Brad’s Bottle Opener

A few weeks ago a young fellow called Brad contacted me…

He was from South Africa and wanted to design a bottle-opener based on my Titanium Scalper Bottle Opener.

He said it was for a University project and so I said, “Sure thing!” …and it would be great if he could let me know the progress he makes.

Anyway, a few weeks go past and then I get an email with these photos attached:



How cool is that?

I asked him if it worked.

He said he currently did not have access to a method of cutting metal and this is why it was cut from Perspex.

And, worse still, the Perspex kept shattering whenever he tried to open a bottle-cap with it.

Now, I wouldn’t normally do this, but curiosity got the better of me …and I just had to see what it would be like in titanium. I did a video on it:


I had to make a couple of changes  to some of the lines (because of the limitations of my water-jet cutter …can’t cut into a sharp corners).

But, apart from that, I left Brad’s concept exactly as he designed it. No changes.

Here are a few highlights of the process:

Had to do a few "tweaks"

Had to do a few “tweaks” to Brad’s design for the water-jet cutter.


The red line shows the width of the titanium being cut (around 0.9mm there ...but it's usually around 0.75mm)

The red line shows the width of the titanium being cut (around 0.9mm there …but it’s usually around 0.75mm)


Yep, it really did take that long to cut this titanium bottle opener!

Yep, it really did take that long to cut this titanium bottle opener!


Here’s how it turned out:

Brad's design turned out pretty good in titanium... :-)

Brad’s design turned out pretty good in titanium… 🙂


Couple of final things:

#1 – I did not do any sort of finishing on it. It’s raw. I did this on purpose because I thought, if Brad want’s to finish it further, then I’m sure he’d want to do that.

#2 – I would usually not do something like this because there is usually something else trying to grab my attention and time. But, for some reason, I just felt compelled to do this as a one-off. Still not sure why. 🙂


Anyway, nice job Brad. Very cool.


  • Kirill says:

    Magnus, I watched the whole video just to find out if this bottle opener works as it supposed to work or not? And now I am deeply disappointed…

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    Did it work? I would love to see a video of you using it to open a bottle.

  • Phil says:

    I think it’s great that you would help someone out with a project. Very cool of you!!! Kudos

  • Bob Gelb says:

    Meh !

  • RanTV says:

    Very cool of you to help him out on his uni project! A little community service goes a long way 🙂

  • Sean says:

    Good looking opener

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    What! Another bottle opener? It seems that everyone and his brother have a bottle opener on Kickstarter. Although this is a cool design, it is not needed here in the U.S. Almost all soda and beer companies use twist-off caps now. Only some of the imports have the old-fashioned caps that need to be opened with a tool. Magnus, don’t waste your time. I think it’s good that you want to help someone out, but your designs are much better.

  • This bottle opener is not for any sort of production. Design was for a University project …as part of learning engineering I believe.

  • AdManTheLabRat says:

    Love the videos, Thank you!
    Stay motivated! (Brad did)

    Being the (Extended E-Bird Combo and hopefully soon to be – PROUD new owner of a 1 Kg “O-Cu” Sphere and it’s “O-Ti” Perfect match (in size) T-SPHERE (Shhh, It’s a Gift, Wifey is like Cu, I ‘m like Ti, Yin/Yang, Hot/Cold, Good/Evil, Better/Worse, Sickness/Health, Husband/Wife)
    I have satisfied our 15 Year Wedding Anniversary (September 2016) – Gift Obtaining/Giving Requirement.

    Now we (you and me) are both out $199 (USD). Although, we (Wifey and Me) recently ‘backed’ you I just couldn’t justify giving my Wifey the v.2 Ti Tweezers because she just got the v.1 Ti Tweezers for her Birthday this past January.

    I Just wish that hard earned/well spent $199 USD CA$H could have backed you, I guess like Brads’ project in a way it still does. You referred your client (me) and the client (me again) invested/backed/pledged/subscribed.

    Regardless, I sincerely appreciate the referral, I am sure my Wife will understand and appreciate the symbolism and meaning of the Kilogram 99.9% Pure Cu & 99.9% Ti Matching Trance Spheres.

    Keep up the Videos and STAY MOTIVATED!

    Thank you,

  • Jason says:

    Seems like you just keep making slight improvements on products you have already made. Oh that’s right this is for someone else. I’m not interested in this.

  • Stephen says:

    Magnus, that was a good thing you did for Brad, kudos to Cogent.

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