I HAD To Back This Kickstarter Project…

I’ve already got one of Brad’s titanium pens.

And, when I first received it, I just couldn’t leave it alone – I had to polish it (I’ll show you the result in a second).

But, in the meantime, I felt it worthwhile sharing Brad’s latest project with you.

It’s a similar pen – but, well, with a bunch of improvements (both design and aesthetics). When I saw it launched I was all over it like a fat kid on a donut!

Click Here to check out Brad’s TKSP Titanium Pen.


Oh, almost forgot, here’s part of a post I did on another website I have. It’s about what I did to the first Titanium Pen I bought from Brad…



I lasted around 36 hours…

But I finally couldn’t stand it any longer – I just had to take to it with my polisher.

The result:


Yes, it looks even better in real life than in my amateur photos.

I did enjoy the natural finish (the pen received quite a bit of “fondling” in those first 36 hours!) …but I just had to see how well it would polish up!

I love it even more now for two reasons:


It simply looks incredible in this new polished finish.

and secondly

Screwing the cap on-and-off the tip (and the back end) is so smooth now.

I didn’t anticipate this happening at all – it was a welcome surprise to the purely aesthetic polishing I was aiming for.


  • Brad says:

    Ah Magnus – You are tooooo Kind my friend! I’ll get you back 🙂

  • anson says:

    I have Brad’s first pen as well… the only thing missing for me was a clip- Which has now been addressed in the new Kickstarter project!!!

    I had to MacGyver a clip by press-fitting a old staedler clip from a old lead-holder onto the end… works great, but looks ghetto.

    Can wait for the new cap’clip 🙂

  • MikeM74 says:

    I love Brad’s products. Very well made and he’s a great guy! How long did it take to polish?

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