnus works much better.

  • Alfonso says:

    The internet has definitely made it possible for niche markets to develop especially for vendors with your business model, dedicated to the highest quality product rather than just ROI. I am sure you may have already gathered that by the amount of subscribers & support you receive. I hope others will take a cue from you while also sharing their experiences if they have an idea or skill they can potentially run with. You are correct about not just being a guy who makes Ti items. Keep inspiring others & making pristine products!

  • Richard says:

    Magnus. Name is a good change. As COGENT was, of course, properly pronounced co-Gent then I’m really look forward to mah-Gnoos success 😉

    Keep up the good work.

  • Rocco says:

    Hi Mah-Gnoos (that was a good one),
    when you have so much feedback of a too complicated name, well, it’s possibly true, personally I couldn’t care less and found your former name pretty memorable, but that may be just me.

    I am not so much with your recent products (fidget spinner ?!) and while I could enjoy a good pair of tweezers (I am sure yours are truly the best ones money can buy), it is just not my need.
    But there will be a fit again, eventually.

    Keep up the good karma and may your changes carry fruits!

  • Brent says:

    Make a balisong trainer, it is a niche community that thoroughly understands the importance of quality in a product, everyone in the community is always willing to spend 200 plus on a quality trainer.

    Personally I don’t think you will because it is a new field for you and community members can much more readily call you out on your design issues. And they thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the balisong, and many firsthand know the costs of milling and materials. If you were to decide to start out, take a look at a place called the jerzee devil forums, or the r/balisong subreddit.

    You wouldnt be the first to make a titanium trainer, Jerry HOM’s Rhapsody trainer is quite popular. And for good reason. Many others are heading that direction, but we always need more people producing and competing in the market.

  • Seth Haveron says:

    you got it right …. the era of plastic spinner is over.

    alternative materials and much higher quality are to come now.

    but even here the era of Fidget spinner with any kind of arms are about to be over as well…

    small roundish , lightwight , and extremly well made spinners are the new spot now.

    just like the Velocity “vecore AX” for example.

    no Gimmicks ….only the core function.

    and more importent is…. the chinese guys allready copied all of your recent spinner designs and sell them for around 22$ on alibaba & co. even made of titanium…

    so why we should spend 200+ bugs and wait months , when we could get it much cheaper and faster elsewhere???

  • Lasse B.G says:

    So it’s “Magnus” pronounced with ‘G’ as in “gentleman”. Magnus.
    Elegant 😉

  • Jason says:

    I recently bought one of your click pens and I guess you can thank my grandfather for that. My grandpa was not wealthy but he told me when i was a young man to always buy the best I could afford when it came to anything I used on a daily basis or any product that my life depended on. I love my pen!

  • >