FOUR Crazy Titanium Ideas

I’d like to run these crazy ideas past you… (okay, you got me, they may not seem that crazy… but they probably will be if I end up developing them further :-D)

(Important: all these ideas are to be made 100% from TITANIUM)


#1Flick-out “beard comb” (this would be a miniature, key-chain style comb)


#2A full-on salt and and pepper grinder set (someone, can’t recall who sorry, made a comment with this idea… so I’m running with it!)

(yes, I’m talking about the things that grind the big salt and pepper granules)


#3Miniature pry-bar (around half the size of the PryMal™ pry-bar I made)… it would be ultra keyring-friendly!


#4Super-compact EDC keychain pen (yes, I know, I still have to release my main pen first… but it’s not far away. I Promise.)


Oh, and one more “bonus idea”…

#5High-end playing-card holder (had talked about this before… but it was a long time ago so thought I’d bring it up again so I didn’t forget)


Would love to hear YOUR ideas here…


  • Nate says:

    I think most of these, with the exemption of the mini pen, are niche markets. If they interest you as a challenge then go for it but I don’t think these will be what brings in the big bucks. I will say I kind of want to see how you would pull of this salt and pepper grinder. I might be down for a pen though.

  • Joe w says:

    Miniature pry bar seems the best of the lot and would likely be most popular. I would like to see a salt and pepper thing though!

  • Fernando says:

    I’d definetly go for the grinder and probably the comb. 😀

  • klyph says:

    Definitely mostly niche market stuff and the salt and pepper grinders would be allot of machining and allot of parts it would have a larger appeal perhaps but you might loos Le your shirt on prototyping it. Small primal good idea; loss of leverage. If you don’t sell the flick comb as a beard comb it will have greater appeal. And during November / October you can increase your sales of it by calling it the Movember comb.

  • Paul says:

    I’d buy the comb.

  • John says:

    I agree with Joe W. the miniature pry bar would likely be most popular. I would like to see mini pens–I would buy/use multiple ( I don’t use iphone–old school notes to self and others). I would also like to see salt/pepper grinders! except for cost of salt/pepper grinders, I believe they would be extremely popular and sell very well…no one else doing salt/pepper grinders–correct?

  • Keith says:

    Maybe someone has suggested this already, but a minimalist iphone 6 and possible iphone 6+ case. A case that is thin and made of titanium would be great. It would need to be simple to make, but offer a the protection that titanium can give. Fit in a pocket much like the leather ones sold by Apple. The back could be open or closed or just a few bars to support the frame.

    What do you think?

  • William says:

    I’m very keen on the pen and the small pry bar idea.

  • Michael says:

    Mini pry bar and key chain pen interest me immensely. Once you finish your big pen design, any chance of a matching pencil? Also, perhaps a tritium fob? Whistle? Ti morale patch? Spork? USB drive? Perhaps try your hand at a small knife?

  • Anne Barron says:

    Pen and possibly grinder for me ….

  • J says:

    I would be very much interested in a smaller pry bar and the edc pen. Salt and pepper grinders are cool, but like the others I’m scared of how expensive they would have to be.

    Maybe do something like Prometheus with their key box cutter, bottle opener combo that sneaks in with your keys?

  • Bob Lukach says:

    I hope you will be producing all four prototypes Magnus. I especially like the salt and pepper mills. The pen for EDC would also be cool!

  • David G says:

    I already have a couple of nice Titanium Pens and a mini prybar (WTF), but I’d be interested in the comb

  • Mark says:

    Grinders would be first call for me or maybe the pen, I’d think about the comb the next time a grew a beard.

  • Ben says:

    Like all the ideas. Would definitely buy the comb since I do have a beard and have actually been looking for a nice comb for it . I would also be concerned about the price point of the grinders but would still like to see them and I would probably go for the pen and mini pry at some point

  • fischlustig says:

    Something like this:

    Some modular, detachable keychain thingy.

  • Marco says:

    a manicureset
    you’ve got the tweezers .. now a nail file and scissors.

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