CandyCan XL

​Various titanium-based topics to touch on today...

​The CandyCan™ "XL"

​In the last blog post I showed a 3D computer render of a larger CandyCan™.

The comments were positive ...but, almost everyone asked for the CandyCan™ to be deeper.

​So I ignored my own ego (because I personally wanted to make a slimmer version) and prototyped a deeper version this last weekend.

Here are some photos:

The photo below has a credit card for scale - to help you better visualize the size of the new CandyCan™ "XL":

​The internal dimensions are:

-- Length = 2.5" (64mm)
-- Width = 1.5" (38mm)
-- Depth = 0.5" (12.5mm)

​This "XL" version is essentially a scaled-up version of the original CandyCan™.

​The base and lid are each machined from 1-inch thick Grade 5 Titanium plate (man, what a waste ...cutting away all that amazing titanium! :-D).

I'm going to make some of these available soon* - and so you may get an email from me when they are available (oh, and it takes an entire hour on the milling machine to make each one - so I'm not able to make too many at a time unfortunately!).

*Actually, I wasn't going to do this until later in the week ...but I have 15 of the CandyCan "XL"  available right now you can order (click here to order). They will sell out fast for sure - so please accept my apologies if you see the "SOLD OUT" button.

​Wallet Progress

​We've been cranking out the TiWallet™ over the last few days...

Here's what the blanks look like after water-jet cutting and stress-relieving:

​And here's what they look like after cnc-machining:

​The Titanium Wallets are coming out really well. We've tumbled a bunch of them and they are ready to ship (fulfilling a fairly large pre-order).

The Flixx™ Knife Progress

The Flixx™ Friction Folder Knife is proving tough...

We're having issues with one part of it in particular and that is the "plunge line". Take a look at the photo below:

Those orange arrows above are pointing to the plunge line area of the knife blade on the Flixx™.

We are getting little "dots" in that area of the knife. I believe the issue is something in the cnc-machining. I've been testing and tweaking loads ...but it's proving very difficult to fix.

Not all the blades have this issue. Some are fine and some are no good. The problem is... the number that are "no good" is fairly high ...and I really need to get that number down.

I've got an idea I'm going to try which I'm hoping will solve the issue. It's different to anything I have tried before ...and I will update you in the next blog post as to whether it will work. Stay tuned!

  • Sheila says:

    On the depth, is 1” or 12.5 mm correct? Isn’t 12.5 mm about 1/2 inch?

  • Sebastian O says:

    Baaaaaahm! Scored! Thanks Magnus, thats what i´m waiting for! I love my ‘Classic’ CandyCan, but from time to time, I wish I had a bigger CandyCan!

  • David says:

    Very impressive. I’m enjoying my run-1 CandyCan; but I will admit I’d swap to an XL in a heartbeat.
    Shame I know I couldn’t justify to myself getting a second…

  • Chris Whittle says:

    15mm or more, Would be more practical for me!

  • Will says:

    Argh. Missed out. Ever considered posting future launches a bit earlier for those that live on the other side of the pacific?

  • John says:

    Hi Magnus, any plans to make a slimmer version of the Candy can XL as mentioned in the previous blog post?

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