“Behind The Scenes” (…Rabbit and ViperFish Update!)

Here’s a strange thing…

It doesn’t matter how many projects or products or such I do – I always, ALWAYS forget how quickly things tend to come together near the end.

A few days ago everything seemed so far away (although still coming together as planned – but perhaps a little behind schedule).

Then, as if by magic, I’m just days away from shipping the Rabbit™ for the Kickstarter project.

Not only that – but the ViperFish™ is almost ready to go too (available here: ViperFish ).

The good and bad thing is…

I still hold down a full-time job so everything is done in my spare time. Last night, for example, I came home at 6pm and was up until around 12am doing packing and such. It’s crazy how long it takes when there is more than a handful of any one thing to be done!

Oh, and importantly, I still went out for an hour-long walk during this time. Yeah, I know, it’s got nothing to do with anything (you just want Rabbit and ViperFish™ updates, right?) – but, I’m telling you this anyway…

Taking time out (especially when you “don’t have time”) for walking or some such relaxing activity really is like re-charging yourself. I used to hear people say things like this and always thought, “I’ll do it when I have time”.

The problem is… there will never be time.

I’ve been busier than ever these last few weeks …but I’ve also made sure (and by this I mean forced myself) to take a decent walk each night when I get home …even if I’m telling myself I just don’t have time.

I literally force myself to go for a walk. And, after each walk, I feel physically and mental “re-charged”. But, longer term, it’s helping with healthier eating and generally a better state of mind (if that doesn’t sound too “new age” 😛 ).

Okay, okay. Enough of this walking stuff!

Let’s get down to business…

Shipping of both the Rabbit and ViperFish™ is very soon (don’t have an exact day …but is just a few days away!).

So, here are some “behind the scenes” pictures for you:

The picture below is of around 190 Rabbit™ just finished the second stage of tumbling. I put cable-ties on each one to stop them both sticking to each other and sticking to the sides of the tumbler…


You may not believe this – but… I tumble the titanium-split rings for the Rabbit™ so they have the same finish and therefor look better together  (yes, I know, it’s a ridiculous thing to do …but I just put it down to my obsessive and compulsive personality traits!).

(oh, and you’ll also notice the re-designed “figure-of-eights” for the Rabbit – I think they look pretty cool…)


Here are some ViperFish™ just back from getting the logos laser-engraved on them (man, I still get a kick out of this multi-tool design …because it took so much time, effort and frustration to get it to this stage!):


One last thing…

It’s a a very good time to order your ViperFish™ (as they are about to ship too):



  • William says:

    Looking forward to it now more than ever as it is now getting closer to the shipping.

  • Thank you! I’m looking forwarding to getting these little beasts out to people. 🙂

  • Sven says:

    Dear Magnus,
    I consider myself a lucky guy because I got to know you and your magnificient products. For me the story behind your each and every product development is at least half as interesting/valuable/important as the finished product itself.
    And I have to commit: I am already addicted to your work and behind-the-scenes stories. Since your last emails I have managed to order all your products including the tweezers for my EDC collection. Can’t wait to have them all here and use them and while using them remembering your stories. These are not just some TOOLS, they are tools with a STORY 🙂
    Always with the best wishes
    Sven from Austria

    • Thank you so much for this Sven – I really appreciate it. Truly!

      There is a lot I don’t talk about in terms of the story behind what I create …so I’m thinking I should be providing more. You’ve motivated me to do so. 🙂

      I’m glad you’re loving what I produce – it always makes a difference to get direct feedback like this. Awesome. Thank you Sven!

  • Donald Lehew says:

    When are the rabbits shipping ? Actual date to the USA. Would appreciate..

  • Mario says:

    Dear Magnus,

    I am constantly looking up your website every now and than in hope that Rabbit key-holder will once again see the light of day. I really can’t describe how beautiful for me it is. I must admit that I never felt such urge to have a particular object or anything, but Rabbit…. that sort of design, simplicity, quality and class. I envy all of you guys who snatched it in Kickstarter campaign. Unluckily, I was still a student then struggling with low income. Now when I have a job and opportunity it’s already gone. I am begging you Magnus to make me one and make my wish come true. I know that you have a busy schedule and I am willing to wait as long as it takes, and pay for it more than original Kickstarter price. It is not an product for me, it’s an experience, it’s that good, beautiful and unique.

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