A NEW Spinner and (Possibly) Tweezers

So a few things for you today…

In the next month or so I will be launching a new titanium project – which will likely be a set of tweezers. I’ll talk more about them soon …but, for now, I’ll just mention that they will be very “pocket friendly”.

Before I talk about the new spinner I’d like to mention the shipping of various products (well, the products/projects that are running late):

#1 – Titanium “Click” Pen from Kickstarter –> This will start shipping towards the end of this current week (all the shipping labels are now printed and it will take at least a few days to pack the 1000+ pens and pencils)

#2 – Titanium “Air” Spinner from Kickstarter –> Will start shipping out two days from now (again, the shipping labels are all printed and just the final packing to be done)

#3 – Titanium PillPots from Kickstarter –> These are now fully finished and will be starting to do final quality control and fitting o-rings next. We still have some lids to sand (because there was a problem with the cnc-process). A few more days and sanding will be done on those.

Oh, one more thing…

The ‘Ego’ Fidget Spinner project shipped a few weeks ago. Most people have been receiving theirs around the world – and I think it will be another week or two until pretty much everyone has received theirs. If you’ve not received it yet …then please give it a little longer. Thank you.

The NEW Spinner

Now, I’m going to be honest here (as I always am)…

Part of the reason for launching a pre-order for another titanium fidget spinner is purely demand from previous customers of the ‘Ego’ fidget spinner.

As you know, this is a business (as well as being a way to design and make whatever crazy titanium product my heart so desires!), and so if I have a whole load of people demanding and pleading I make something …well, it just makes sound business sense to make it, right?

Take a quick look at this video from almost a year ago:


The spinner in the video above is the basis of the new spinner I’m about to launch …hopefully in the next 48 hours or so.

The spinner will be a pre-order (because I don’t have the titanium material on hand right now and, as you know, I have to import EVERYTHING here in New Zealand). The pre-order will allow me to gauge numbers better and, also, give you an “early bird” discount because I don’t have to hold these in stock (they will be made to order).

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the above spinner but further-developed and closer to what the final design will be:

Right, I think that’s all I have for you today.

If you have any thoughts or comments then please do fire away below.

  • Thomas says:

    Magnus, thankyou so much for letting me know. Got the Ego, and I love it, LOVE it. I will order the Air spinner around the 20th, get my paycheck then. I’m also in for this new spinner you have going on. ????. Wanted to ask if you made the “$300″spinner from YouTube, that looks like a cube? I’m interested in all your” Limited Edition or Run spinners you have going on, price doesn’t matter. I want them all. Again, thankyou so much for your great product. You truly are an artist of high end products, and I just love your work. Looking forward to hear back from you.
    Most sincere
    Thomas Aasen, Norway

  • Thomas says:

    Forgot to ask you, have you ever tried out Zirconium? Would that work on the CNC machine you have? The reason I ask is that I love the weight and look of it. Just little heavier than Titanium, and that’s perfect. Have you thought about it, plans of trying it out?

  • Dr. Robert Fishman says:

    Magnus; perhaps this method (the blog) will help get your attention. I’ve written you three times about my displeasure with the Ego spinner-its inability to spin for more than 25 seconds, or so. I’ve requested a replacement or, if indeed all spin for such a short time, a full refund, but you ignore my emails. Instead, I receive only your canned advertisements. Respond to my emails or I will be forced to take action.

  • Steve A says:

    Magnus….will you also respond to my email about my Ego spinner? I’m having the same issues.

  • Reed says:

    cant wait for more products are you going to be selling bigger containers bigger than the pill pots? I got a lota tea that needs containing lol!

  • Matthew Rickard says:

    Morning Magnus,

    Thanks for making incredible spinners. Question re the new one, part of the appeal of your prototype was the core and the flush buttons. Having received the Ego, the lack of button fluahness as per the original was the only (extremely minute) disappointment I had with the Ego. Will you be following a similar route the prototype for the new spinner? If so, count me in!

  • Lucas says:

    Hey Magnus,
    I too have received my ego spinner and I am absolutely loving it. I don’t get these people complaining about the spin time. I don’t ever remember you promising anything about spin time. In fact, if I remember correctly, you talked about it’s “fidget-ability”. This thing is so damn good at what it does.

    Why are people so damn obsessed with spin time? Who bloody cares? That is not fidgeting?

    Thanks again for everything, absolutely loving everything you do and can’t wait for my click pen to arrive (there is already a spot on my desk next to my One Pen and Ti Pencil)


    • Steve says:

      Lucas…..I too could care less about spin times like other more obsessed folks do. BUT…part of the enjoyment of such items, as well as expectations of a spinner costing as much as the Ego, is the assumption that you’re going to get more than 15-20 seconds out of it. That actually impacts how fidgetable the spinner is.

      I’m not asking, or suggesting that times should be anything crazy….but you clearly don’t get it if you think 15-20 seconds is acceptable.

      Magnus is better than this….and while spin times are not the draw to the spinner…if 6 they are all like mine, that’s not acceptable.

  • Adam says:

    Hey Magnus,
    Thanks for the update & Stay Motivated!
    Peace, AdMan
    P.S. Got any old/current/new DRONE videos of Beautiful NZ to share? (Pretty please and Thank you).

  • Anastasios says:

    I’ve been looking at this site for quite some time and always hesitated at the cost and not being able to see, touch or feel what I’m buying. But after a little while of looking everywhere for similar products.. I finally just bought something that comes in so handy I haven’t put it down in over a week.. I bought the pry bar and BOOM this thing rocks!! Next for me is naturally the pill fob.. Only thing I have a minute issue with.. Before you where given 10-20% off your 1st purchase.. Beaides that I give this 849******

  • kenji h says:

    EGO spinner certainly did not run for the first 30 seconds. However, when I exchanged the bearing, I went around for 2 minutes and 30 seconds! People who do not like spin time recommend exchanging bearings.

  • kenji h says:

    EGO spinner has a wonderful design, perfect balance and surface finish I am really satisfied. I ordered a new spinner a while ago. I am looking forward to arrive!

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