Come And Look Inside My House…

You gotta be quick on this…

I want to show you inside “Cogent Industries Headquarters” …but I really don’t want to have the photos up on the internet for too long (I mean – it’s the inside of my house 😛 ).

To be honest – it’s a little embarrassing:

I try to make out on my website and in emails that Cogent Industries is some sort of high-flying, titanium producing company.

But the truth is

It’s just me, my house and some outsourcing to local businesses.

So, just for you (and genuinely for a limited time on my website …’cos I’m going to remove these photos soon) I want to show you the REAL Cogent Industries:


Some titanium off-cuts (from the ViperFish™)…



The grinder where I spend countless hours finishing many of your Cogent Industries products…



The “Baby” tumbler (this was the first tumbler I bought) which I use for small runs of products as well as prototypes…



The “Big Daddy” tumbler (this thing is pretty loud …and I’m convinced I’m going to have someone call the cops one of these days …I’ll just tell them it’s for mixing my protein shakes 😛 )…



Believe it or not – I source either bottled or spring water for tumbling (don’t like the idea of the impurities from tap water!)…



The stones I use in part of the tumbling process (they used to by all jagged and sharp)…



My giant whiteboard I use to organise and plan stuff – although, for now, it’s got some motivational text on it…



This beach is a 90 second walk from my house – and I spend a lot of time here walking to come up with ideas and to figure out problems and strategies for various things (mostly Cogent Industries related)…



This is literally exactly how I spend most of my time – answering emails and comments, writing blog posts (like this one), writing emails, designing new products and so on…




So there you are…

A “behind the scenes” look at the Cogent Industries EMPIRE! 😀

Hope you enjoyed these.

  • michael says:

    hi, I’m from germany and know your page just a few days. but you made me a fan with your comments,little storys and all your innovative products. can’t wait to receive my test order on
    two HangKey pocket clips.
    michael / Moenchengladbach / Germany

  • joe w says:

    That beach looks lovely and only 90 seconds from your house!?! I wish I had that, I have to travel for about 2 hours to get to a decent beach, would be nice away from the hustle and bustle of London.

    Thanks for the insight of your ‘operations centre’ 😀

  • William says:

    You’ll probably have the council round now reclassifying your house as a commercial premises and triple your local taxes.

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