BIG Titanium Containers

Before I continue…

I must mention to you that I have not forgotten about the “Man Tray” I posted last week here.

I’ve made a lot of progress on it and really took a lot from YOUR feedback. I will post an update on that project soon.

In the meantime:

I’d love it if you could provide some feedback on this (see short video below)…


So, yeah, I’m making some large, titanium containers (like the PillPots here but a LOT bigger).

I don’t plan to make them “stackable” …but if enough people wanted that then I could do it.

Actually I did a “quick and dirty” 10-minute mock-up of what I have in mind. The proportions and “grip grooves” are not how the final one would be – but these should give you an idea:




So, before I run off and have them machined next week, I’d love to hear if there is anything specific YOU would like on them …or done to them …or anything really.

I’m kind of fixed on what I’m doing – but I like to keep an open mind…

If you have no feedback, then, of course, that is cool too. 🙂


  • Andy says:

    Hi Magnus
    Nice work /video on titanium containers
    How about making it into a tubular shape – with key chain loop?
    Yes another – u making titanium – neck knives?

  • Neale says:

    Love the original pillpots. I don’t have any use for these that jump to my mind (but I haven’t had any coffee yet).


  • steve says:

    I can’t swallow pills that big. Would seem to be a big container investment without very specific contents in mind. Maybe some discussion with customers on possible end uses would help define the perfect practical sizes. I can’t personally think of what I would use them for, or a use that would justify so much titanium real estate.

  • Jeff Urbach says:

    Depending on the diameter, and the logistics of machining, having one or more sections to separate pills or whatever one is carrying would be useful. What is the diameter and height of the container? Will it be waterproof with o rings?

  • Bob Gelb says:

    Not sure what I would use them for. I already have your titanium pill pot.

  • Daniel says:

    Make it able to fit in a cup holder.

  • Brad says:

    As above have said, depending on the actual size, maybe having a dividing system in place could be useful? So separate compartments for separate thing. Otherwise, I am honestly not sure what I would store in this kind of thing. If it was large enough and 100% sealed, I may make it into a rugged emergency first-aid kit (for a car, or day-pack) but otherwise, not entirely sure what I would store..

  • Phil says:

    Titanium “medicinal” herb stash! Love it

  • Daniel says:

    Sounds good – what did you envisage them holding? I am reminded of Eeyore and the container for his burst balloon…
    The smaller ones sound useful or the larger one with sections as suggested earlier?

  • Steve says:

    I have some stainless steel containers which appear to be the same as what you propose to manufacture.

    A problem which those containers pose is the top and bottom are highly resistant to unscrewing, to open them.

    A corrective – which may be the only corrective – would be to make the top of a different alloy metal than the bottom. The material differences need not be extreme, just slightly different.

    This would require a higher investment – and higher return on your investment – but the finished product would be without complaint.

    Good luck.

  • Brad says:

    Oh, and to add onto my above. If I were to use it as a first-aid kit, I would like to be able to have multiple layers, maybe in the form of an extension that screws onto the bottom, so I could add height and space for different things as needed. That’s just my 2c

  • William Schinella says:

    I will take 1 0f the 2.5 short pill pot and 1 of the next taller 2.5 pill pot

  • Damon says:

    I love the slight hourglass shape above, very cool! Also the O ring as a anti slip! Sounds awesome, I assume the 4.5″ will be in the $25 range? ?

    • Damon says:

      The divider option inside sounds cool. Could it be just a machined piece that you could remove, maybe “X” or “Y” shaped?

  • R.B. Love says:

    I question the o-ring on the bottom. How do you secure it? Can it fall off and get lost? I don’t really see the need. I can’t think of any other container that has a built in rubber loose part like that. Not bottles, not cans, only machinery.

    I am interested in the product, however.

  • Herbert Eder says:

    I would like 40-45 mm inner diameter, that would be a great fireproof container for gold coins i think.

    • Israel says:

      I agree on the 40-45 mm inner diameter. My pill pots that I have are great but I wish that they were big enough to fit some large coins.

  • Stuart says:

    I’d get all of them. A double height (or little higher) version of the 2.5″ would be another good size that I would be interested in. The 4.5″ might work out a bit pricey for a lot of backers, and yes, I know you do pay for quality & your products certainly qualify in that regard.

  • Natalie says:

    lunch box!!! 4.5 inch is just big enough. I eat weird food (no wheat) so can’t take sandwiches for lunch so it’s really handy to have a watertight container to take food in. I have a stainless steel one that is about 4.75 inch internal diameter and 2 inches tall, with a plastic lid. The plastic lid has died so I need a replacement. To have it all in titanium would be great. One concern I have is that I have small hands so unscrewing something at that width can be a bit hard. Is there any other way of grooving the edges that would give a bit more grip? I dont feel the need for the o-ring on the bottom

  • David says:

    I do like the idea but I wonder about the price point you can achieve. You might find a market in the backpacker / survivalist / pepper segment. As others have said perhaps as a first aide kit, also as a fire kit (matches, kindling, flint and steel). There could be a fishing / snare kit as well as some other ‘kits’. But price will be critical. Also, I assume the o ring on the bottom would be at least slightly recessed, do does that mean the bottom will have to be fractionally thicker?

  • Kyle says:

    I think their a great idea, though not sure what I would stash in them yet. A compartment system is a fantastic idea, that would make me far more likely to purchase!!

  • Scott says:

    Bigger is a great idea. I’ve always thought a 1.5″ dia. short container would be perfect. The 28mm short one is just a little too small for lip balm.

  • Timothy Ward says:

    Very cool! I think an O-ring embedded in the base of these larger pots is also a very good idea. I wouldn’t change/add anything else!

  • Timothy Ward says:

    Again, having an O-ring at the bottom is a great idea, considering the larger diameter of these pots. Anyone who spends time on a boat, or uses a drawing table, or employs a less-than-level work surface, etc. will appreciate the o-ring! While you’re down there you might want to consider putting a “makers-mark” or logo of some kind on the bottom/underside to identify it as a genuine Cogent Industries product? Unfortunately, as reported to you previously (as other Cogent supporters have too I believe) there are fakes now being manufactured based off your designs. Nevertheless, I look forward to these bigger pots being available for purchase!


    I am wondering if, for additional flexibility, each variant would fit and could be stored inside the next bigger model, like those matryoshka dolls. Also, how about cylindrical extensions that could make any model taller?

    At this size, I am not sure if machining from solid billet is the best way, as you’d end up with a huge amount of titanium shavings. How about machining the lids and bottom out of solid plates, and making the sides out of thick walled titanium tubing? Of course, you’d be limited to what is available in terms of feedstock, but you would be reducing the machining and the waste.

  • I have all the pill pots and have found them to be just a tad too narrow to accommodate certain larger pills (mostly gel caps of various OTC painkillers and 1gm sizes of certain substitutes), so these sizes will be most welcome indeed. The 2.5″ might be the perfect replacement pillpot… The 4.5″ would be grand for storing my current collection of pill pots and other Magnus originals in… 😉

  • Curby says:

    As others have mentioned, the size is everything. It might make sense to not go to an absolutely huge size right away, but gradually step things up to cover more use cases. The current pillpots are great, if a bit small for certain use cases. How about just adding 10mm or so to the diameter? It’s hard to get a sense of scale from your renderings, but if the squares are 10mm wide, that’s larger than I’ll ever need. Anyway, just 2c. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

    (Also, I hope these are “unibody” titanium, and not the hybrid titanium cap and CF tube designs you proposed previously.)

  • Curby says:

    Whoops, the video mentions the three sizes. Forget what I said earlier about going straight to the largest size!

  • Martin Vachon says:

    I remember you asking us for the same kind of idea but with a carbon fiber body. Did that idea disappear? I was looking forward to that type of capsule. This is definitely luxury, I’d love the 4.5 and at the same time, apart from putting either my jewelry or a precious watch.I’m not sure ,with the price range this will be, what I will use it for. I could create a great survival kit ; tinder, matches, paracord, etc.. I think the idea is great! the price range might be too high for most of us.

    As far as concept goes;

    the glass hour shape with notches for the lid I like… Like your Pillpots , these are meant to last forever! My hands however will get old and I might suffer from arthritis one day which will make the opening of the container more difficult, An good lid with ease of opening like your drawing is more interesting. (a new lid could even be create for the pillpots…) . Overall, I think it’s a great idea. keep it up!


  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I have 3 stainless steel containers I bought from Klean Kanteen which were designed for food storage for campers. Titanium would be a lot better (and a lot costlier). KKs were designed to hold 8 and 16 oz. Yours would have to be as big. They would have to be about 3.5″ x 4.5″ outside measurement. As to what one would put in them: Candy, nuts, dried fruit or vegetables, nuts, bolts, paper clips, coins, cotton, flash drives, electric shaver brushes, fingernail clippers, tweezers, smaller pill pots, carabiners, super balls, rubber bands, staples, key rings, various EDC implements and band aids, to name a few…

  • Donald Perreault says:

    I have purchased a few of your pill pots and love them. I take so many pills that they don’t even fit into the stackable pillpots. I personally still like the stackable idea. I was thinking that you could make all the containers with threaded bottoms and for the actual bottom you could insert a piece of rubber or another piece of material. This would keep the threads safe and fulfill your idea of coaster bottom. Machining them this way would give you the ability to add bottoms/inserts and make the container of your choosing. My thinking is then your customers could buy bottoms/inserts as needed. I took the small pillpot I had and add a couple insert from the taller pillpot of the same diameter and made two 3 layer containers. You can continue selling two different type of tops. Just my 3 cents worth!

  • Anon says:

    Come on guys. Everyone should already know what these are for. YOU PUT YOUR WEED IN IT.

  • Michael says:

    I love this idea.

    Food for thought: For stacking, if the base had a circular ring “protrusion” and the lid had a grrove the same size, that would work. Make these the same size for all sized pots, and you could stack smaller ones stop the larger.

  • Romain says:

    Just putting a smaller oring on top may make them stackable (if of the same diameter) and could help identify top & bottom at a glance (one could even use different colors).

  • Sylvia says:

    I like the idea! I would like them to be stackable though….

  • Ryan Smoliak says:

    I like the concept of the larger pill pocket, but is it practical IMO? No. It would be far too large to be carried or edc’ed and the smaller ones work perfectly.
    However, what about the idea of a titanium pill crusher?
    I would certainly use this as many supplements that I take need to be completely crushed to be put into my protein shakes and I just can’t seem to find a good, solid pill crusher.
    Can’t wait to see what comes of this.
    Best regards,

  • Peter says:

    Would love to have them threaded on the bottom to be stackable…

  • Michael says:

    I agree with an earlier comment about making them stackable. Wouldn’t really require any change in design with the exception of making the bottom o ring fit to just the outside of the upper lid. I have a hundred potential uses for these up to and including using them in the kitchen with a nice titanium salt and pepper shaker set! I do love the idea. However, I dont think I would invest in extention add on pieces until popularity warranted it. Keep up the inspiring good work.

  • Courtland says:

    The mockups look like Oreos. =)

  • Karl says:

    I can think of many uses for these contingent upon their size (the containers) and wether they will be waterproof either using an o-ring or not. Threads should be designed so that cross-threading is difficult if not impossible, thickness of the walls sufficient to prevent possible crusing of the contained item. I ma thinking of using one for storage of hearing aids when on camping trips of when involved in activities that require temporary but secure storage.


  • Jorge Verdi says:

    Room for 4 cards is sufficient for normal day-to-day use; in fact, I may substitute one of them for my driver license.

  • Matthew D Otto says:

    survival kit

  • Robert says:

    So it’s been a month since we first heard about this. Has there been any progress?

  • BJ says:

    Any progress? I need a 2.5″ X 1″ high container. The best would be 3″ OD and a hight of 1″.

  • ayesha says:

    I would use it as a food cintainer.

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