​Fr​amelock Knife and Updates

First a couple of updates (and then I'll get onto the recent developments on the Magnatron™ flipper knife).

Pocket-Tweezers Update:

​The Pocket-Tweezers (if you're waiting on them) are almost finished. Yes, they are late as you are aware, but we're getting around 15 of them made every day right now and they are going very well. Around this time next week they should all be finished and shipped (or at east be ready to shipped).

The Writing Set Update:

​This project is almost there. The cases will be finished in the next couple of days. The buttons for the pens are finished. The springs are finished. The clips are finished. We are just waiting for bodies and tips only from my machinist. Once we receive them it is a fairly fast process to take them from raw to tumbled and then assembled. I don't have a timeframe yet as I'm waiting to hear back from my machinist.

​Onto the knife...

​The Magnatron™ Knife

​You​'ve probably seen this knife already (I believe I sent out an email about it over the holiday season).

​It was around 95% finished - but now it's at least 99% percent finished (just a small tweak or two on the CAD model before I make the first few ...which are already sold).

​Here's a NEW video showing the Floating Detent™ mechanism in action:

​​Yeah, I know, the Floating Detent™ thing sounds a little fancy - but it's kinda simple if I'm honest (although it works horribly well! :-D).

​Maybe it's been done before on a knife - but I've certainly never seen it over the years.

Here's what it is:

On a normal knife the detent ball is press-fit into the lockbar insert and that detent slides across the face of the blade​. And, when the blade is closed, the detent ball "falls" into a hole on the blade to keep the blade in.

Well, on the Floating Detent™​, the detent ball is pressed into the blade itself (where the hole would usually be). And, when the blade is closed, the detent ball "falls" into the hole in the lockbar insert​. There are a few other things I've done to allow this to work - but that's essentially it.

​It seems to work like a dream. Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's the hardened steel insert that slides along the blade with the Floating Detent™​ mechanism (yeah, I was a little skeptical of it ...but I just can't argue with the end result of how the knife performs!).

​The first ten (serial numbers #1 to#10) sold quickly and I have a few more left of the #11 to #20 serial numbers. CLICK HERE to check it out in detail.

​The above link has tons of information - but here's a few photos of the "behind the scenes" of the prototyping and development...

One more thing...

I'm still figuring the best way to machine the various parts of the Magnatron™ Knife. The above images are the latest version of how I'm making the knife - while, on the main product page for the knife here, most of the images are of the original method I was using to hold and machine the parts.

​Also on the main product page is how the pocket-clip is made (as well as a few other parts of the process of making of this knife).

Fire away with any questions or comments about the knife you may have. :-)​

  • Linwood says:

    I would imagine the detent in the lockbar vs the blade is to ensure the blade has minimal wobble. Seems like having the detent on the blade could cause issues with the blade being off axis and not square with the scales.

    Im sure you’ve already looked into those aspects and made it work!

  • Josh A says:

    What about Project ZERO, CandyCan’s from Kickstarter and TiVault?

  • cj says:

    Tivault update ?

  • freshmaker says:

    I was also tempted to pull the trigger on Project Zero, but after seeing the Magnatron it was love at first sight so I bought one. Man, that clip! I love the extra diagonal lines you had on the knife in your last 95% video. It has so much character. The thing looks like a transformer – you could have called it Megatron and that would have worked too!

    I’m curious if you’re planning to put any jimping on the blade for extra grip?

  • Michael says:

    I haven’t been following closely. But will there be some jimping for grip, as I am a “Heavy User”? And a removable, low-key clip? Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!

  • Jason says:

    Wow – you make me wish I needed/used a knife!

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