“Behind The Scenes: Carabiner Prototypes”

So here’s the deal

I’m going to be making some larger titanium clips very soon (which, well, you could probably call ‘carabiners’ …that’s what they are really).

And here’s where YOU come in:

If you could provide some feedback in the comments below that would be great.

Truth be told

I’m probably going to make the first design according to my own, strict and specific criteria (which I’m pretty sure you’ll like).

But the good news is I plan to do a few variations – and I would like to know more about what YOU want to see!

Take a look at the “behind the scenes (and actually kinda ugly)” sketches below and let me know what you think…










About that last picture

Well, my Son DEMANDED I draw various animals with various ‘udders’ – and who am I to disappoint the kid! ūüėÄ

  • Joe w says:

    I do like the one in the middle in the first picture Magnus, of all your ‘sketches’. I’m assuming the larger carabiner would be of a thicker width to assure its practicality?

    I know you don’t anodize…yet but this piece would look so coooool with an anodised springy bit/clip.

  • Larry says:

    Hey Magnus,

    I’m looking for great looking carabiners as a Christmas present for my dad who’s big time into rock climbing. Are those (or some of those) carabiners designed for that? (I won’t offend you by asking whether they’re sturdy enough ;-)).



  • Kirill Sotnikov says:

    I would like you, Magnus, to answer my email I sent you two days ago with regard to Mini-Clips and TiHawk. Thank you.

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    Clips 1.5 times as big as the clips that I have now. They are about 1or 2 mm too small. They don’t fit many split rings.
    Hey, I am still waiting for my gift. I have to send you pictures of my Hummer. I am doing up a police car also. I need a small enough speaker for the siren.

  • Anne Barron says:

    First two and the udder animals!

  • William says:

    Just checking it was you who drew trhe animals??

  • Bud says:

    Hmmm. Your “udderly ridiculous” critters got me thinking.

    Since I just did a crazy giant spiderweb across my front driveway for Halloween (half a circle of about 50′ diameter) and having to tension all those lines, how about a carabiner with two of the “circles/holes”under the clip to use as a pulley system. Could zigzag paracord/rope between them and gain leverage advantage when tightening tension lines.

    BTW, I’m another one of those individuals who cannot “draw” worth a darn, but can design graphics fairly well. Nice critters!!!

  • Ben says:

    I like the ones that are more squared off there was one pic of three line that I like the bottom two

  • fischlustig says:

    I’d love some completely diffrent design.
    What about something modular, where you could add carabiners and split rings to your liking/needs?
    “Troika” has a patent on something which i have and use. Now something with this function, but of course a different design (since this one is patented)… made of lightweight titanium…
    I’d buy that – no brainer!

  • Robert says:

    It would be great to have a carabiner that is just as easy to detach as attach. For a lot of carabiners the latch gets in the way when you are trying to detach anything but a small connector. Of course at the same time you want something that doesn’t unintentionally detach.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    I think the design with some curve to them would be a nice change up. And also include the now famous Magnus ridges!

  • gus morison says:

    With the ‘biners, just make sure to allow the gate to open full width. I like my HookUps, but if there was one improvement, it would be to allow the gate to open to the point of contacting the inside of the frame when I push the lever. It seems to be ~50% open with full compression.

    Keep up the good work!

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