Clearance Bargains
(Old Stock Must Go!)

Okay, here's the deal..

We're steadily getting caught up on old projects and products. And, in line with that, we've been having a bit of a "tidy up" on a couple of shelves in the store room.

While doing this we've come across various products we did not realise we had (yeah, I know, how do you simply "mis-place" high-end titanium products, right?).

80% of these we will never make again (possibly even 100% of them).

Not only that, but...

There are some amazing deals to be hand here because I really want to get the store room "cleansed" of any older stock.

One last thing...

EVERYTHING has been discounted (and in some cases a LOT lower than the usual price) because I really want these gone! 🙂

Some Dominoes

We have just five of these.

They are:

3 | 5
3 | 6
1 | 2 (2 x of these)
6 | 6 (2 x of these)

There is a drop-down menu at the bottom of THIS PAGE where you can select from the above number combination.

Nerve Spinner

Just two of these available in standard Matte finish.

CLICK HERE for these.

Flixx™ - ORANGE/WHITE Titanium Friction Folder

Just one of these available - CLICK HERE

(This one will definitely not be made again - guaranteed).


Eight of these little beasts - really not sure how we missed these beauties.


TiBiner™ – ‘T60D’ Double-Ended Titanium Carabiner

These are the odd one out of everything on this page. I knew we had these (they've been in a drawer for years) - but there was some machining that had been missed.

So we've just cleaned them up on the CNC and they're good to go. I think there might actually be 15 of them available (but I do expect them to sell fairly quick).


Tank - MokuTi Titanium Bottle Opener

There are JUST TWO of these available - CLICK HERE

Mr Pry – Titanium Pry-Bar

We have done three different prybars over the years.

This was the second one we made. And, out of interest, the first one we ever put our name on. BUT... it's was the old business name (in case you're new we used to be called "Cogent Industries" and changed to "Magnus Industries").

That's why it has 'COGENT' engraved on it (also you may have noticed that we often ship out products with the old name on the packaging - it seems a waste to just through the packaging away so we're working through it).

There are 8 of these - CLICK HERE

  • John Adams says:

    Well darn. When you advertised the full set of bones in the prior email, I went to the store to see if you sold singles. Nope. Tonight, 51 minutes after your email, you’re sold out before I can snag one. Glad you sold the stock, bummed I didn’t get one.

    • Rocco Schult says:

      Same here – I think I was 15mins after the email for Mr.Pry.
      No chance for people where the mail arrives in the middle of the night.

    • Magnus says:

      Yes, sorry about that John – everything sold out even faster than I expected (think it was all gone within an hour). Also, Rocco, totally understand your frustration – my apologies. I do try to send emails (when I can) spaced 12- hours apart …but it’s difficult to cover everyone because we have customers in every one of the timezones. In saying that, this coming year we’re aiming to have stock of everything and streamline more (because, honestly, the last few years have been a total mess due to my endless mistakes).

  • Brett says:

    Arrrgh! Wanted a pry bar for ages, all gone 🙁

  • Benny says:

    Mr Pry is my favourite in my 5 years of purchase here. Been keeping it in my pocket everyday. Keep up with the good designs!

    • Magnus says:

      Very nice – thank you for letting me know Benny. We have a lot of people who buy our products as show pieces …and so I like to hear when stuff gets used (and abused!).

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