Blog Post And Titanium Bargains

Today is just a simple blog post.

If you're looking for an update on products we're currently manufacturing or shipping, then I'll post that in a couple of days.

Some Product Bargains

Below are some products we're either about to run out of (and won't be making for some time) ...or, we're never going to make them again and are end-of-the-line essentially.

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Titanium CandyCans™

Titanium Spinning Top (Packaging)

While we're grinding away getting caught up with projects's nice to experiment and try out new things.

We're experimenting with new packaging for some products - and we're doing that with aluminium.

We're hopefully going to be launching some titanium spinning tops soon - and this is the packaging we've made for them:

These containers have cnc machined aluminium end-caps (with o-rings) to go with them. They still need to be finished - which is why they look so raw in the photo above.

We've always had trouble with packaging hopefully these go better than previous packaging has gone.

It has a little bit of an "overkill" feel to it - but, over time, I'm hoping to lower the cost to produce these and we can do more of it.

The other benefit is that you have a nice, solid container to keep forever (as opposed to throwing away yet more packaging).

We'll see how it goes. 🙂

  • Robert Feguson says:

    Magnus, I wonder if you would consider making a titanium swizzle stick. I am thinking of maybe three different sizes; 4″, 6″ & 7″, or maybe just one length. It would be cool if there were a teardrop ball on both ends, just different sizes.

  • Jason Bourne says:

    Any updates on the bolty pen that your website claims is shipping this month? (After original date listed was march…) Sooooooooo its been 8 months since people paid for these….

  • Kerry Maxwell says:

    I still suffer from the emotional scars of losing my Magnus spinner at some sporting event security checkpoint where I had to remove all the metal objects from my pockets while being jostled in a huge crowd. If you ever find one behind a workbench somewhere, please think of me. I’d be happy to take it off your hands.

    • Stefan Wolf says:

      Hi Kerry,
      back in the days I bought two “AIR” and two “EGO” and all 4 are unused, mint, in the original wooden box. Problem is, I sit in Germany (shipping costs) but if you are interested in purchasing one of them, contact me at
      wolf “at” wolfdomain “dot” de

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