Aluminum Construction Kit

This is a fairly short blog post today... (and, truthfully, it's going to be a blatant "sales pitch" :-P)

Last week I showed you an aluminum construction kit.

I also showed you some of the things I had made with it. These things here if you recall:

​Well, quietly in the background, I've been developing the project a little more. It's quite different making these compared to the titanium products we typically make.

The aluminum is more forgiving in terms of machining and surface finishing. But, there are a lot more components ...and so more attention has to be paid to the process of making them (otherwise the cost to produce them gets really high).

​I've put together a selection of parts to make a few of these kits ...and I'm hoping to make a few more kits over this coming weekend.

Long story short:

I have some for sale right now (and they will ship next week ...around 4 or 5th of September as I type this).

​>>> Click Here <<< to ​see the order page and find out more (if the kits all sell out ...then you can enter your email ​address on the order page to be notified when there are more available).

  • Sebastian O says:

    I like that idea a lot! But it’s also a lot of money! The kid in me says I really want it. The adult provides $299 is just too much money for a gimmick. Although I would like to have it! Magnus, as a loyal customer i need a discount! 😜😘

  • Mark Gamble says:

    It’s great Magnus, I love it, but in all honesty I can’t justify it …

  • Justin says:

    I love this idea so much, but it just seems totally impractical to have these machined from billet aluminum. If I the money right now, I’d buy them just to be in early and have the most beautiful and over-build option possible, but for these to be a real viable option for the use cases that you’re sugessting, I think they need to be 1/3 or 1/4 the current price. I totally understand that they need to be made this way if only in smaller batches, but it’s just too cost prohibitive. I also think that there is a middle-ground when it comes to strength. All of the examples that you showed (save maybe the slingshot) could easily have been built with nylon or some type of cast, high-strengh polymer components. If ever there was something that you might want to crowd fund and then out-source the manufacturing of, I think this is it.

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