Get Ready For More Prototypes!

In the video below I show you:

…and old 3D printer.

…a new 3D printer.

…and I go into what YOU can expect (especially with regard to the TiTweezers™ Project).



Oh, and I refer to the image below in the video:



  • Kirill says:

    Custom made titanium Smith&Wesson. Go for it, Magnus! :-)))

  • William says:

    Interesting, I look forward to an update showing the new 3D printer.

  • Joe w says:

    Looks the business Magnus!!!

  • Bob Lukach says:

    This will be a BIG + in helping to prototype your creations Magnus. Looking forward to the big reveal on your first product from the new printer!

  • klyph says:

    How much for the old one?

  • klyph says:

    In your last email you asked about longer tweezers. I know you put allot into your designs. I want to suggest purpose. Tweezer tips can be designed for pin point grabbing, long reach, fine placement and reaching into tight places. One type of tweezer can’t do it all. Have you seen tweezers used by jewelers? A 55 degree angle at the end. Men to offer a clear line of sight to the object being held the on being placed and offering the ability to post ones wrist to reduce shacking. Not an ideal splinter remover or hair puller but a very different purpose. The silver tip splinter remover that comes to a sharp single point not a bladed edge great for splinters but not big ones or hard ones out of metal or stone. If your design on ks has a slight angle to the true tip you have a excellent multi purpose tweezer it is good at splinters and hair pulling as well as some small item manipulation. Un you go bigger and longer you may want to consider why. What will a longer tweezer be used for. Most likely fine work in tight spaces manipulating objects. Not pulling splinters or hairs so it’s tip would need some texture for grip and it would need to be pointy as well it might need a wider opening. Hope that helps in your designing.

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