Custom Titanium Screws

In the images below there are both custom-made and “store bought” screws.

However… they are all titanium!

This is a small collection of the various types I have. Most have them have been made or bought for projects that have either worked or failed …or are in the process of being prototyped.

But, I got to thinking

Maybe offering just the titanium screws/bolts/posts on their own could be of interest.

Actually, I’m lying to you (thought I might get away with it but I can’t) – I never just “got to thinking” – what happened was:

I’ve had many people ask me if they can just order some screws or posts or such. And those requests — well, DEMANDS really!) — have kind of had me thinking that I should get some custom stuff made and offered on my site for sale.

Here’s some examples…


Titanium Screws

Titanium Screws

Titanium Screws

Titanium Screws


Was thinking of offering a decent selection:

From industry standard (but custom-made for me) screws …all the way through to totally-customized, high-end screws and posts.

I would then perhaps offer them in a combination of finishes …from “raw” machined …to stone-tumbled …to my “Matte” finish.


If you’ve got comments on this – then cool (but it’s really just a get-my-thoughts-more-solid kinda thing I’m writing here ūüėÄ ).

  • brad says:

    Would be a great addition to my TiKeY, I’d need the sizes though – I’d buy in bulk ūüôā

    • klyph says:

      Yep I definitely need another set of posts for the rabbit. As they are currently on one end but not the other of my tikey/rabbit combo.

    • Mike Gallwey says:

      Brad, they work perfectly on the TiKeY, I have a set on one of mine. They Realy look nice together.

  • Tammy says:

    This is an awesomeidea Magnus. I’d like to switch out somehardware on afew Folders. Titanium Chicago screws would also be great. And I definitely need a few extra screws and posts for the KeySmart. I’ll ask around in my TacGear forum.

  • Darriel Caston says:

    I would love some for a 2-56 thread but with a big wide head for the knives I make – check out on FB.

  • William says:

    Great idea Magnus, I’ll get back to you on this.

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I need some… But you probably know that already.. Lol. I too want some for my TiKeYs and keysmarts I have..

  • Bob R. says:


    1911 titanium grip screws for that “custom touch” to a legendary pistol might be of interest.

    Keep up the good work!

  • CP says:

    My tikey aluminum posts snapped today, i was trying to loosen them and they just broke under the pressure. I’d definitely want some for my tikey too.

  • John says:

    I will order some metric and some in SAE….let me know availability!

    thank you


  • TrashMan says:

    Those would be cool for the TiKeY for sure. A few different lengths of that screw would be way better then the aluminum screws and wouldn’t strip. I would love to get some for sure. Talk to Brad for sure and let us know too!

  • Thomas Crawford says:


    You’re brilliant! I have been searching for some dressed up Ti screws to replace the ones in my Spyderco Paramilitary 2. The Pivot is currently a T10. The handle screws are T8 and the pocket clip screws are T6. I don’t yet know the lengths of each but will get them. I am definitely interested in purchasing them. I know they are a lot of work and not cheap. That’s OK. I loved the dressed up look of the ones in your pics. They’re not flat on top, they have almost 3 spokes. Would you be willing to make some for me? I’d like to talk with you about doing a bulk purchase of them too. Please email me so we can discuss it. Thank you! Tom

  • Chris says:

    Hey Magnus! I’m in the process of making a custom Aerospace themed briefcase for a customer. Looking for a product like this and the only one currently on the market isn’t that great.

    How much would you charge for a small batch of 9mm Chicago Screws?


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